Legs Up with a Book and a Drink*

So this guy…

Made both dogs freak out at the top of their doggy lungs at about 1 AM…and then it had the balls to sit there and stare at me, offended that I disturbed its bug-eating. It wandered around out there for a while, making Simba lose his mind. Sleep was a challenge. 

No worries. Who needs sleep? This was my view while tracing last night. 

Calli gets sleep. No wonder she doesn’t mind barking her head off in the early morning hours. She’ll get to do this all day. Gives you a good idea of how big the drawing is. No one can sit on the couch without getting poked in the back of the head with drawing paper at some point. 

I have way too many yards of Wonder Under started as I try to trace all the big pieces in Figure 4.

I made it to piece 1076. I thought I’d get further, but big pieces take longer to trace than little ones. I’m in the snakes that make up the hair of Figure 4. I have about 500 pieces to go. Slow going really.

Who thought snakes would have so many pieces in them. I traced for almost 3 hours last night. I didn’t grade anything. Too tired at the end of the day. Plus my principal made us do a holiday rap. Brain power zero. 

This is what it looks like when Calli needs to pee and I don’t stop what I’m doing fast enough.

She is pitiful. 

Today is Gondwanaland. Exciting stuff. It is, actually, but I need more sleep to really enjoy it. Meetings and tutorial on top of it. Getting there, though. Four more days until break and real sleep. 

*Squeeze, Is That Love

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