Apparently I should have an About page…for those who don’t want to read 9 years of blogposts to figure me out.

I’m an artist, have been forever. I’m a single mom of two and a middle-school science teacher. Somehow I try to balance all those parts. That’s probably why the house is never clean.

I dream and those dreams become art.  I have been printmaking for over 25 years, making quilt art for over 20 years, working in embroidery for over 35 years, and exploring images of women since birth. I let memories, good and bad, capitulate with pen and paper; these days, the images translate into the texture of fabric, beads, embroidery, paint, and pen. I trust my subconscious ability to reconcile each object within the whole.

In short, I tell stories.

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Well. The About-page is the most important page. It is a window to the bogger’s world. I have invested in it very much, because Finland is unknown for many.

    Happy blogging!


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