Current Shows

My Body. My Choice is at Visions Art Museum as part of the Quilt Visions 2022 exhibit, which opened October 15 and continues through December 31, 2022.

Fire and Water is traveling with the Quilt National 2021 exhibit. It is at the San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles from October 16, 2022 – January 8, 2023.

Two pieces will be in Portraits from the Anthropocene Part I: Body, Energy, Space, Time, opening officially November 4 (although they are currently hanging already) at the Mandell Weiss Gallery in Liberty Station, and running through January 14, 2023. This is Beyond the Concrete

And this is You Pollute Me

Damaging Earth’s Fabric is part of Excellence in Fibers, which will be in the Winter issue of Fiber Art Now.

It may be in an exhibit as well; waiting to hear on that.

Coronawood will be at Quilts=Art=Quilts, opening at the Schweinfurth Art Center on October 29 and continuing through January 8.

Coming up in the future, I have two pieces in the California Fibers: Contemporary Perspectives in Fiber Arts exhibit that will open at the Cannon Gallery, Carlsbad, CA, on January 7 and will continue through March 18, 2023. This is You Don’t Hike Alone

And Sweet Delicious

Desert Mother will be at Quilt National 2023, opening May 26 in Athens, OH, and continuing through September 11. That show will then travel to various venues.

Check them out!

15 thoughts on “Current Shows

  1. Love your work. Thanks to controversy, I found you. Perhaps the negativity will bring more focus to your thoughtful, well-executed works of art. Not your Grandma’s quilting….but I am a Grandma and a quilter and I for one love what you are doing. Thanks


  2. This is good stuff. Just because we work in fabric doesn’t mean we shouldn’t attack ‘adult’ subject matter. There are quilt shows and then there are quilt shows. And btw, I’m 54 years old and sick and tired of the notion that female genitals are somehow shocking or disgusting. Men? Their ‘bits’ are on display in every art gallery on earth, turned into architecture, enshrined as a major form. Just because ours don’t dangle out the front doesn’t mean they’re gross.


  3. I’m sitting in the UK following the controversy surrounding your quilt. I find it amazing that there are still people in the world finding the female/male body “disgusting”. I wish more quilt/textile artists were making political art like yours. Well done to you and those who are prepared to face the critics by presenting such work.


  4. I just wanted to commt that I love your work! I live in San Diego, and am sad to see I missed your recent show… I do not see a mailing list option on your site, but was hoping there was a way to keep in the loop for future shows?

    Keep up the amazing work!


  5. Carry on! Your work is amazing, love the anatomies of your people.
    Am a retired nurse and find your rendition of anatomy very whimical,
    delightful and insightful.


  6. Just saw your quilt Beyond the Concrete at the Quilt National Show in Athens, Ohio and loved it! So I looked you up and am thrilled by all of your work. I love political, statement quilts and really appreciate your attitude and awesome artistic ability. Will try to catch more of your work when I can.


  7. Just saw Beyond the Concrete at Quilt National in Athens Ohio and was inspired to look you up to see more of your work. Love it!! Keep it up!! Will try to see your work at other shows. Thanks.


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