Sightlines in Golden, Colorado

The Sightlines exhibit, which includes my piece Disrupted, as well as 13 other artists’ amazing work, will be displayed in Quilters Newsletter Magazine’s gallery in Golden, Colorado, from April 17 through June 30, after which it heads for IQF Long Beach at the end of July. The gallery is located at 741 Corporate Circle, Suite A, and is open from 10-4 Monday through Friday. You can see their announcement of the exhibit here, along with pictures of Regina Benson’s Wildfire, Sue Dennis’ A Dry Land, and Mirjam Pet-Jacobs’ We Keep in Touch. I keep seeing the same pieces advertised in magazine articles and online, so I’ll use these two to advertise…Shelley Brenner Baird’s piece Seeing Around Corners, which has wonderful surface design detail in person,

and Jayne Willoughby Scott’s piece Thoughts, which uses lines and letters to show how thoughts and emotions might overlap,

will be at the show as well. These are much more interesting in real life (and dramatic!), so be sure to check out the show. You can see additional locations where Sightlines will be on my Current Shows tab, which will be updated as more shows are added.

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