In 2019, I started designing embroidery patterns of Earth Mothers for Global Artisans. They sell as patterns and kits, which have the same threads I used for the samples. You can see the completed samples below. The samples are for sale as noted, except for four (three are traveling with GA and one already sold). The prices are based on stitching time. I do value my time. The samples are currently unmounted and unfinished, although I’m in the process of putting them on Etsy in hoops or alternative hanging devices, so check there first. If mounting on a hoop or alternative finishing is something you’re interested in, we can have a conversation. The patterns all fit on 8×10 paper, so some of them are larger than my samples.

Earth Mother I: aka Mother Time

This sample has sold.

Earth Mother II: aka Mother Time II

Image is 4 ¾” w x 7 ¾” h; $1.

Earth Mother III: aka Nursing Mother

I just realized I somehow flipped this when I stitched it. I cannot explain that. This sample is touring right now.

It’s really hard to photograph on black fabric. I do like the stitching on black, but I have to think about threads differently than I do on lighter fabrics. And marking the fabric is harder.

Earth Mother IV: aka Earth Mother with Wavy Hair

She’s larger at 10 ¾” w x 7 ¾” h and definitely more complicated; $390.

Earth Mother V: aka Space Mom

I did the sample on Kona Sea Glass. It’s 7 ½” w x 9 ½” h and pretty detailed; $365.

It was fun to stitch though…

Earth Mother VI: aka Woman with a Future

She’s another larger piece, at 7 ¾” w x 10” h; $285.

I recently finished stitching Earth Mother VII: Spiral Mother

The sample is currently touring with Global Artisans.

I also finished Earth Mother VIII: Desert Mother.

She is touring with Global Artisans as well.

The last Earth Mother is still unnamed. I kinda think of her as Number 9. Number 9.

She’s not small…8″ w x 7″ h, lots of stitching in there at $460.

In 2020, I designed some smaller embroideries as rewards for patrons who support me on Patreon. Some of the extras have ended up on Etsy.

This is Heart in Hands, a Patreon reward, May 2020.

WTF Bird, May 2020, sold

Rainbow Woman, July 2020, on Etsy right now, 8″ hoop, $395.

And Hand and Eye, July 2020, also on Etsy, 6″ hoop, $110.