Recent Work

Recent Work

Please do not post these pictures on other sites without my permission.


COVID is continuing to affect my ability to make art…or is it my school district? Hard to say. The day job is definitely partially at fault.

I started a large quilt in October 2021 and finished it in January 2022. This is My Body. My Choice.

52” w x 54” h, $6395. You can see it at the Visions Art Museum in October.

Then I started Desert Mother for a show; finished it 2 weeks after the deadline. My fault for taking Spring Break off, I guess. I don’t have official photos yet, but when I get my act together, it’ll be here. That would be now!

57” w x 57 ½” h, $7285.

I recently finished another one that was strongly colored by the Russian invasion of the Ukraine, shootings in the US, human rights (women, BIPOC, LGTBQ) being bludgeoned by the government, and other happy moments of 2022. It’s at the photographer now, so it’ll be up here soon. Here it is! The Way Out

51 ¼” w x 80 ½” h, $5997

I really need to make some smaller pieces. I’m going to need a couple pieces with no nudity in them for some shows that are coming up. In fact, I need a shit ton of work right now, and I have no time to do that. Ah well. 2022 is proving difficult for artmaking. It’s always my goal to improve that shit though…so know I am trying.

I drew a reaction to Roe v Wade falling AND all the other shit that is still going on. 2022 might be the year of the Anxiety Quilts. It’s currently being ironed together, so I’m hoping it will be done by the end of September. Then some other shows coming up, maybe a smaller one. We’ll see.