Recent Work

Recent Work

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After last year, I’m just hoping I can make some more work this year…it was so hard to get anything done last year. We’ll see.

I started Here Comes Life in early November. She took a long time to get finished, but she is a January 2021 finish, 37” w x 64 ½” h (4925).

Then my sewing machine had an issue and although I had a piece in progress, it took me until July to finish it. Another piece jumped the line (ah, deadlines)…Damaging Earth’s Fabric was completed in June.

45” w x 62” h, $4438.

I also finished a small commission that got sidelined by the machine issues. This is Julie’s Owl

7 1/2″ x 7 1/2″

Then once school was out, I finished another three. The first one, Propagation, is actually hand-appliqued and was started around 2000-2001. This is before I was blogging, so the documentation is pretty light on it. I had pulled it out at the beginning of the pandemic shut down, and then slowly got the applique done. Quilting it was pretty easy after that.

30.5” w x 43” h, $4500.

Hand applique is incredibly time-consuming. Around this time, I was taking classes with artists who did machine applique and fused applique, so I switched over, but I never finished this. Twenty years later, she’s finally complete.

Then I finished a piece for an upcoming show (I don’t know if it will actually get in…but it will get in somewhere)…this is A Losing Game, about our race against climate change. We don’t appear to be winning. The domino dots show what the world would look like if we would start making some major changes…

15″ w x 30″ h, $2800.

And the last one I finished in July was the one that got ironed together in February or March, and was waiting for the machine to behave. This is Desert Bunny, from a drawing I did near Joshua Tree last November.

26 ¼” w x 23 ½” h, $1265. Sometimes they’re just fun and easy to make. That’s what my goal was back in February…to get some small fun stuff done.

Now I am back into show mode…I have some upcoming exhibits with themes and I need to produce some work that makes sense for those. Luckily, the thing in my head since April works for one of those, so I’m in progress on a quilt that might be finished in August, but it will probably be September. We’ll see. And then school is back to taking over my life…but I always keep on making the art.