Recent Work

Recent Work

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2020 has been a weird year so far. Not sure how it will end up, but here’s the first piece finished in 2020…should have been a 2019 piece, but I was moving slow as molasses for some reason.

This is Connected at the Hips, 52” w x 53” h.

She was finished in January 2020, after being started in November 2019 ($4225.).

Then I finished Hold On in April, early in the pandemic shutdown.

She’s 53” w x 43 ¼” h ($4385) and focuses on climate change, although there are some nuclear missiles flying around the earth in there.

Soon after, I started drawing the epic Coronawood

She’s big and beautiful, at 77″w x 81″ h ($8355).

COVID Daughters was finished in October; she took a long time due to school (distance learning) and a couple other projects that popped up, but she also sold right off the ironing board, still unfinished.

She’s larger than the other Daughters quilts I’ve made at 51” w x 59” h ($4145 sold).

I’m working on a childbirth-related quilt at the moment, and then have one more in the works, but school is taking some monstrous time at the moment, so we’ll see how that goes.