Recent Work

Recent Work

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2019 has had a slow start for artmaking. No worries. I’ll get there.

Here’s Swallow Me Whole, a wham-bang big-ass piece at 76” w x 66.5” h.

She was finished in March 2019, after being started in December 2018 ($7410.).

After that, I finished Bigger in the Outside in April.

She’s quite a bit smaller, only 29.5” w x 49.5” h ($3235.).

I finished Bill! Bill! Bill! about Bill Nye in June, but had to keep him hidden for a while until he was juried into A Better World.

30” w x 50” h, $3650.

I finished Desert Daughter finally in August…really it was just the binding that wasn’t done…

$2370, 40” w x 34” h

I also finished Each Piece Belongs in August…

$4370, 50.5” w x 51” h

This piece is traveling with the SAQA show Opposites Attract for a while…

In October, I finished So Cal Mama, 70” w x 43” h.

And promptly entered her into a show ($4710). Two days later, I had the next piece redrawn and numbered, and was tracing it on Wonder Under. Hopefully it will be finished in November, because I have two more deadlines I’m looking at. So there’s that.