More recent work is on the page shockingly titled…Recent Work. What follows is my life story in quilts (not really, since some of the early stuff has not yet been recorded digitally).


After last year, I’m just hoping I can make some more work this year…it was so hard to get anything done last year. We’ll see.

I started Here Comes Life in early November. She took a long time to get finished, but she is a January 2021 finish, 37” w x 64 ½” h (4925).

Then my sewing machine had an issue and although I had a piece in progress, it took me until July to finish it. Another piece jumped the line (ah, deadlines)…Damaging Earth’s Fabric was completed in June.

45” w x 62” h, $4438.

I also finished a small commission that got sidelined by the machine issues. This is Julie’s Owl

7 1/2″ x 7 1/2″

Then once school was out, I finished another three. The first one, Propagation, is actually hand-appliqued and was started around 2000-2001. This is before I was blogging, so the documentation is pretty light on it. I had pulled it out at the beginning of the pandemic shut down, and then slowly got the applique done. Quilting it was pretty easy after that.

30.5” w x 43” h, $4500.

Hand applique is incredibly time-consuming. Around this time, I was taking classes with artists who did machine applique and fused applique, so I switched over, but I never finished this. Twenty years later, she’s finally complete.

Then I finished a piece for an upcoming show (I don’t know if it will actually get in…but it will get in somewhere)…this is A Losing Game, about our race against climate change. We don’t appear to be winning. The domino dots show what the world would look like if we would start making some major changes…

15″ w x 30″ h, $2800.

And the last one I finished in July was the one that got ironed together in February or March, and was waiting for the machine to behave. This is Desert Bunny, from a drawing I did near Joshua Tree last November.

26 ¼” w x 23 ½” h, $1265. Sometimes they’re just fun and easy to make. That’s what my goal was back in February…to get some small fun stuff done.

Unfortunately, going back to school with two preps did kick my butt. I got You Don’t Hike Alone done in September…

Created with the Man in mind…although he was back home by the time I finished this. 46” w x 63” h, $6135.

I also created Sparkle Woman for one of my Patreon supporters…

8 ½” w x 10 ½” h

And then I started a big quilt about abortion rights that didn’t get finished until January. Because school sucked up all the minutes and hours and days.


2020 was a weird year. Not sure how it will end up, but here’s the first piece finished in 2020…should have been a 2019 piece, but I was moving slow as molasses for some reason.

This is Connected at the Hips, 52” w x 53” h.

She was finished in January 2020, after being started in November 2019 ($4225.).

Then I finished Hold On in April, early in the pandemic shutdown.

She’s 53” w x 43 ¼” h ($4385 sold) and focuses on climate change, although there are some nuclear missiles flying around the earth in there.

Soon after, I started drawing the epic Coronawood

She’s big and beautiful, at 77″w x 81″ h ($8355).

COVID Daughters was finished in October; she took a long time due to school (distance learning) and a couple other projects that popped up, but she also sold right off the ironing board, still unfinished.

She’s larger than the other Daughters quilts I’ve made at 51” w x 59” h ($4145 sold).

At the end of 2020, I was working on a childbirth-related quilt, and had one more in the works, but school was taking some monstrous time, so progress was slow.


2019 had a slow start for artmaking. No worries. I got there.

Here’s Swallow Me Whole, a wham-bang big-ass piece at 76” w x 66.5” h.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is kathy-nida-7-small-1.jpg

She was finished in March 2019, after being started in December 2018 ($7410.).

After that, I finished Bigger in the Outside in April.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is kathy-nida-small-1.jpg

She’s quite a bit smaller, only 29.5” w x 49.5” h ($3235.).

I finished Bill! Bill! Bill! about Bill Nye in June, but had to keep him hidden for a while until he was juried into A Better World.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is bill_small.jpg

30” w x 50” h, $3650.

I finished Desert Daughter finally in August…really it was just the binding that wasn’t done…

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is k-nida014-copy.jpg

$2370, 40” w x 34” h (sold)

I also finished Each Piece Belongs in August…

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is k-nida008-copy.jpg

$4370, 50.5” w x 51” h

This piece is traveling with the SAQA show Opposites Attract for a while…

In October, I finished So Cal Mama, 70” w x 43” h.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is so-cal-mama-small.jpg

And promptly entered her into a show ($4710). She was the last piece of 2019.


It was a weird start to the year, with a commission that popped into the beginning, so there was some waiting. During that waiting, I tried to finish a few other small pieces that had been lying around…like this one, BirdFoot, started in 2007. Finally finished…

31” w x 27” h, $850

Followed by Climate Goddess, which was started back in June 2017, in between some things that eventually had priority. Both were finished in February.

36” w x 43” h, $1925

Then the commission was finished in the middle of March…this is She Was Given to Us Perfect

As you can see, she draws from the climate piece…41” w x 49 ½” h (sold).

Birthing the Gender War, also from March 2018…


38 ¾” w x 48 ¼”h, $2335 (sold)

Heart-Shaped Box, May 2018

40 ½” w x 54” h, $3775

Portrait of the Artist as a Young Woman, August 2018

K Nida001 small

24”w x 72” h, $4165

Womanscape, August 2018

CON6989 small

54” w x 81.5” h, $7850 (sold)

Sweet Delicious, October 2018

33 ½” w x 51 ½” h, $2550

and the last piece of the year, Fire and Water

43 1/2” w x 60” h, $4050 (sold)


I started the year with a big one…I Can’t Be Your Superwoman, finished in February.

Art Quilts and Fiber Arts

52” w x 88” h, $7785 (sold)

Then in March, I finished the much smaller We Won’t Go Back.

Art Quilts and Fiber Arts

$2000, 25 ¾” w x 26 ¼” h (sold)

And in May, I finished the next bathtub, Some Like It Hot (Bathtub 4).

Art Quilts and Fiber Arts

$3365,  40″ w x 51.5″ h

Then I reworked MomSleep, trimming the top and adding a binding so it could hang from the wall, finishing that also in May.

Art Quilts and Fiber Arts

$700, 44.5″ w x 120” h

I did a small one for a community quilt…it may come back someday, or I may have to remake it…this is The Government Made Me Do It

IMG_5053 small

I think it’s 18″ w x 24″ h.

Then I finished You Pollute Me

$5929, 23″ w x 68″ h

And in October, Rooted in America

$4895, 67” w x 62” h

My last finish of the year, in December, Not Less Than, currently part of the Things That Matter group of exhibits (whose name may change)…

K Nida 0009 small

64” w x 74” h, $6250.


This is Finding Peace (Bathtub 5)…finished in January 2016.

Nida007 small

42” w x 50 1/2” h ($3350)

And just finished in February…The Goddess of Never-Ending Chaos

Nida010 small

She’s the Goddess of something, that’s for sure. 35 ½” w x 46 ½” h ($4200 sold).

Then this is And Then There Was None, which I finished in March, and then inked on April 1, thus blowing my plan of doing one every month in 2016. Oh well.

16″ w x 24″ h ($2760)

Then in May I finished a top that had been hanging around for ages…No Service

Art Quilts and Fiber Arts

34” w x 24” h ($800)

And another new one, from a drawing I did after leaving my daughter at college for the first time…Earth Daughter

Art Quilts and Fiber Arts

28” w x 24.5” h, $1690 (sold)

Then in August, I finished the big summer quilt, Holding It All In

Art Quilts and Fiber Arts

61” w x 70” h ($8925 sold)

And in September, All Stacked Up

Art Quilts and Fiber Arts

39″ w x 73″ h ($5600).

In October, I finished Owl 3.0, a commissioned piece.


15” w x 12 ½” h (sold). It’s the owl from the hip of Holding It All In.

Two are slightly undocumented at the moment, MomSleep and Real Dreams. I’m working on that. Actually…MomSleep got finished in 2017…go to the Recent Work tab above to see it hanging on a wall now.

And then I finished Give Me Time in December…

Art Quilts and Fiber Arts

38” w x 70” h ($4175).


2015 starts with two small bird quilts that were commissions…this is Owl 3 (sold), the third colorway on this design…

Jan 9 15 014 small

And here is HeyBird 3 (sold)…

Jan 9 15 015 small

Both finished in early January. Like it’s January 12th today and I already have a check for them.

Also finished so far in January is Fly, Be Free, for the Fiberart for a Cause The 100 donation event in February…

Jan 17 15 027 small

12.25″w x 10.5″ h (NFS)

And Hold Me

Jan 17 15 033 small

18″w x 18.5″h ($750).

I then finished two small cancer hands after someone showed interest in a drawing I had done…

This is Catching Cancer 1 (sold)

Mar 13 15 050 small

10″w x 11″h

and Catching Cancer 2

Mar 13 15 052 small

10 1/2″w x 12 3/4″h ($140).

Upholstered Nude was finished in March for the Diverted Destruction 8 show…

Nida002 small

27 ½” w x 21 ½” h ($850, traded!).

Then Earth Mother for Ventura was finished in April…

Nida008 copy small

55” w x 64” h ($4500 sold).

And the second of the Diverted Destruction pieces, By All Means, was finished in April as well…

Nida003 small

33 1/2” w x 23” h ($1250 sold).

In June I finished In Deep.

Nida_010 small

40 1/2″ w x 50″ h ($2900)

and in July I busted out Part-Time Oasis.

Nida_005 small

18″ w x 40″ h ($1950).

Then finished in September was Empty Nest

Sep 14 15 026 small

31” w x 200” h ($1700)

and Beyond the Concrete

Nida027 copy (2)

58” w x 59.5” h ($8100).

Breast for LM, a commissioned piece…

Nov 16 15 003 small

8″ w x 10″ h (sold).

Then I finished Owl 2.0

Nov 11 15 005 small

17” w x 10 ½” h, $440 (sold).

Cat 1

Nov 11 15 002 small

11” w x 10” h, $180 (sold).

Cat 2

Nov 11 15 003 small

13 ½” w x 10 ¼” h, $205 (sold).

and Cat 3

Nov 11 15 006 small

13 ½” w x 12 ½” h, $180 (sold).

Cat 4

Nov 13 15 004 small

14 ½” w x 13” h, $160 (sold).

Cat 5

Nov 14 15 001 small

12″ square, $190 (sold).

Cat 6

Nov 16 15 005 small

16″ w x 12″ h, $285

Cat 7…

Cat 7 small

12″ square, $190 sold

Heart in Hands 1

Nov 18 15 004 small

13 1/2″ w 12 1/2″ h, $165

Heart in Hands 2

Nov 20 15 005 small

11” w x 14 ½” h, $310

If you like any of the birds or cats that have been sold, contact me. I’ve made some multiple times, often in a different colorway.

And I suspect the last quilt in 2015, Satchemo

DSCN2758 small

Who was a gift and I forgot to measure him, so I’ll deal with that later…

I was hoping to get at least one more big quilt done this year…it was in process, but didn’t finish until 2016.


This is Love (not), finished in early January.

Nida003 copy small

It’s 43″ w x 56″ h ($3000) and started out as a small drawing that became a larger drawing, and then apparently became my life.

And this is a detail of Awakening the Crone, also finished in January.

Nida020 copy small

This is the Mother…and this is the Maiden…

Nida021 copy small

And here is the full quilt now that the show has opened…

Nida017 copy

Awakening the Crone ($3600 sold) is 40″ w x 70 1/2″ h. This piece was made specifically for this exhibit.

In July, I made 10 small bird quilts because Julie dared me to (she said she’d buy one…just to be clear…she didn’t tell me to make TEN. My crazy brain told me to make that many). As of today, 8/10 have sold and I have a commission to make a similar one of one of the drawings.

Bird 1: Dove, 11.5“ w x 10.5“ h, $140. (SOLD)

Jul 25 006 crop med

Bird 2: Spotted Bird, 9.25“ w x 9.25“ h, $105. (SOLD)

Jul 25 009 crop med

Bird 3: Bird with Eyeball, 10“ w x 10“ h, $140. (SOLD)

Jul 25 010 crop med

Bird 4: Diving Bird, 9“ w x 14.25“ h, $110. (SOLD)

Jul 26 14 003 crop med

Bird 5: HeyBird, 14“ w x 11“ h, $130. (SOLD)

Jul 26 14 004 crop med

Bird 6: Falling Bird, 9.25“ w x 18.5“ h, $140. (SOLD)

Jul 26 14 005 crop med

Bird 7: Bluebird, 19.5“ w x 11.5“ h, $150. (SOLD)

Jul 27 14 002 crop med

Bird 8: Purple Bird, 18.25“ w x 14.5“ h, $250.

Jul 27 14 008 crop med

Bird 9: Blackbird, 16.75“ w x 13“ h, $205. (SOLD)

Jul 27 14 009 crop med

Bird 10: Owl, 15.5“ w x 18.25“ h, $235. (SOLD)

Jul 27 14 012 crop med

Bird 11: Dove 2, 10“ w x 8“ h, $150 (no binding, no sleeve, hangs on rings).

Sep 1 14 020 small

Bird 12: Bird with Eyeball 2, 12“ w x 11.5“ h, $140. (SOLD)

Sep 3 14 006 small

Bird 13: Diving Bird 2, 10“ w x 8“ h, $150 (sold).

Sep 1 14 023 small

Bird 14: HeyBird 2, 15.5“ w x 12.5“ h, $130. (SOLD)

Sep 3 14 004 small

Bird 15: Owl 2, $235 (SOLD)

Sep 14 14 068 small

I finished two major quilts, Mammogram…

Nida004 copy

39“ w x 52“ h, August 2014 ($2900)…

And You Make Me Wanna Die (aka Menopause)…

Nida009 copy small

40.5“ w x 80“ h, August 2014 ($9800.).

_CON6137 copy

And Work in Progress

Nida_1 copy small

36″ w x 60″ h, November 2014 ($6000).

And last, but certainly not least, is Absolutely Nothing, finished December 29, 2014, by the skin of my teeth…

Nida_5 copy

It’s 35.5″ w x 50″ h ($4000 sold).


I finished two quilts in the first 17 days of January, thanks to most of the work being done in 2012. I had three more pinbasted from previous years and ready to go, plus more in my head and needing finishing in 2013. Could be a banner year!

This is Earth Day

Nida 002 copy

47″w x 62″ high, based on feelings after the Japanese tsunami in 2011 and how badly we treat the Earth ($3000).

This is I Gave Already

Nida 008 copy

40″ w x 60″ high ($2200, sold), made for Gift, an exhibit celebrating Women’s History Month at Mesa College in March. It jumped to the top of the priority list, over the other three that were ready for quilting, because it needed to be done by January 15 for photography reasons (I was only 2 days late!).

In February, I finished Nakedman

Nida014 copy small

It’s 43.5″ wide x 28″ high ($2500).

Then July brought Babygirl

Nida006 copy small

which is 12″ wide x 18″ high ($800), made for The Pussycat Challenge, an exhibit opening at Art Share LA on September 13.

And this is Buried Under

Nida016 copy small

Also finished in July, measuring 47″ wide x 69″ high ($2200) and taking almost 3 years to complete for no real good reason.

Wise Choice was finished in September 2013 and measures 72″ square ($9000)…

Nida009 copy

It traveled with the Earth Stories exhibit. The smaller piece that traveled in the exhibit is Planting Choice, 12×14″ square ($800). It was finished in September 2013.

Nida003 copy

This is a detail of the larger quilt…

Nida011 small

I also finished a small sample in August, A Uterus in the Hand is Worth Two in the Bush

There’s a picture of it hiding somewhere…I just don’t seem to be able to find it…it’s 11″ square and traveled with the People and Portraits exhibit. Finally just took another picture of it (9 years later).

It also is sold.


2012 started with 5 quilts pinbasted and ready to be quilted.

This is Water, finally photographed…

Kathy Nida010 copy small

It is 60″w x 53″h ($2500) and was the first finish of 2012, from May.

Next were the two Mitches, two quilts in response to Mitch Gricman’s painting, top left.

Mitches small

The one below his painting is Mitch 1: Perfect Life

Mitch 1 Perfect Life small

It’s small, 19″w x 11″ h ($1200). It was hard to work that small.

And the one on the right is Mitch 2: Monday

Mitch 2 Monday small

That’s a long skinny quilt there, at 7″w x 35.5″ h ($1300).

Then in June (finally!) I finished Eyeball Tree

Kathy Nida005 copy small

It’s 37.5″w x 26.5″h ($2500), from one of my smaller drawings.

Tsunami is done and finally photographed.

Nida003 copy small

I started it with a drawing last March, 2011. It’s 60″ w x 52.25″ h ($3000) and was finished in August.

Also finished in August was Spread Out on the Pavement

Nida009 copy small

a whopping 72″ w x 67″ h ($3000). I started tracing this back in April, but did the majority of the work over the summer. The original drawing was done in 2001 and then I added on to it in April to fill out the drawing.

At the end of summer, I had two more pinbasted and ready to quilt, but once school started, I slowed down, unfortunately. I was hoping to finish both this year, but it didn’t happen…actually, I think I had three pinbasted!


2011 started out well, with six quilts officially finished and about five in process in the last 5 months, although there were no finishes after that (stupid job). The first finish was Green Tea, although I thought it would be the second finish (story below).

I hand-embroidered details on this quilt that pushed the finish date out to March. It’s 39″ w x 31″ high ($1200), from one of my smaller drawings.

I finished Feeding Time at the end of April, just in time for the show I planned on entering…

It’s only 33″ w x 26″ high ($1500), another small drawing in my carry-along sketchbook. It didn’t get in.

I thought I had finished Ball in early March, but needed to do some additional quilting a few days later, so it ended up being the third finish of the year…

It’s 42″ w x 34″ h ($1800).

In June, I finished Fully Medicated, which was originally drawn in 2007 and finally got finished 4 years later.

It is 34.5″ w x 55″ h ($2800) and the background was hand-dyed in my driveway at the same time as the background on Ball.

In July, by the skin of my teeth, I finished BirdWatch…which could get a different name at any time.

It is only 21 3/4″ wide x 29 1/2″ high ($900), a small quilt for me.

I finished One of My Kind in October…

She’s large at 59″ wide by 80 1/2″ high ($7500). She took almost a year to finish, in between everything else.


The first quilt I finished in 2010 (which I started in September 2009 and actually consists of 2 larger quilts and 4 small ones) is titled Disrupted, which is kind of what my life was BY the quilts…

I wish I had more details of this quilt, but I had very little time at the end for photography…

It is 82″ high and the total space taken by all 6 pieces is 84″ ($11,600). BIG. Yeah. It took the entire last half of 2009 to complete, plus all of January 2010.

Watch Me Go was finished in May 2010.

NidaWatchMeGoFull (Medium)

It has a little hand embroidery. It’s about 43″ w by 52″ h, I think ($1500).

June brought One Paycheck, approximately 38″ square (sold; collection of Victoria Chang).

This one caused a bit of a fuss while it was traveling with the No Place to Call Home exhibit, mostly because there are some female parts showing. Cuz I haven’t done THAT before.

Sediment was finished in August, after sitting around since last summer, waiting for me to finish the Sightlines quilts.


It is 40.5″ w x 53″ h ($2000), and includes hand embroidery.

FishWife has been lying around FOREVER waiting for the background quilting. I finished it in early September.

It includes inking and beads and a little hand embroidery. It is 29″ w x 43″ h ($1500).

I Was Not Wearing a Life Jacket took most of the summer and was finished in early September.

It is BIG. It includes inking and is 73″ w x 63.5″ h ($5000).


2009 seemed to suck for art; I thought I would be able to get a ton of things done over the summer, but I didn’t…and then I got into Sightlines. Those quilts took the entire last half of the year, so I didn’t finish much last year. Work took so much of my time, that I still have tons of stuff in progress, but I finished very little last year. The first piece finished in 2009 was Here ($2500).

Here2 (Medium)

3-Piece Family ($2000) was finished in August after sitting around since the end of June, since the quilt seemed to demand hand embroidery. It took a while for me to hear exactly what it wanted.

The second piece finished in August was Stump ($1700).

There were a bunch of pieces ready to be processed (quilted, ironed, traced, painted, whatever) at the end of August, but that’s when I got into Sightlines and the entire world changed.


2008 was a better year for artmaking. I beat out 2007’s completion rate by 100%. I’m feeling good about that.

Birdsick ($900) had 17 names until it got that one. My smaller sketchbook has a lot of simpler, smaller drawings in it that seem to have birds as their focus. Birdhead (scroll WAY down) is one of them, as is Birdfoot and BirdChin (still unfinished). This one used my son as a model, although it looks nothing like him…for one thing, his nose faces the right way. But he was sick when I drew him; hence the title.


25 1/2″w x 20 1/2″h, July 2008

Trapped in a Room with You ($2100) sat around for months waiting for me to put beads and embroidery on it. Then I decided it didn’t need it. You could argue that it was completed back in February or March, but since the mental decision process of Is It Done Yet? was not completed until July, that’s the date I’m considering it finished. Plus I really don’t remember when the binding was stitched on (don’t go back to my blog and tell me…I don’t want to know!).

Trapped (Medium)

36″w x 43 1/2″h, July 2008

The background was actually a hand-dye of my own, one of the “soak up all the excess dye” pieces.

Untied ($2000) was finished in May 2008.

UntiedNida1 (Medium)

50 3/4″ wide by 55 1/2″ high. It was created for a show that it did not get in to, which is fine by me, because it’s been in a bunch of shows and I really would like it to hang around enough to be in my hallway for a considerable period of time.

This next piece is named Loosely Wound (not available). I was living with the new title for a while (since I called it spiral woman for a long time until I decided it needed a real name, which happens often enough…sometimes quilts don’t tell me what they’re called for months on end).

LooselyWoundMaster (Medium)

45″w x 45 1/2″h, July 2008 (Collection of Pete Gontier). I wonder why I didn’t make it square? Um. Because I don’t measure that way.

The piece below, Anger Management ($500), was drawn in 2001, but refused to be finished until January 2008.

Primal Scream ($3000) was finished on January 1st or 3rd. I needed a little extra time to finish the embroidery, so I didn’t get it done in 2007.

Primal Scream (Medium)

52 1/2″ w x 62″ h


Walking Time Bomb, ($1500) 2007, 43 1/2′ w x 53″ h

Nida 2 Full (Medium)

Drowning Mary’s Baby ($2400), 2007, 50″ w x 65″ h. Another dream.

Drowning Marys Baby final (Medium)

Birdhead ($700) was finished in December 2007…

This is the first in a series of smaller quilts focusing on birds and heads. Well, one has a foot. Not sure what to say about that, except that I was trying to make quilts out of some of my smaller drawings (less time!) and it became a series.


Earth Mother, 2006, 32″ w x 82″ h ($3700).

I love this piece…it has so many pieces and details…

Still Life with Bloody Head ($1500), April 2006, 47 1/4″ w x 46″ h; when I took this one to quilt class, they wanted an explanation. Can’t do that, folks.

I actually hated this quilt when I finished it…it needed to grow on me. Detail…I like how all the hands turned out.

Weighted ($1200), April 2006, 23 1/4″ w x 53″ h; a piece made after a truly weird dream…

Held Hostage ($2200), April 2006, 51″ w x 51″ h; a lot of my work deals with my health issues, which I find increasingly frustrating.

I drew all the little details on the side while I was teaching DNA…apparently cells got on my brain.

Think It Over ($700), February 2006, 13 1/2″ w x 13 3/4″ h; the original drawing was done while I was still in college. I was trying to work smaller (which I find very difficult) so maybe I can finish more pieces during a year.


So Deep, So Wide; December 2005, 54″ w x 29 1/2″ h ($1800)

Two-Headed Beast, November 2005, 40″ w x 54″ h; Divorce quilt…duh ($2200).

Genesis, July 2005, 34″ w x 27″ h; I can’t remember what the show’s title was, but it led me on this very strange path (and then didn’t get in)($900).

Lost, May 2005, 51″ w x 51″ h (collection of Peter Horn); I’m not sure what to say about this one…


Fallen, December 2004, 26 1/4″ w x 22″ h (Collection of Pete Gontier); from a Laura Wasilowski class.

Portrait of an Ex, August 2004, 35 1/2″ w x 44 1/2″ h; It is what it is ($1500)…

High Tide, August 2004, 45″ w x 59″ h; A title based on a short story I read ($2500).

No Domestic Tranquility, January 2004, 42 1/2″ w x 39″ h; Wacky story behind this…I traced it upside down and didn’t realize until I was ironing all the pieces down. I went with it ($1800).


Areas of High Pressure, July 2003, 34″ w x 39 1/2″ h; Finally rephotographed ($1800)


Couch, Alone; June 2003, 51 1/2″ w x 48 1/2″ h; Also finally photographed in the whole ($1800).


Third Eye Blind, May 2003, 51″ w x 64 3/4″ h; this picture was finally taken properly…previously, the top was draped over a couch and it looked really distorted. Then I retook it again a few months ago for better color ($2500).

Violated II, September 2003, 13 3/4″ w x 14″ h; the first Violated has never been completed ($900).


Odalisque with Pills and Ravens, August 2002, 46″ w x 34 3/4″ h; one in a series of Odalisques that stretches back to my printmaking days ($1800).

Bless Me Father, for I Have Sinned (aka Give Us This Day Our Daily Head), May 2002, 23 1/2″ w x 53″ h x 4″ d

No photo available yet…

Caught in the Headlights, January 2002, 38 1/2″ h x 30″ w; this is one crazy psychotic quilt. The title says it all ($2000)…

And a detail of the crazy woman…


Picking Evil’s Scab, November 2001, 35 1/4″ w x 42 1/2″ h; One of my favorite pieces, but has only been in one show. I’m saving it for my retrospective ($2500).

Let There Be Light, November 2001, 55 1/4″ w x 56 3/4″ h; This is a big, complicated piece that now has a much better photograph ($3000).


Eyesore, October 2001; 12 3/4″ w x 12 1/2″ h; a strange little piece…needs a better photo. Color is totally off.

Let Not Your Heart Be Disturbed, September 2001, 26 1/4″w x 36 1/4″ h; One of my responses to 9/11 ($1200).

In a Dive, May 2001, 37″ w x 47 1/2″ h: the Century of Progress contest and fabric line. I won first place and some money, which was nice ($1500).

When Laundry Attacks, January 2001, 40 1/2″ w x 40″ h; Realize I had a 4-year-old and a 5-year-old at this time. My life was laundry. My life is STILL laundry, but the slave labor is bigger and stronger, and somewhat more intelligent. I think this was the first quilt where I traced the pieces onto fusible web and made the quilt that way. The washing machine actually has SATIN in it. That’s SATIN…not SATAN ($1500)…


Soda Sux, Wine Is Better, January 2000, 17 1/2″ w x 22″ h, all hand-appliqued (yes, crazy)…

To Birth, From Birth, June 2000, 35″w x 27″ h. I was looking at too much Frida Kahlo that year. I didn’t use fusible web yet ($900)…



A Study in Flesh, one of my earliest quilts. This was started in a Joan Colvin class, but I was the only one doing nudity…

July 1999, 33 1/2″ w x 28″ h

Joan told me I could enter this piece in any show, because although I did it in her class, it was all mine.

The Temple of My Lost Love, another early quilt that was used on the postcard for the one show it was in (1500).

June 1999, 51″ w x 55″ h

I’m still missing a few, which hopefully I’ll catch the next time I do photographs.

12 thoughts on “Gallery

  1. Hi Kathy,
    Ijust waited on your Mom in the quilt store I work in here in Mt Shasta, and she was nice enough to share you web site with me.
    Your quilts are fantastic, whimsical and thought provoking.
    Thanks, Angela


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  3. saw a piece in the Studio Art Quilt newsletter- its been a long time since i’ve seen such thought provoking artwork- very surreal as well… reminiscent of Frida kahlo
    Unusual, interesting, appears well crafted too bravo!


  4. Have you ever had your own gallery show? Has anyone offered to help you write a book? Are there magazine articles about you? Has anyone followed your iconography? Your work is exceptional, a treasure.


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