Different Shade of Red

Field trip day. Pros: no teaching in the AM, get to be outside (sort of?), and I’m chaperoning the introvert art geek girls (they picked ME! OK, I was one of them in middle and high school). Cons: I still have to teach 7th grade (hoping the annoying ones go home early or don’t come to school), I’m going to the Midway (ah, me and the military, such a fit), my knee is still not the best (I totally fell off my physical therapy schedule with getting sick), and I’m totally exhausted already. At least it’s different. I appreciate a different day every once in a while. A change in the routine. It isn’t until we’re on the buses, though, that it feels OK. Right now, it just feels stressful, but since my co-teacher did almost everything (!), I really shouldn’t complain. She’s awesome, IDK how she does it, oh yeah, she has a student teacher and I always say no to those. NOT rethinking that. The day I say yes is the day I get some perky little thing that drives me bonkers.

In other news, it’s Friday, hallelujah, even if I have to spend all of tomorrow doing taxes and planning for next week, I don’t care, because it will be here where I can pee when I want and make 7 thousand cups of tea and pet dogs and cats in wild abandon. Plus no annoying, gaslighting 13-year-old boys who are clueless about life. I do appreciate most of them, because most of them in 8th grade seem to be getting a clue or are totally mature and responsible and amazing. Which I tell them all the time. One of the gaslighters told me he would be a MAN next year (age 14, freshman in high school) and he would be nice to me when I was nice to him. OMG. SHHHHHHH. I told him I figured he’d be OK, he’s smart enough, eventually he would figure out what he needed to do.

So being away from all that shit for two days is a plus. I do appreciate a huge number of my kids…I really do. They do the things, they think, they try, they work, they ask questions, they figure stuff out. They’re fun even when they’re having a hard day, because they realize they’re having a hard day. It’s a pretty small percentage of those who drive us bonkers, but this year, the bonkers is taller and wider.

I ironed on Wednesday night…

I started ironing all the little figures the main figure is protecting. I needed lots of small runs of different flesh tones. Hopefully it works out.

Then last night, I finished those and started on the rest of the bits and pieces that make up the figure.

The top left bin is all the fabrics I used for the figures; there are 7 of them. I couldn’t even iron all their hearts onto the same red fabric. They needed their own shade of red. Crazy, I know. I have a few of the 300s left, and then I think I’m in the 400s. So more than halfway? I think? Who knows. My biggest issue is what to do with the main figure’s hair. When I decided to make her blue (on a blue background), I didn’t really consider hair. I might just go for some crazy multi-color thing. We’ll see. Probably tonight we’ll see.

The right eye is twitching again. It went away for a bit, but it’s back.

I also had my stitching Zoom meeting last night, so I worked on one of the May Homegrown blocks from Sue Spargo.

I’ve been working on these forever. Then again, her Bird Crazy (not its real name) quilt is still under my machine, and I think I started quilting it in January. It would probably take 2 or 3 hours to finish it…it’s on my list for Spring Break. So is EVERYTHING though.

I figured this out really quickly…

I have a screenprint from before the kids are born that is called Make It So. Someday I’ll get all my prints photographed (or copied from slides) and posted somewhere. Not this year.

OK. I have to go to school. Need to put a snack in my bag. Need to make sure I’m ready for later. Ha! I’m never ready for later. More tea. Don’t forget to pee. Phone fully charged. Lunch ready for when we get back (I’d better get to eat…it’s always an issue these days and that sucks). Exhaustion level high, but we all know how to deal with that. Six days of school until Spring Break. We can DO this. Also, I want to read my book. Hmmm. Later.

I’m Somewhere…

Ah the blur of midweek. Feels significant, but really, there are three full days of kids and seemingly coercing them to continue to work even though Spring has infected their brains. Or something has. Insects maybe. Not sure. Certainly the last two academic assignments I’ve graded seem to be affected by something. Not sure the excessive rain helps. Excessive for us, anyway. Over an inch yesterday. Ah well. Moving on.

I had an opening last night…exhausting day/time for those, but it’s at Grossmont College and the college receptions are always during the week for obvious reasons. I have a really hard time with the Thursday night ones, but Tuesday seemed doable. I made it an hour! Impressive, eh? OK, just under an hour. It’s a good show! You should go see it. It’s at the Hyde Art Gallery on the Grossmont College campus. Walk-ins from 10-4 Mon-Thur. I know! Hours I can’t actually go see the show, so there we are. Sigh.

This is all work by Feminist Image Group artists. It’s very colorful and varied in style and material.

I have two pieces in the show, ironically the same two that were at Liberty Station last year. I had dropped off 5 quilts (he wanted to choose) and had even made a new one for the show. Here’s Beyond the Concrete

Which was made for a show it didn’t get into, and then went to Quilt National.

And You Pollute Me, which has been all over.

It’s OK; I have a show for the other piece. Well, I’ll enter it anyway. It probably won’t get in because it has a dead (Earth) baby and that’s a library show. Sigh. Ah well. And that’s the show I’m currently making a piece for anyway. Probably neither will get in, but they will eventually get in somewhere.

I do have pieces that never get in anywhere. This is one of them…

Connected at the Hips. No one ever accepts it. Ah well. And it has aged out of most entries, I think. I finished it right before COVID hit. That shit happens (the never getting into shows part; not the pandemic part…although that DID happen).

I’ve been good about grading at night AND getting art done. Brain is back to tired but functional instead of tired and NOT functional.

Sunday night, while not sleeping, I decided the main figure should not be flesh-colored because she was like a protective Earth Mother and the people she’s holding need to stand out, so if they’re all flesh-colored and she’s NOT, then that will happen. So I made her light blue. Like you do. I picked out all the fabrics and then spent most of the hour plus on Monday night trying to find all the pieces that were her flesh. Started at 37 and went up into the 300s, I think.

I ironed the first set and then went to bed…and then last night, I ironed the rest of them…plus a bit more.

So I’m somewhere…well, IDK how far I am, because I’m still in the under 100s on some things. All the little figures and then all the stuff on the main figure that wasn’t flesh: heart, lungs, hair, arteries, etc. So more of that tonight. I’m honestly hoping to be done by the weekend. I have goals in my head: finish this one as quickly as possible during Spring Break, finish quilting the Sue Spargo bird quilt that’s been under my machine since January (is that for real?), then start ironing the cyber/bio punk piece together. It’s waiting patiently. Then I have one more big one to finish by mid-July. Insane much? Yeah well. Fuck work. It’s hard. I need the art to keep me sane. Plus I know I’ll be gone for about 6 days in April (camping and hiking, if my body can handle that) and then about 10 days in June/July (Seattle, baby!). So I need to be efficient or something. Back to my old healthyish self. Being sick like that sucks. I feel like I lost three-plus weeks.

In other news, I’m way ahead in my Goodreads reading challenge for the year. I planned for 60 books this year and I’ve already read 20. I’m not sure how I’m being so efficient in reading, but I’m powering through books like a crazy woman. Sign of the year. Need the fantasy worlds to get me through. I stayed home a little later yesterday to finish another one. Also I’m now in TWO book clubs (crazy, right?), so that is motivating me. Also I love to read. So there’s that. My goal for next week? Add the gym back into the mix. I’ve been doing pilates and not a lot else. Body needs more. But the blood sugar issues from the meds they gave me for the scarlet fever have been part of the problem, and the numbers are finally getting better. Which is why I’m feeling better. All good.

I started a new cross stitch from June Bug and Darlin during book club…

Nice and easy. Appreciate that.

Also, here’s a drowned rat er dog.

Not sure why the boychild took him out during the worst of the rain. Certainly Simba also probably wonders that. It was raining so hard yesterday that at the end of one of the classes, they came on the intercom at school and told us to hold kids for a few minutes until it calmed the fuck down. OK, not the words they used, but certainly the sentiment.

OK. Parent meeting today that I think will not go well (not the parent’s fault…the kid…who knows, he might step up). Then forcing one group to write and the other group to think and then write. Labs and simulations tomorrow. Then field trip on Friday (ugh…this one is not my favorite and I have to come back and teach the other group). Looking forward to the weekend, even though the number one thing on my to-do list is my taxes. Hoping to tip the numbers the other way or panic greatly. I could use a check from a piece that sold two years ago any day now. That would be nice (it’s not happening for a while, unfortunately). Ah well. Maybe something else will sell soon. Or my taxes will miraculously figure their shit out. I guess that’s my job. Sigh. Hurts my brain.

Pilates after school, then cook an easy dinner (Wednesday self thanks Sunday self for that plan…although I have nothing for lunch tomorrow and tomorrow night’s dinner is a challenge…a tasty one, but still…). Then maybe grade more stuff and definitely iron more stuff. Get through the pile of little peoples. That’s the plan.

A Solid Start…

You know, I have two alarms that go off to get me up in the morning. Not because I’m a deep sleeper; I’m totally not, but because sometimes one or the other doesn’t go off, and if both of them didn’t go off (it happened once, power outage plus phone hiccup), I wouldn’t make it to school on time, because this is too early for my body to naturally want to wake up. Truth. This morning, the one that is more likely to wake me up didn’t go off, and then I had slept so badly in the early parts of the night that I didn’t wake up for the second one. I would have eventually, but it’s not meant to be the main alarm, so it’s quieter and easier to ignore. So my third alarm went off. The Man going “hey”. Well there we are. THREE alarms. Ugh. I could do without this inability to sleep unless I’m exhausted crap. Normal people fall asleep within a reasonable time after they get in bed and then stay asleep. At least, I think they do. It seems to work for a variety of people I know. Not me.

So the pro is that I got a lot of art done this weekend, because I refused to work on Saturday and I didn’t work ALL of Sunday (just most of it). Did I finish it all? Nope. Never will, so there’s no point in freaking out about it. I graded 4 assignments for both grades. I have a lot to go. Ah well. Never changes really.

Friday night, I graded 3 of those assignments…but then I traced some more…

I didn’t quite finish, but I did stay up way too late. Sigh. I really am a night owl by nature.

On Saturday morning, I got up and finished tracing (I really only had about 30 minutes more to go), and then my quilt guild had a sew-in at my local library, so I figured if I went there, I wouldn’t feel like I had to grade or do yard work or clean house, so I would get the cutting part done.

Here’s all the pieces…told you it was a relatively small piece.

That’s a little over 5 1/2 hours of tracing.

Then I spent a few hours talking to one person and cutting stuff out. Then came home and cut the rest out after dinner, and then sorted it.

I also napped after doing some yardwork (man, I’m still out of shape)…so did the Man.

He’s recovering from a bad cold. We had all the cats at some point…

Then last night, I started ironing to fabric…

Have to lay all the pieces out first…then pick fabrics…

Solid start. Slow but that’s OK.

Simba is no help with any of it, school or art.

But he is good for couch cuddles.

These two are friends again. Sort of.

Because it’s cold, I think.

Ugh. I am so not ready for school. Mentally or physically. I’m trying to plan lessons I can mentally handle. Which isn’t much at the moment. Everyone is about to leave the house, for work or jury duty. Poor puppy to be left alone all day (or at least until someone gets released from jury duty…it’s not me!). Then home tonight to work some more on school stuff, but also to iron some more, which is all good. Oh wait, I also have book club. They moved it to Mondays and I’m still confused about it (it’s been months). So yeah. I’ll need to be semi-awake for that. I’m feeling a nap at the moment. A serious one. A girl can dream.

Green Friday

Oh hello Green Friday. It’s Friday, hallelujah, finally, and I work in a middle school, decidedly not Irish in any way, shape, or form, on St. Patrick’s Day, so I must wear green no matter what. Yesterday was pajama day and everyone (almost) followed THAT decree; today’s is just as crucial. Do NOT show the middle schoolers any weakness, no chance for them to pinch you (you think they won’t? Oh my. Yes they do. You can’t just wear green socks. They’ll pinch, then look.).My wardrobe this entire week was written out for me…although I had nothing for “dress to impress” and my “culture day” t-shirt arrived late from Amazon, so there we are. I did “decades day”, although I could stand in for the 80s or the 90s. Didn’t really care. Their 90s is what I wore in the 80s. Next week, I’ll go back to just wearing what’s next in the pile in the laundry basket. Nothing ever makes it into the closet or a drawer. Just piles and a basket. I have a plan for the closet, but have not implemented it yet. No time! Which is my existence at the moment. I do the crucial stuff: school, art, food, sleep. Occasional meeting. Fuck the rest.

Yeah. It’s not the best plan. It’s just the plan I have right now. Like last night…oh yeah! I needed a rubric for TODAY. It’s been on my (slightly faulty) mental list all week, but finally was crucial. So I did that. And then edited a video, but decided it sucks, so I’ll need to find another one.

Artwise, I’m finally making progress on something, even if it’s not the one I meant to be making progress on. I’m still salty as shit toward this curator demanding “Last Year” of work to a theme, with very little notice. Ah well. I will just drill nails into them with my eyeballs if I actually get IN to the show. It’ll be fine.

So tracing the new one…

I found about 5 pieces that were numbered the same as 5 other pieces. Minor issue. Add “a” to one set. But it means this really has over 600 pieces. Ah well.

Last night, I traced while on a Zoom meeting with other stitchy people.

Nova assist. Also precarious position of my NEW school computer. Yes, I moved it. I traced for about 90 minutes, got off the meeting, ate dinner late (second night in a row), worked on school stuff for a bit, and then traced a little more. The pro is that I’m at about piece 350, so 250 to go. Probably not going to get ALL of that done tonight? But it would be cool if I did. The current plan is to go hang out with my stitching guild at the library tomorrow and cut a bunch of these pieces out. I don’t have to be done tracing to do that, but it would be nice if I were.

Also probably need to grade five thousand things and lesson plan because I don’t know if I have everything set up for next week for 8th grade, and I certainly don’t have anything PAST next week planned. Minor issue. Two more weeks until Spring Break. I can see it, taste it, and feel it, and although there will still be a shitload of work to do, I won’t have to do it in the classroom chaos.

I’m on the second yard of Wonder Under.

Just have the doc and the random medical hands to do.

OK. Well. I finished a book yesterday morning instead of going in early to grade things, so I’m making choices that are assisting in my sanity.

I think I’m ready for today, but only because I panicked yesterday and ran around and did some crazy shit so I’d be ready. I’d prefer to be ready in a slow and steady way, an organized and logical way, but that is NOT this year. This year is fucking chaos.

But it IS Friday, and I AM wearing two different greens, so I’m ready for it all. Well, except for the stuff I don’t know about yet, which will overwhelm me and make me want to nap more than I already do.

May the weekend be calm and restful and full of artmaking and plenty of sleep. For someone.

Somebody’s Tape…

Hello world. Yesterday afternoon, I managed to function without a nap. It was a miracle. Only 19 days after getting sick. Ah well. Much of it has been a daze. But I have finally also been able to get some school work done in the evening…I realize that to some, this is NOT a plus, which I understand, but at some point, I have to be able to do more work than I was doing. I graded nothing last week, nothing at all, and the previous week, I barely got everything done for report cards. So it was getting a bit ugly in the to-be-graded pile. Still is, but I got through one big assignment. One. Yup. I’m feeling good about that. There’s only 78 to go. Not really. Just feels that way.

In other news, I also managed to stand and trace stuff last night, which is good, because no matter what, the next step in either quilt required standing. Sunday night, I didn’t. I just finished cutting out the first in-progress quilt, the one I’ve been working on since…um…January? Right? Sheesh. January 1. Yeah. Sounds right. And it’s March 15 now? And it’s still just a pile of stuff. Irritating. It took almost 17 hours to cut it all out.

It’s a healthy pile of tiny pieces. Next step is to sort them (have to stand to do that), but if I do that, they’ll be sitting in boxes that I’m going to need for IDK how long. However long it takes me to make this much smaller (is it though?), less complicated (much less than half the pieces anyway) piece. Which has to be done in 50 days. Ha! Fuck me.

I just need to be more efficient than I have been. I am writing that as my body is feeling a level of exhaustion that I haven’t really been able to beat. Yeah. Maybe I’ll put grading off (oh that’s funny).

Anyway, last night, after working on school stuff for about 3 hours, I traced for almost an hour on the new quilt…

88 pieces in 57 minutes. Progress though! I have pilates and book club (on Zoom, thank goodness) tonight, so I’m not sure I will have any energy for anything at all after that. Have faith in my body? Possibly. Still sitting a lot at work. Taking the elevator. Stairs aren’t necessary. Yet. I’m getting there.

Yesterday’s sunrise was pretty.

This morning, it is gray and rainy. Again. We have had lots of rain this year. I’m kind of done with it, even though I know we always need it. Certainly nothing is getting done in the yard because it’s always too wet. Or I’m sick. Some combination of both. We go camping in April…hoping Arizona is dryish by then. But who knows? It’s a short trip, anyway.

I have some pieces in this upcoming show, opening next Tuesday…

I don’t actually know how many pieces I’ll have in this show yet. I dropped off 5, and there will be at least 3. We’ll see next Tuesday, I guess.

So progress, always progress. 13 days of school until Spring Break. One complicated thing this week got less complicated (always good). I’m sure something else will be more complicated; I just don’t know about it yet. Someone delivered a roll of blue tape to my room; I don’t know why. I could email and find out I don’t deserve the roll of blue tape (and the thank you that came with it), or I could just accept it as a gift from the goddess of science classrooms. Yeah, I’ll probably email. Just because I know it’s SOMEBODY’S tape. I don’t think it’s mine, so I don’t think it’s fair to keep it.

Fuzzy Around the Edges

Oh hey. Is it Daylight Savings Time now or Standard Time now? And which is better for my health overall? More daylight, less sleep? I don’t know. I do know that my brain last night was like FUCK THIS and FUCK SLEEP. Which is always helpful when you are going into a full week of school and you’ve been napping every afternoon to try to recover from the school stuff and still recovering from stupid scarlatina (I guess they didn’t like the scarlet fever name or it had too many bad connotations, so they gave it a name that sounds like an Italian cocktail). Yes, I’ll have the scarlatina? With an olive please. Thanks.

The brain is not helping. Did I grade anything this weekend? One thing. I graded one thing. I really have no excuse. I had nothing planned on Saturday. So what did I do? Slept in a bit, spaced out a lot, read my book (very dark, very slasher, but not), and then made a decision about this upcoming show where the curator is on crack and thinks we should be able to drop everything and make a new piece in a weekend. I drew something…

And then I wasted a lot of my Saturday energy on driving to copy this AND going to Home Depot (the second thing is what threw me). Came home and napped. Then cut out the enlarged piece (200% bigger) and decided I didn’t like those hands, so I cut them off…

Added some paper above, below, and to the left, and then drew the rest…

RESISTED THE URGE TO ADD MORE. Seriously. That’s hard. Then numbered it…

It’s got almost 600 pieces? I thought it was closer to 500, but I’m looking at that and I see 595, so I must be dreaming the lower number. And I have 53 days to finish it. Plus I can’t stand up for extended periods of time and the next step is all about the standing. Ugh. I’m not sure what I was thinking except GET BETTER GET BETTER FUCKING GET BETTER. I also napped somewhere in there. Napping every day, but can’t sleep at night? Aargh. That’s school stress brain, actually. It was yelling at me about not grading, and I’m like, well, how the fuck do you think I’m going to grade tomorrow night if I’m so exhausted from not sleeping tonight?

Dumb brain doesn’t listen.

Did I still cut pieces out? Hell yes. It’s sitting down and relaxing. Friday night…

I always think I’m so close to the end and the last few days are like…yes…yes…no. Saturday night (a little fuzzy around the edges there, which is kinda how I felt too)…

And Sunday night…

Full on staring at the bottom of the box there. Almost done. How many hours so far? 16 plus hours of trimming. Not bad. I probably have a little more than an hour left. My goal is to trace for 30 minutes and to cut for 30 minutes. Work on both for a bit. Bribe myself to do the standing. Because right now? I need a nap. Granted, my brain is still protesting the time switch AND it’s Monday AND I didn’t sleep much last night.

The assembly on Friday was an inflatable SkyDome. It was nice…

Also somewhat fuzzy around the edges. Dark in there. It was a good intro to the space unit. Lots of walking to get there, plus crawling into the thing, and then out. I took a semi-nap during 3rd period, I was so exhausted. Any day now, body. Sigh. Fifteen school days until Spring Break. I might sleep for the first five days. It’s possible.

Still Napping

My goodness, we have reached the end of the week. I’m still napping every day after work. Yesterday, I had to do something after work (deliver a bunch of art to an upcoming show), and that was the max of my physical ability. I was supposed to go to a stitching meeting after that and totally had already canceled, which is good, because I drove home and fell asleep for an hour. Listening to the body. Best I can.

I got to talk to my real doc yesterday (video visit). They tried to reschedule it into 4th period 3 times…seriously, they kept calling and saying, “the new time is…” and I’d say, “I’m teaching then…”. Very frustrating. But finally got 15 minutes to go over all the crap that happened and confirm that I will be tired and recovering for at least another 2 weeks. Uh huh. OK. Trying to process that and all the shit that needs to happen. Please don’t expect me to clean house or perhaps even cook? We’ll see. I’m supposed to cook tonight. I have cooked in the last week. Once. Twice. Well, does avocado toast count? Probably not.

Needless to say, although it was my 56th birthday yesterday, we did not really celebrate or party. Really, I persuaded the Man that I needed cooked food instead of pizza (yes, pizza is cooked, but…), and I read my book a bit, slept a large bit, then watched some USS Discovery while figuring out a Seasons activity for the kids next week. Yup. 8th grade is officially planned through…drum roll please…TUESDAY. Fuck me. Maybe Wednesday. Do not recommend.

Hopefully I will be rested tomorrow and we can go out to dinner. Maybe. Because now the Man has a nasty cough and is going to Urgent Care this morning. Ah well. ‘Tis the season of yuck.

I am still in the cutting world…

Wednesday night…lots of green and some skin stuff in there.

Last night, honestly, too much napping and working, so I only had about 35 minutes to cut things out…

Working on some little creatures and eyeball flowers…

It seems like I’m in the 200 and 300s, but I know I flipped the pile at some point, so I think I have more than that left. But I am getting close to the bottom.

I have a bunch of show deadlines coming up. Some of them are frustrating, very little info given; another had a restriction that work had to be made in the last year. Fuck me. Do you have any idea what the last year has been like for teachers? I’m lucky to make 6 pieces a year, and many of those are currently in a show. Plus it’s a themed show? I guess they think I can make a new piece between now and May 1. Maybe? Probably not, the way the day job has been sucking up the moments. Guess I won’t be in that show. We asked for a time extension. I guess not. We want FRESH work. Then you need to pay my bills so I can make art full time.

Simba would appreciate my being home (and awake) more.

The cats too…this is Luna and Nova stalking a bird or a bunny, not sure which.

And this is one of the freesias I planted two years ago because I found them lingering in the garage from IDK how long ago.

Finally enough rain for them to bloom.

Nice image for Friday. We got through the photosynthesis lab yesterday, which is good, because it’s supposed to rain today. We have an in-school field trip for one grade level today. Hoping I don’t collapse from exhaustion until I get home. And then more couch time. The next step on this quilt requires lots of standing, so I need my energy back, dammit. Hmmm. Maybe another nap.

Slow but…

Oh yeah. Still recovering. Feel like it’s gonna be a while until I feel back to normal. The skin is still prickly, but more obviously, I’m absolutely exhausted at the end of the day. Exhausted enough to come home and nap the last two days. Today will be harder for that because there’s a union meeting, but I’m hoping the other two reps show up and I can leave early. We’ll see how that goes.

The pro of coming back to school is that I was able to get stuff organized from my kids, force them to turn stuff in and realize oh yeah, it counted, plus trying to come up with random shit they can do while I’m gone? That is just exhausting and I’m glad to be done with it. That said, the next two days in 8th grade are very low maintenance for me, which is great…I can sit and grade 7th-grade stuff. 7th grade is a lab today, but it’s not hard. The hardest part is the stupid behaviors that I’m still fighting this many months into school. Still clapping randomly and throwing pencils. These are our future what? Sigh.

OK well, improvement on all fronts otherwise. And falling asleep with the prickly skin is easy, because I’m exhausted.

Monday night, I seemed to cut out enough that I could finally see progress…

Bottom left is what’s left to be cut, bottom right is cut out. I spent about 2 hours cutting Monday night. Came home, read, napped, worked a little, then cut stuff out until bedtime.

I didn’t get any done last night…we got tickets to Neil Degrasse Tyson’s lecture about Bizarre Astronomy about 4 or 5 months ago. Little did we know what a shit show of a week it would be, but after a nap, we met for food and then headed down for a 2-hour lecture on astrophysics.

Like you do. I’m about as tired as I look. It was good though. I teach space science next week, for almost approximately exactly a week. We’re running out of time. Even though we are only 2/3 of the way through the school year, state testing for science is in May. Crazy shit. Luckily, the relief is that I have taught genetics and natural selection before. I even have lessons and tables of contents and vocab. Sort of. Long enough ago that I’m gonna have to wiggle a little, but not as much as creating something from scratch, which is what I’ve been doing since the beginning of the year. I’m impressed by the rest of my team. They don’t seem to be losing it as much as I am. One has a slightly better counterpart team in 8th grade…my one person is awesome, but has 3 littles and is as buried as I am. The other one, well, died. But wasn’t really working with us anyway. I don’t know. Sometimes I feel like it’s just me. But at least I feel like I understand this part of the curriculum. Although it would make way more sense to teach the skin cancer part of the light unit AFTER you teach them DNA. We used to do DNA in 7th, then it went to 6th, now it’s all in 8th grade, and it feels really late. They don’t have any idea what it is. Writing notes in the calendar for next year. Stupid curriculum doesn’t even call it DNA…it calls it genetic material. Why are we pulling that punch? Don’t get it.

So I didn’t cut anything out last night. I came home, made a relaxing cup of tea, drank it, and went to bed. Sounds lovely, yeah? Thinking.

My birthday is this week. I have these dragonfruit plants that I’ve had for years but didn’t have the right supports. I finally went out and bought the wood, I think like 6 months ago, and my ex made them for my birthday. I just need to plant them this weekend and then hopefully we can get these beauties to flower in the next year. Certainly they are not happy in the pots they’re in.

OK. Work. Sit a lot (still). Get stuff done. Lots of it. Then come home, read, and nap. Then pack up 5 quilts for delivery tomorrow. Yikes, tomorrow is a little busier than I need too. Ah well. At least I am up and out of bed. Recovery slow but happening.

Lost Week

Somehow I lost a week. It happens. Right? I think it happens when we’re really busy. It also happens when we’re sick. I’m still recovering. The skin stuff turns out to be some scarlet fever and THEN a massive allergic reaction … to … something. The strep? The original doc thought it was the meds I’d been taking. The second doc guessed a reaction to the strep in my system. I don’t really care…well, that’s not true. The next time I get a cold, I’d like to be able to take cold meds without being paranoid they’re gonna knock me out in a bad way. Whatever. On the road to recovery. Still got another 5 days of meds I need to be on, and then we’ll see. Definitely the basic shit tires me out, so my team and the Man were sort of hammering me to take another day off work, but my stress levels about work are already through the roof. I need to see what I have in the classroom. I need to see the papers that are copied. I need to get the chaos reigned in. I will also need to sit a lot. And come home and maybe nap. Or read my book. Which sounds delightful right now.

I didn’t sleep at all Thursday and Friday nights. At all. Not kidding. No microsleeps. No dozing off. Wired to the fucking hilt. Turns out some details about my meds earlier in the week would have been helpful. When and how to take things together. So Saturday morning at 7:40 AM found me here again…

Urgent Care. So many days in Urgent Care this year so far. Because if I didn’t sleep for a third night, I was sure I’d kill things. Anyway, talked about meds, gave me a new one, explained the allergic reaction best they could. Came home, worked, because you know what? Grades are due. I worked on grades all day Friday (prone, on the couch) and all day Saturday, but by then, I was almost done. There are a couple of things I have to do today, but then they’re done. Miraculously. Can’t say kids will be pleased, but hey, Trimester 2 is always rough.

I also did some staring at flowers…

Which I find very relaxing.

I also read a lot. I attempted one nap for 30 minutes. Probably took me 27 minutes to get close to a nap state. But I felt better. Less vibrating of the mind.

There was some cutting stuff out each day…Friday night…

Simba is very supportive.

I like comparing the piles each night. Left pile is cut out, middle is trash, right pile is to-be cut.

Saturday night you see a ton of pink pieces at the top of the to-be cut bin on the left…

And then last night, I gifted myself another hour of cutting instead of another hour of planning.

Harder to see here, but a lot of the pinks are cut out and in the top bin, and I’m down in another layer or so in the to-be cut bin underneath.

So there’s progress. I saw some 900s in the cut-out pile, but I’m mostly going backwards at the moment, so maybe more than a 1/3 done? Really hard to tell at this stage. I’m about 8 1/2 hours in, though. I would’ve been further if I hadn’t gotten sick, but that is what it is. There’s always something. In fact, you should just put that in the to-do list:

  • buy dirt
  • set up vet appts
  • something

Might as well be realistic.

Sleepy puppy. He’s been a pain at night lately, in bed. Very barky. Last night very Lie All Over Me. His boy is in Boston with his girl, until tonight, when I pick the boychild up from the airport and hand Mr. Barky over to him for sleeping duties.

He sleeps just fine everywhere else.

My sleep? Still problematic. Skin is not my friend. Largest organ of the body! Currently the most annoying.

Gotta keep the nose warm.

OK. TAKE IT EASY. That’s my mantra this week. I will probably suck at it, but I will keep saying it until something sticks. Come home, read, rest, make art. On the couch. Definitely feeling every second of my age this last week. Thankful to be better, looking forward to Really Better. Also wearing a bra when you have prickly skin is THE WORST. Stupid day job. Can’t really NOT wear one to middle school. Ah well. I haz the prickly boobs right now.

Forgot! Great quote from the book I’m enjoying at the moment…

So ironic. Written by a woman. That’s a man doing the search. I laughed a lot.


Yeah it’s been a while, although I think I blogged Monday. In retrospect, I should’ve found the energy after school to go to urgent care then. Ah well. It was strep…even better than strep! Scarlet fever! Hey the only adults who get that are those who have or work with kids. Lucky me. Also this shit knocked me out. No food for days, everything still tastes bad or weird, even tea, and I love tea. Still have a sore throat but I can swallow now…nice change. Could do without the rash…kept me up all night. Also the meds make me see weird things when my eyes are closed but not asleep? Like strange upside down 3D black and white landscapes but with these flashes of really bright colors at random intervals. I bathed yesterday but haven’t had the energy to shower. Gonna do that today. Although I might do an oatmeal bath too…before bed. Damn prickly annoying rash. So I’ve spent about 6 days fighting this, not eating, writing sub plans with what little brain power I’ve had, mostly prone. Even now, I’m writing this lying on the couch, resting up for the shower. First one since Monday. Should be exciting.

Me in bed. Cats. Luna left, Kitten right. Getting out to pee was hard.

Luckily the sore throat was so bad, I wasn’t drinking anything hardly at all, so who needs to pee? Honestly not the best choice.

I managed cutting pieces out on Monday night for about an hour.

Then nothing until last night, a little over an hour…

So the top left box is everything that needs to be cut out, the top right is what little I’ve done, and the bottom is the trash. Lots to do. And grades are due Tuesday. I’ve done none of that. I don’t have a lesson plan for 8th grade past Monday. MONDAY. Yeah. I’m fucked. But I will figure it out. Those thoughts were what forced me to eat and drink yesterday. You know what the only things that taste normal are? Gatorade and Froot Loops. Thanks by the way to the men in my life who take me to Urgent Care, take me to the pharmacy, and do not question the texted grocery list. Although the fridge needs cleaning out, the compost needs to go out, and I’m doing laundry.

This guy, Simba, has also been a champ, although I’m sure he thinks I’m really boring. But also nice for cuddles.

Ok. So with improved health on the way and hopefully less prickly skin soon, I’m going to continue the rest of March. I was out of it when it started and I don’t know what actual day it is now. It’s a long month but the end of it brings Spring Break and I think I’m gonna need it. Probably sooner than it comes. Gonna go take that shower now. And then rest again.