On Little Sleep

I’m not sure who thought an early meeting on the Monday of the last week before break was a good idea, but it wasn’t me. It’s probably the same type of person who thinks touring a school for academic reasons makes sense on the Friday before break. These people are insane. I think I slept last night, but I can’t confirm it. I’m sure this week will be fine. Luckily, we have pajama day in the middle of it…any excuse to wear pajamas to school will automatically put me in a better mood, especially when I have a meeting at the District Office right after work. Score!

I worked a lot all weekend, school and tracing. Mostly school. Shocking, I know. Looking forward to putting that down for a bit over break. I am taking one large assignment home with me on Friday, but maybe the rest of it won’t be as bad. A girl can dream. 

I didn’t use to even try to make big quilts during the school year, but I gave up on that years ago. Last year at this time, I was making a big quilt…I was further along, though, because I had to be done by January 1. Not this one! I have a little more time. So after I worked all Saturday morning, I traced for a bit.

It’s still really boring for y’all to look at. But it’s all I’ve got.

Is this better? I had to make cookie dough Saturday and Satchemo is very convinced that everything that happens in the kitchen is all about him. He also likes the sink.

That grumpy face IS his face.

Oh yeah, and the man’s holiday party was on the 15th floor overlooking downtown. That was a nice place. 

So we did that. 

As the designated driver, I did have the ability to come back and do some of this. 

I am a woman on a mission here. Not really. I just want progress to keep happening, so I keep doing, plus it makes my brain feel better. 

Sunday morning grading…61 emails from students to manage, including one 19-page screed from the night before…because instead of doing your work, you should be making excuses for why you didn’t do it. Sigh. Calli’s got it right. 

I wish. She continued it at my parents’ house at night…she always lies right behind my mom’s chair, so mom can’t get up. 

By dinner time, I had graded all the 61 emailed assignments, a whole ‘nother assignment while baking and frosting cookies for staff today, and started a third assignment, plus managed some calendar stuff for school.

So I totally could work on Wonder Under when I got home. 

I have two yards completely full…

And then four more yards that are in process…one can only take relatively small pieces. The last piece only has three larger pieces on it that wouldn’t fit on any of the other pieces. 

There are lots of larger pieces in this quilt. So there’s a lot of wasted space on the Wonder Under. This always offends me. 

But realistically, the stuff is relatively cheap and I shouldn’t be bothered. I’m in the 900s, on the neck of the 4th figure. The arm is done for Figure 4. I think there’s only one arm on that one? Can’t remember. I’ve got 10 1/2 hours into the tracing. I hit the halfway point, which is nice, but I probably have another 10 hours to go. Maybe less? These are all pretty big pieces, so they take longer to trace. The 5th figure has some tinier details in it. We’ll see how that goes. Hopefully I’ll be done with it this week sometime, although there’s three nights with 2-hour meetings or so, plus tutoring, plus I’m already tired. But that’s my plan. Finish by Friday. Start cutting them out. Ready to iron to fabric next week? Yeah. 

But first, school. On little sleep. Good combo.

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