All That She Intends*

So many things in my head right now, mostly because I think I just woke up and I’m still dreaming about making a to-do list. You know you’re in trouble when the dreaming brain is trying to help out. Plus I’m not sure eating all white food is helping. Or whatever it is that I’m eating. No fiber. Ugh. 

Anyway, so I’ve been tracing while watching (listening to?) episodes of National Geographic’s Genius series on Picasso, whose work I’ve always (shockingly, I know) loved. And yes, he’s a womanizer, and that’s not OK, but watching the stuff about his art and politics is interesting. It flips back and forth between his younger years and the ancient ones…but the most interesting is when they focus on when he thought he failed as an artist, or he thought it was great and everyone else saw failure. He was persistent, his style changed over the years, he grew. It’s unfortunate that he perpetuated the stereotype of male artist as user of women. That’s not something we really studied in my college art classes. 

I do remember being fascinated with this painting…

Yeah. It’s still fascinating. 

Yesterday, the girlchild clued me in to the fact that none of my other web pages were showing. Fixed it! Apparently just because you had them before doesn’t mean WordPress will continue them into a new theme. Annoying, but fixed. 

So three hours of tracing yesterday. After a morning meeting and tutoring after school, plus braving Costco before Christmas…I refuse to work when I get home, not on school stuff. So I went back to tracing snakes, which are a pain in the butt to trace. So many little stripey pieces. Ugh. 

And trying to figure out the overlaps. Pretty sure I did it wrong somewhere. Which snake is on top? Not even sure any more. MAYBE IT DOESN’T MATTER.

Satchemo is incredibly helpful during this process. 

I eventually kicked him off. It’s LEDs, so it’s not even warm. But he’s a cat, so he has to sit on it.

So much Wonder Under at this point. So many pieces. So many hours. I’m over 17 hours in and not done yet. See Picasso in the background?

Three hours last night. I’m in the mid-1200s. About 300 pieces to go. I have a union meeting tonight and then I’m supposed to go to book club, but I don’t know if I’m going to make it. Too tired already. I did read the book…but I’m not sure I have the energy to traipse all the way across town and be functional. I might rather trace. I so want to be done!

Anyway, we’ll see. Being social is hard for me this time of year, but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t do it. Art over social life? Sheesh. I’ll pick art every time.

*Fuel, Shimmer

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