Drawing Done…

I was supposed to come home last night from book club and grade stuff. I graded during the 2-hour union meeting before that, which included a lot of words about the new contract. And by the time I got home from book club, it was after 9 PM and I wasn’t in the mood. So I didn’t grade. Sigh. I’m going to lose a whole day this weekend to grading…I know that.

What I did instead was finish the drawing (finally!) and number it. I need to be working on something artistic right now. The drawing is the hardest part, and I was so close to done. There’s a space where I look at it and think, there’s nothing else that needs to be on there. All the spaces are appropriately filled. It took 6 1/2 hours to do that…it’s about 36×48″.

Although I did consider a cat…

She is doing her cat duty by lying on what I’m working on. Seriously. That’s where I needed to be drawing. But this quilt is more about climate change and war than cats, so I left the cat out.

I added a few things up here, finished the top arm, put a sky behind part of it…

Added some burning trees…not here…but I really like these tumbling birds I drew somewhere and moved onto here.

I can’t always explain why I draw particular things. There they are…

The birds again…not the trees. It was hard to get any photos last night with the lighting right above. Oh yeah, and then I numbered it…

Only 804 pieces. Not bad. OK. It took almost an hour just to number it. I tried to do it logically. When I put the quilt together, we’ll see how logical that was. Tonight I can start tracing. If I am awake. You never know. It’s another busy day.

Ah kittens.

They’re sweet little beasts. Running late. As always…me, not the cats. They’re never late.

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