Sand and Water and 12-Year-Olds…

So no problems last night with blood sugar. This is good. Except I hate unexplained crap. Like Bigfoot. I want an explanation. My doc had the typical response she always had…Change the Meds! I’m like, no, chillax, it’s not the meds. It’s something else. I don’t know what ELSE is, but it is.

Anyway. Meanwhile, I’m carrying around glucose tabs and testing sort of obsessively, which is expensive, y’all.

Yesterday was the first day back with kids in the classroom. They were sort of gobsmacked by having to come back, but we did a New Year’s clear out your crap thing and then remember the vocab from three weeks ago? No? Then go look at it again.

Today and tomorrow are some high-intensity (read: large mess capability) labs, so we’ll be running around trying to keep that going. I had tutoring after school yesterday and sat with some kids and talked about the difference between erosion and weathering. Straight up, I had to go look it up to make sure I knew the difference, so I guess it’s a good thing that we are reviewing. Laughing. I don’t always know things. It’s OK. Somehow, the kids all thought that the sun was hot enough to melt rocks on the surface…which it is, but only if the sun is a LOT closer, in which case, we’re all crispy bacon. So yeah. Meanwhile, my doctor’s office is calling this morning and wants me to take today off school to come in. Oh yeah. Not happening.

So I got home and went to pilates (good choice, very relaxing) and came home and ate dinner and then graded all the late work that got piled on top of me yesterday (just get it OVER with) and then realized book club is today, tonight, and I had (I thought) one chapter left to read. It wasn’t one. It was two and a very long epilogue. But I read them. I’m pretty sure I fell asleep during some of it and I’m still not really sure what happened with the two gods at the end, but whatever. I finished.

While grading…Luna likes to watch computer and phone screens…from right up in my face.

Like could you be any closer. It’s sweet, yes. Very sweet. Not very conducive to grading.

And then while I was reading…the man took this picture…

I got Nova first, climbing up on my arm and perching there. As they get bigger, this will be more challenging. Who needs the gym when you are holding a cat on your arm? And then Luna, who can not be left out of things, wandered over and tried to figure out how to be in Nova’s space.

We are still putting them in the crate at night and when we’re gone during the day. It’s a safe space and they are inquisitive enough (read: have knocked enough shit over) that we don’t want to leave them home alone unsupervised yet, until they’re too big to cause damage? I don’t know. Until we feel OK with it. So they’re currently rampaging around the house while I write this…I need to leave in 10 minutes, so I need to find and corral them. Usually that involves throwing a toy mouse with rattles in it. They don’t quite come when they’re called (they are cats), but this is a close second.

Art yesterday didn’t happen. I was exhausted from not sleeping the night before and a long day at school. Today will be long too. And I’m already tired. I asked for a phone appointment from the doc…we’ll see if she can do that. Hopefully. She’s probably going to want labs, fasting. That’ll be fun.

Did I tell you we trimmed trees? Well I hired someone to trim three of the big beasts, and now there is so much more sun coming in on the back of the house. Pros and cons of that, but the solar panels are happy and so are the cats. Hopefully they’ll leaf out a bit by summer so we don’t die, but for now, it feels nice.

Off to work. Weathering and erosion labs. Lots of sand and water and 12-year-olds. Always good choices.

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