It’s Gonna Roll…

I wrote a post yesterday and then WordPress ate it or the title or both. Just temporarily. I renamed it because I couldn’t remember what I named it before. I just don’t know what happened to it, but it’s there. It’s all about grades and what I did all weekend. Wait. That was grades. I came home last night after work and did more of that. I stayed at school late first and did a bunch of that, but eventually slogged through the last of the essays (they’re really only 7 sentences, so calling them an essay is a joke, but if you have to write an essay BACK to them making suggestions on how they could do it better, then it feels longer). The stuff at home was trying to finish up the posting of the grades, which meant a million comments and citizenship grades and trying to figure out why the kid in Period 2 is now in Period 4. That shit was weird. But it’s done. I think. I hope. For now…because it’s just a progress report, and that means I’m still grading all the late stuff. And the stuff from last week. And then another one of these claim, evidence, reasoning essays will come in on Friday. But then I won’t see one for a while. At the moment, October is not feeling better or more manageable than September, but it’s the first day, so I’ll give it a break.

Meanwhile, Satchemo is having health issues. He’s currently hiding under the bed and refuses to come out for food, which is so incredibly unlike him…he has these events that look like (but aren’t) seizures, and he had three last night, different than before, no purring and with big wide staring eyes. He did just come out and vomit for me. Hmmm. Signs of love. He did it on the tile, so that is nice of him. We’ve talked to the vet and all the next steps are heinously expensive like brain scans. It’s hard to watch, but we don’t think he’s in pain. He’s not actually my cat, so I’m texting the man in charge of him…but it’s not looking good.

Poor kitty.

I have to admit to not having the mental ability to iron last night. I was just done. But I cut stuff out while watching a not-great movie. I mean, it was OK, but so obviously tailored to the under-13 crowd…

So this is another hour or so of cutting things out.

At least I’m working on this quilt, right?

Then I remembered I needed to draw for my Patreon (hey, it was a night)…this is the one from Sunday night that I didn’t like.

So I sat there and watched some TV and then drew this…

It’s a little different from what I normally do. If you’re on my Patreon, I’ll scan it tonight and clean it up and then send it to y’all. Well, the levels that get it anyway. Can’t remember what those are. It’s a good thing Patreon reminds me. Thanks to all the Patreon supporters who keep me in pens and paper. It’s much appreciated. Feel free to check out my Patreon (there’s a few public things) at the link over there on the right. Or here. I guess I could put one here.

OK, on to school. Not sure how today is gonna roll, but it’s gonna roll.

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