Need More Things…

OK, so I had a rough diabetic night with blood sugar randomly crashing and refusing to come back up. I’m running on about 4 hours of sleep, I need to call the doc, I already talked to the nurse who confirmed I did everything right (although I’m sure the man wishes I didn’t wake him up, but I needed someone ready to call 911 if I couldn’t). FUN. I love unexplained health issues the day before I get kids in the classroom. Well. Hours before I get kids in the classroom. I have a parent meeting this morning, but I’m prepared for the rest of it. Just not sure how to fit the doc in there as well. Honestly I think I need something more than “here, we’re gonna take all your blood and pee”, but whatever. I have food and glucose tabs and a meter at school and IDK what else to do. Scary though.

As with most people, I hate when things are out of control.

Yesterday, though, I got everything ready and it was all good. I came home and the trees were trimmed and there’s light places where there hasn’t been light and my solar is collecting all that lovely light and I can watch it on an app do all that, so nice.

I did my first Patreon video for January, all about the drawing I’m working on.

I’m pretty fast at the editing now. That’s a skill.

Boychild found me for this…

That’s a raccoon. Can you tell? He went up one of the trees eventually. That right there is about where the neighbor wants to put a fence. He wants to fence the whole property. I think they told him 12K. Well yeah, dude. So I don’t know how that’s gonna go, but maybe I’m not going to have to stare at a fence. And raccoons can go where they want.

It’s possible in my old age that we will have to move further out.

Then there was a lot of kitten interactions. See the blurry one? Yeah, lots of that.

And that…

And some play…

Plus dual tail bopping…

All good. Did I finish anything last night? Nope. Well, not true…one class of an assignment. Finished that.

And then I drew…

Almost there. She has a head now…

Needs more things. We all do. OK, blood sugar behave. Doc find a reason. Kids do their things. I’m exhausted. Good times!

It’s Gonna Roll…

I wrote a post yesterday and then WordPress ate it or the title or both. Just temporarily. I renamed it because I couldn’t remember what I named it before. I just don’t know what happened to it, but it’s there. It’s all about grades and what I did all weekend. Wait. That was grades. I came home last night after work and did more of that. I stayed at school late first and did a bunch of that, but eventually slogged through the last of the essays (they’re really only 7 sentences, so calling them an essay is a joke, but if you have to write an essay BACK to them making suggestions on how they could do it better, then it feels longer). The stuff at home was trying to finish up the posting of the grades, which meant a million comments and citizenship grades and trying to figure out why the kid in Period 2 is now in Period 4. That shit was weird. But it’s done. I think. I hope. For now…because it’s just a progress report, and that means I’m still grading all the late stuff. And the stuff from last week. And then another one of these claim, evidence, reasoning essays will come in on Friday. But then I won’t see one for a while. At the moment, October is not feeling better or more manageable than September, but it’s the first day, so I’ll give it a break.

Meanwhile, Satchemo is having health issues. He’s currently hiding under the bed and refuses to come out for food, which is so incredibly unlike him…he has these events that look like (but aren’t) seizures, and he had three last night, different than before, no purring and with big wide staring eyes. He did just come out and vomit for me. Hmmm. Signs of love. He did it on the tile, so that is nice of him. We’ve talked to the vet and all the next steps are heinously expensive like brain scans. It’s hard to watch, but we don’t think he’s in pain. He’s not actually my cat, so I’m texting the man in charge of him…but it’s not looking good.

Poor kitty.

I have to admit to not having the mental ability to iron last night. I was just done. But I cut stuff out while watching a not-great movie. I mean, it was OK, but so obviously tailored to the under-13 crowd…

So this is another hour or so of cutting things out.

At least I’m working on this quilt, right?

Then I remembered I needed to draw for my Patreon (hey, it was a night)…this is the one from Sunday night that I didn’t like.

So I sat there and watched some TV and then drew this…

It’s a little different from what I normally do. If you’re on my Patreon, I’ll scan it tonight and clean it up and then send it to y’all. Well, the levels that get it anyway. Can’t remember what those are. It’s a good thing Patreon reminds me. Thanks to all the Patreon supporters who keep me in pens and paper. It’s much appreciated. Feel free to check out my Patreon (there’s a few public things) at the link over there on the right. Or here. I guess I could put one here.

OK, on to school. Not sure how today is gonna roll, but it’s gonna roll.

I Have a List…

Today is the Day of Errands. There are a million of them. They keep piling up. They annoy me. They need doing. They’re complicated. Girlchild just got a job! It’s a temp job, but in the fields she wants, so that’s good. After 69 applications. Yup. It’s a wide-open market apparently.

Yesterday was the day of retirement planning. I don’t have enough money, apparently, Somewhat stressful. Debating whether I need a financial planner. Gonna be debating it for a bit I think.

The pro is that I got all the tracing done. The con is that it was around 1 AM and then the dogs were up early today, so I’m kinda braindead this morning. Every morning kinda looks like this. Food. Tea. Sleepy Kitten.

Me staring at a computer screen.

Washed and ironed this…

And this…although the cherry stains are still showing. I need to figure that out.

I finished the second Patreon video for this month.

Now I just need to do a drawing before the end of the month.

There’s my piece Womanscape during some event at the Carnegie Center

That’s cool. Look! Children in the room are not dying or being traumatized because of nudity. Just wanted to point that out.

Here’s my light table, by the way. It’s homemade. I didn’t make it. A friend of my parents did stained glass and was downsizing, so I got this for free. I put LED bulbs in, which is about the only thing that saves me when it’s hot out…

I turned off all the lights in the living room last night except for the light table and the TV…it puts off a lot of light.

But it’s not hot light.

There. The last yard. I think there’s about 4 yards after all that misnumbering crazy shit. There weren’t any more mistakes, by the way. I did the last 300 pieces last night, for a total of 12 hours and 48 minutes. That’s a lot for a piece this size. But the clusterfucks were major. Now I’m ready to cut it out.

I worked on this for a while too, while I was trying to get my brain to shut down…

So many things going on. Baby lizard. Simba tried to eat it and I squealed.

Don’t eat baby lizards…

Calli waiting for her meds…

Old lady. Thinks they’re treats. This one is still sleeping…

I need a shower and a list of things to do. I have a list. I just really don’t want to deal with it.

Shoefly, Dragonfly*

Strangely I felt yesterday like the cold had wandered off, but today, it is back and in my face. More specifically, my nose. My sinuses. My head. I think I will remember to take the cold medicines with me today to the design conference. I’m still processing Day 1 of conference. I wonder where everyone sits on the spectrum of How Do We Fix Schools? I’m definitely down at the anarchy end. I don’t have a solution in mind. I just know in my mind that the whole system needs to be blown up and redesigned. This committee I’m on has some interesting people on it…some people I think were required to be on it. Some I wonder…but that’s a different conversation. Here’s the poster my table designed and I drew…

Like I said, there’s a place to start. I want more community in there. I want more about the flexibility…and that’s the hard part to design.

It does mean I’m up early again today for Day 2, but yesterday was good…I came home exhausted, but managed to finish ironing all the pieces down on fabric for this quilt…it took 9 1/2 hours total…so many of my current quilts have rainbows in them.

Oh yeah, before I did that, I finished editing the Patreon drawing for June and posted it to my small community of supporters. My goal eventually is to put all these drawings into a coloring book, a nice one with heavy pages, heavy enough for pens! I love pens. I don’t really color, but I like the idea of coloring. I guess I color with my quilts. I’m hoping to build the Patreon community enough so that I can fund the coloring book with it. Then give those members a hefty discount…

I used a whopping 120 colors of fabric in this little quilt…

Usually the smaller the quilt, the fewer the fabrics, but all the different variations of greens I needed…and browns…hyped the numbers up I guess. Those two middle boxes are all green and brown. I’m hoping it looks good. It’s hard to see it in my head sometimes.

Then I started cutting them out…I got a pretty solid start.

Stuff that’s cut out on the top left, stuff to go on the top right, and the inevitable weird pile of trimmings that I save until the quilt is done…just in case I need a tiny piece of something. I actually spent about 3 1/2 hours doing artwork yesterday, despite being at “work” all day, because I didn’t have to come home and process anything. I didn’t have to grade or plan or answer emails related to work.

That’s good. That’s what I’m aiming for next year…at least some similar plan. Less time at home doing schoolwork. More time making art.

OK, so today we are back to the improv (yeah, it’s weird…just go with it) and hopefully some more design talk and thought. Then home to walk the dogs and cut more things out. Maybe also some planting, although that can wait until tomorrow I think. I’ve been slowly dealing with art group stuff as well…posting things and organizing photos. I have a show to enter, I need to send my kid some money for July, and I need to prep the next blogpost for one group I help manage online. I didn’t look at my to-do list last night. I’ll do that tonight as well. Or maybe I’ll take it with me for down time at this conference. We’ll see. I do need more tea…that’s for sure.

*Creedence Clearwater Revival, Green River

A Dizzy Twister Dance*

Yesterday, or maybe Saturday, I filled in the big erasable calendar on the fridge for the next 6 weeks…you know, most of my summer break. It’s hairy. There’s a lot of stuff on there. Some of it is going to be really enjoyable, some it will be hard work, and some days there’s just one thing on there…like mammogram or dentist. Sigh. Then there’s the written lists I’ve made, for the week, for the month, for the whole summer. I’m not in the chill spot yet, where I feel like I can relax. I think I need about 5 more days of sleep to get there (um, wait, isn’t there a design conference in the middle of those 5 days of sleep? Oh yeah.). It’s OK. I’m better today than I was yesterday. I slept on the couch after going grocery shopping and then to an art opening I needed to go to. And then I slept in this morning. So I’m working on it. Listen to your body. That’s a drawing.

Drawing! I did some! Ah, I’ve missed it. There’s so many things in my head right now. I need to get them out and about on paper.

Saturday was long and exhausting…but I did stitch in the car in between events…

It’s OK. I wasn’t driving.

Saturday night was exhausting…we went to bed early, but I was fighting the nose snots and achiness of this cold, so I got up at 2 AM and read for an hour and took meds and then went back to bed and fought night sweats and hot flashes. Ugh. Blanket on. Blanket off. Fun stuff.

This is Satchemo. He wanted to be really close while I calendared the week.

I was on the phone with my mom for most of this. My cousin is sick. Really sick. Better since Saturday, apparently, but still…the only info I get is from mom. So I called. Also to confirm that they didn’t want my sick ass at their house for dinner (they didn’t).

I don’t drink beer, but someone in my house does. Say this 10 times fast. I can’t.

So after a nap and making dinner and getting the man to record some music for my first Patreon video for July (hey, this is cool…although I feel bad using his skills without paying him. But only a little.), I decided it was time to simplify the drawing I did a few weeks ago for the next embroidery pattern. I’m not really sure that it’s a LOT simpler…

Laughing at myself. I did reduce lines. I got rid of toes and fingernails. I still wish I could use more than 5 colors, but it’ll work. More Satchemo assistance. The original is on the right. The original (more complicated) version will be released to my Patreon community this week, so if you want to embroider that one, join in! You get a drawing a month for personal use at the $5/month level.

I wish I had more time to embroider some of these. I will need to do a sample of the one on the left. I scanned it last night and printed it out. I’m going to do this one on white fabric…but I need to pick threads first. Tonight maybe…

Sleepy puppy. He plays hard on Sunday mornings…

That’s an interesting stash of stuff on my coffee table. Why tape? I don’t know.

I took more meds and managed to come into the studio and pick all the flesh fabrics.

I was looking at the background fabrics and trying to decide what I wanted to do, and I kind of went for stuff that will blend a little bit with it. I might hate that later…but it’s done now. This fabric…is just gorgeous…

Hopefully I put them all in the right place.

Here’s what’s done so far…they aren’t in order, because I pulled flesh from the 100s through the 500s, so I have no idea how much more I need to do.

I just know the flesh is done and I started on the plants that are on her…not a lot of color yet.

Honestly, I’m going to stick to some desert/earth colors on this one. There will be blues and purples though. More on that later today. The only thing on my calendar is the chiropractor and filling asphalt cracks, plus maybe a Home Depot trip for more asphalt stuff and the materials to fix the sink/counter/tile issue.

This morning…the boychild is a fur magnet…

I had all four animals in with me this morning. In my face, boisterously cleaning nether regions for one of them. Nice guys. Thanks.

Anyway, there’s art in the day…so that’s a plus. And hopefully continued recovery from this stupid cold. Being sick in summer sucks.

*Lady Gaga, Just Dance

What Kind of Heart Doesn’t Look Back*

First of all, I would like to thank that hyper little guy RB who was sitting in the front of my classroom playing Uno and coughing all over the desk (I even moved away from him) for the oogy feeling in the back of my throat right now. Ah yes, the gift that keeps on giving…a student cold. Woo hoo! Thank you thank you. C’mon immune system…I fed you avocado and bok choy…do your thing! I know I’m still tired and running low, but you can’t make me be sick on top of all of that. I need recovery time…not something else from which to recover. Sigh. Head down on desk. Go take your vitamin C. Again.

So things are happening around here. Cleaning (a little) happened. My office got straightened up so I could iron in here. The kitchen table is slowly appearing. This space…this space, I have not touched. At all.

Really, I could just blame the cat. But it wasn’t her fault. I’m not sure how to organize some of the stuff over there. That’s part of the problem. I think I need to buy two frames and maybe some matboard. And some organizers (NOOO…I hear my son yelling that there is no need to buy MORE things. I should just throw some out. I did do some of that yesterday too.). Whatever. I am a messy person, but a mostly organized messy person. My studio is a prime example. Of course, I would love to have a studio two or three times this size, but I’ve seen the genetics, and my mom’s studio looks just like mine. Except bigger. With more organizers.

I am considering boxing up the crazy quilt stuff and opening up that space…but it’s largely inaccessible space…so that doesn’t necessarily help. I’ll think about it. Certainly the blues, greens, purples, and whites have expanded beyond the bins I have. This was my straightening up before the new quilt…found a place for the completed embroideries, put all the fabric away from the last quilt, swept the floor…

Now I’m ready to iron. I didn’t actually do any of that until around 10 PM.

We spent 2 hours at the vet…ugh…Simba needs his teeth cleaned and Calli has some huge lumps that need handling.

We’ll be back on July 1 for those things. Fun stuff.

After dinner, we (I) had finally decided to get STARZ so we could watch American Gods. And I love it. Totally worth it. After eating, I finished the house on the first September Folk Tails block, which has been sitting around for months.

I think I’m taking this with me to all the design conferences I have this summer…I can’t sit and listen to people talk for hours. Then again, the one next week has 3 hours a day of Improv. Um. OK. My social niceties will be challenged. I guess it’s a good thing I’m there, for the introvert insight. Like you’re killing your introverts with all your plans! You need to give them the space to learn and create in a comfortable way too. I think people forget that when they plan shit. Unless they are one.

So after all that and whatever else I was putzing around doing (I exercised), I laid out the first 100 Wonder Under pieces…picked a background (I always have a few)…you can see it in the back there.

And starting picking fabrics. Ah bliss…

Here’s where the stress relief is…right here. This is what I’ve been waiting for…

Dirt and rocks…

Yeah. That’s good. Strangely, the quilt my Patreon community picked has those red rocks of the desert that we spent all of Spring Break driving and hiking around, but this drawing is a couple of years old. I had Earth Daughter and wanted to do some different versions of it, and this is the next one, Desert Daughter. Next up? Body parts and cactus. All good. This won’t take long. Then I should draw Ocean or Mountain Daughter? Maybe.

Today is not the day it will happen though. I’m fully booked, I think. Maybe tonight? We’ll see. I might just collapse.

Speaking of the Patreon, I just posted a video on there of me ironing a tiny face. It’s the second video of the month, so almost all my patrons will be able to see it…for only $2 a month, you can see me ironing the most tiny eyeballs ever. The next video is already edited…it’s me drawing…which is kind of cool to watch, I think. That will release the first week of July or so. Next up I need to do my June drawing for the Patreon…looking forward to that in the next week.

*Sara Bareilles, Breathe Again

Got Love Make It Go*

I feel like I ran a marathon yesterday. I’m gonna run another one today, but it will be much shorter. Hallelujah. I also finished the book that was due to the library last week and loaded three more onto the iPad. One is due in 8 days and it has over 700 pages. Can I do that? I doubt it. I mean, sure, I’ll be on break as of tomorrow after I check out, but I have a quilt to work on and about five different things I’m doing over the weekend. Not relaxing yet. Although not grading is a blessing. I’ve been reading this teacher stuff about how to reduce my work week, and although I already do a lot of it, one of them talks about setting two LONG afternoons a week and grading, and then don’t do it the other five days. I’m not sure I can pull that off. We’ll see.

We started yesterday with bowling…

Two hundred and eighty kids, about 9 teachers, some number of chaperones, lots of pizza, some soda (for some, way too much soda), a whole lot of bowling balls and shoes, plus games in the other room. Then we came back and have to try to get kids through two periods of class…we just put videos on and bribe them with food and water and try to get them to chill out. I was trying to clean up my room. At some point, I was so tired, I slipped and realized I needed to stop climbing on counters to take stuff down. So I sat down for a while. Spaced out. Had a conversation with a kid about how I wasn’t going to talk to her about whether or not I had a boyfriend.

The awards ceremony was an hour after school got out. I managed FINALLY to type up the list of old chemicals for disposal (it’s only taken me almost 2 years to do that). So that’s 5 boxes out of my classroom. And I gave away all my water because I needed the cupboard space. Which is fine. It’s not like I’m keeping it for a reason. Awards are nice because those are the amazing kids and you get to tell their parents how amazing they are and then check out the little brothers and sisters for what’s coming next.

Today we have kids for about 2 1/2 hours or so. But we have to stay locked up in our rooms during graduation. So we just hope kids won’t show up. But they do. I have more stuff to take down and put away…so I’ll do that while they watch promotion on the screen. Ideally, I’ll have most of it put away today, so tomorrow will be quick and easy. Unless I need to meet about planning. We’ll see. I have 700 pages to read, you know (maybe I should take that with me today? Nah. I do that sometimes and I never get to just sit and read. Of course. I teach 7th graders. Who am I kidding?).

This is exactly how I felt when I got home around 5:45 PM.

I did nap for about 15 minutes. While trying to read. And then I realized I had stuff I needed to do. You know what blows up my blood sugar? Carrots. I love carrots. Fuckers. Or it’s exhaustion and stress. Hard to say. Because this morning, it was super low. Sigh.

Then I spent over an hour fussing with the next Patreon video. It’s me drawing. It’s only two pieces of video, not even fussy, but I wanted to add titles and have them disappear, so I had to learn how to pull the effect away from the video so I could edit it. So much of what’s online when you Google app-specific answers is from previous versions, so it doesn’t help. Now I want to add music! So I need that man I live with to make me some…but he works, so I don’t know when that will happen. My Patreon people may get a bonus video this month while they’re waiting for this official one.

So I didn’t start cutting stuff out until after 11 PM.

And I wanted to be done. So I stayed up too late. Of course.

As you can see, Simba was very invested in my finishing. Which I did. It took 4 1/2 hours to cut them all out. Not bad. Sorting tonight? I hope. Then clean up the studio for the next round of picking fabrics…one of my favorite parts. I’m looking forward to that bit. I’m really looking forward to 57 days off. Well. There’s 10 days I won’t have off of work. But I’m getting paid for it and it’s for a good thing, so that’s OK. I might not think that when I’m having to get up early next week, but for now, it seems OK.

*Sublime, Santeria