Here In My Car I Feel Safest At All*

I’m pretty sure I chatted with a computer last night. I needed to figure out why the Featured Image thing wasn’t working for WordPress any more, so I finally went into Help and Troubleshooting and What the Fuck to Do When Things That Used to Work No Longer Work, and I was chatting…well, I talked (typed) and then it went silent for a long time and then I said (typed) Hello and it said OK, yes, I’m still looking into it but I don’t think it was a human. To its credit, it did find out why it wasn’t working…my THEME had expired (does this happen?) and no longer supported Featured Image, so it then suggested new themes. I guess that’s a useful tech thing, unlike Autocorrect on the iPhone, which thinks I talk about ducks way more than I EVER talk about ducks.

So the theme has changed. I haven’t tried all the things yet. It pretty much just dropped everything I had (except the header, which I don’t have, because I didn’t make it) into the new theme and made it fit. Hopefully it works. If not, the computer wants me to come back and chat again. (It didn’t give me a name. Those chat things always tell you their name. So it was a computer.)

Last night was full of anxious animals and lots of rain and thunder for a short period of time. I don’t know if that jacket helps, but the boychild puts them on the dogs anyway.

I had a quilt meeting last night, but I waited about ten minutes, because getting into a big metal box of a car while a thunderstorm goes overhead is a little nerve-wracking. The plan was to make bees wax food wraps. I have some already, so I didn’t bring a lot (unlike some)…

It certainly wasn’t hard to do…

There’s about a million websites that will show you how. 

We measured nothing, by the way.

Different than our usual night…but kind of cool on a rainy Thursday after a long day at work.

I also worked a bit on this. Trying to get that horned thing sewn down. Not crucial. Just relaxing. 

Straight up, the rest of the day/evening was not so relaxing, so I needed what I could get. I also stress-baked. And freaked out about next week, not being able to eat nuts or seeds or popcorn or vegetable skins. Colonoscopy prep sucks. I can eat lots of white foods. Eh.

My quilt teacher made these cute little knitted bags for soap slivers, so you can use them up. Very cool. 

I did trace Wonder Under eventually, for about 30 whole minutes. I finished the 60 pieces or so of things that are attached to Figure 2. Tonight, I can start on Figure 3. I also need to grade things. Lots of things. Blah.

I forgot to photograph last night, and the windows are all foggy, but there was a beautiful sunrise this morning.

My light table has a good view…behind it.

OK, weird day at school with professional development that isn’t actually professional development. Whatever. I might be able to get some work done. If I’m lucky. But I have to remember to grab all the stuff in my classroom that I’ll need in order to do it. Rolling my eyes at this. 

One more week and then a break. I totally need it.

*Gary Numan, Cars

2 thoughts on “Here In My Car I Feel Safest At All*

  1. Looks quite different, but it’s good. Very readable. The top right says “there was an error retrieving messages from Instagram. An attempt will be remade in a few minutes.” Eh.

    Ducks. Hmm…rhymes with? or starts with a D (because that’s the way autocorrect works). I was thinking, “Kathy wouldn’t say ‘dicks’. She uses the correct word.” Guess what…scroll down to the bottom, and in “related posts” two out of three have “penis” in the title. Ha!


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