In My Life I’ve Loved Them All *

So that plan I had to go to bed at a reasonable hour last night? Somehow, the 45 minutes between 11:15 PM, when it was too early to go to bed, and midnight, when I should have already been in bed, did not register in my brain. I kept tracing, time kept ticking, and I went to bed late again. Because I had to take both dogs out (in the wet…) and close everything up, turn the lights out, take insulin, brush my teeth, reset my alarm even earlier this morning (earlier meeting), and then it’s well past midnight and I can’t fall asleep, because the to-do list is knocking on my brain. I did grade PART of an assignment last night, only part…if I’d done the whole thing, I wouldn’t have had time to trace anything. Earlier in the evening, I was prepping stuff for next week, creating worksheets from scratch (aargh, so time-consuming) and sending them to print shop and trying to figure out the warmup for next week…because however many meetings I have this week (7), I have a similar number next week, and they’re all longer. I don’t want to go into Winter Break with a huge pile of work to do. Although I won’t have a choice, I think. 

So I know I need to spend SOME time making art every night, no matter how tired I feel, because it makes me feel somewhat less stressed and like there’s something in life besides trying to manage my job. I went to bed with the face of the one kid who completely shut down in class yesterday, because I don’t know what his issue was, but I couldn’t get him to work, and usually he’ll at least try, but no, not even with a pencil (and I think he kept my Think Pretty Thoughts pencil, dammit). 

Today is a new day. They always are, aren’t they? More rain here…not sure we need it all in two days, but hey, it’s water, right? So I didn’t trace for long, and it’s not very exciting to look at unless you’re me…Figure 2 does have bigger pieces than Figure 1 (logical…the person is bigger too)…

And I tried to limit (ha!) the detail as the pieces got bigger. Otherwise, this thing would easily have gone over 2000 pieces. I do need to actually finish it.

I’m on the third yard of Wonder Under. The one on the right is mostly full, the middle one is almost all full, and one I’ve barely started.

I traced for about an hour and a half. I’m in the mid-400s. I finished all of Figure 2, but not all the stuff that’s touching her (tree, bird, vine). I have a meeting tonight, but I’ll still trace afterwards. I want to finish grading the assignment I was working on yesterday at some point today, but maybe I can get that done in class today. This unit has been really bad for giving us time to work on stuff in class. I spent most of yesterday showing kids how the plate boundary that goes through Iceland works. I still have a bunch of kids who think that earthquakes make tectonic plates move (you can blame the shitty simulation for being vague about that). Things that are logical to adults are rarely as logical for kids. 

Anyway. It’s survival mode until Winter Break. If I can get them through the next week and have them turn in the unit, we’re leaving this curriculum behind and going back to hands-on, creative, variety, and interest. Plus some down time for teacher. Less of my having to tell them things and more of their figuring it out. They learn better that way anyway. I’m looking forward to that. It’s amazing how much HOW I teach affects my mood. 

*The Beatles, In My Life

One thought on “In My Life I’ve Loved Them All *

  1. Kathy,
    Just saying that I love your work, love your blog and the glimpses into process, and love your approach to kids and science. Yes, they do learn more and learn it better by doing it themselves! Here’s to you, genuine teacher and creative, real woman-person!


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