Stuff Art in the Cracks

Rough night. Something stung my toe and it hurt. Or bit it. Or whatever’d it. And then whatever my innards are doing in response to the diabetes meds…doctor appointment on Thursday. If I can get there on time. Crazy hours that day. I don’t feel right. That’s always nerve-wracking. But teaching today should be easy, so I can grade and I don’t have to feel awesome. I just have to get it all done. ALL OF IT. Yeah right. I already had one group try to turn in their project even though I haven’t given them all of the instructions. Like CHILLAX you sweet little things. You’re doing it wrong. You don’t need to panic yet.

One of the things with diabetes is that they want you to be stress free. I get all these emails and mailers from the insurance company and the doctor’s office about how to reduce stress, but my doctor actually laughed at one point and said I’d have to quit my job and that would be stressful in itself. So there’s that. I’m not sure when I will hit “less stress” for work, but it isn’t going to be this week or next. I am just trying to stay as much in control of it as I can. Exercise, take breaks, stuff art in the cracks. As part of that, I try to go do something interesting or fun on Saturday nights. We went to see the Skull Art Show at La Bodega Gallery…kind of a manufactured thing because they all start with the same skull, but some of them were interesting enough…

Huichol bead technique always makes a statement…this is Jose Lopez…

IMG_8417 small

Interesting composition…Franky Agostino

IMG_8419 small

Reminds me of my students when I ask where their late work is…Cesar Castaneda…

IMG_8421 small

One of my favorite artists at La Bodega, Evgeniya Golik

IMG_8422 small

And the always intriguing Optimus Volts

IMG_8423 small

Maira Meza with her lilies…

IMG_8424 small

Another interesting compilation of things, Renee Tay…

IMG_8425 small

And I really should have taken a better picture of the side of this…Mary Juhn.

IMG_8426 small

Then we ventured out to a new place for dinner. It was strange, but the food was good. Not many choices in the drinks arena, but all the caps were outside.

IMG_8427 small

Nailed to the railing.

Came home and finished trimming all the Wonder Under…it was something over 7 hours or so total.

IMG_8428 small

Then Sunday evening, after my fiber-art-group meeting, I was grading again…all the late work. Simba was very helpful…

IMG_8439 small

As was Satchemo…

IMG_8440 small

OK, he woke up, but mostly because he wanted me to take him out to pee.

IMG_8443 small

Which I did. I finished the butterfly in the car on the way to and from the meeting…

IMG_8444 small

So that’s July finally done, on to August…which are the three unembellished blocks on here…

IMG_8445 small

Next in line.

So then I went to sort all those pieces. I don’t throw out the trash pile until I sift through it, which is good, because I found this piece…

IMG_8446 small

And then I laid out all the bins…

IMG_8447 small

And spent about 40 minutes sorting pieces by the 100s.

IMG_8448 small

The last step? Coming into the office and cleaning up…putting all the fabrics away from the last quilt…hanging up the new drawing.

IMG_8450 small

Now I’m ready to iron tonight. Looking forward to it. But before that, I have to take my achy body to school and get all the things done.

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