A Lot of Art…

OK, well sleeping in is not a thing for dogs or the trash trucks or hangry cats or the weed-whacking neighbors. Apparently they don’t know it’s my Spring Break AND I stayed up way too late last night drawing because the inspiration finally smacked me upside the head, and I can’t show you anything until like July. So just know that I’m taking photos and there will be some pic-heavy posts in July explaining WTF I’m doing. Well, I’m entering a show I was invited to enter, and the jurors are all out there in my world, and they don’t wanna be swayed by seeing the stuff first, which I think is funny, cuz you’re totally gonna know it’s mine. But whatever. I’m willing to go along with it.

It makes it hard for the next two months though, because I usually post my entire process and that’s what I write about. I can still write about it, but it will be irrelevant pictures I guess. So I had a preliminary drawing I’d started for this piece a week or so ago, and then I cut the paper the right size the other night (that in itself is sometimes an issue!). Then last night, I started sketching for the final drawing and inked a good chunk of the structure of it. I still have a bunch of vignettes for it, so hopefully I’ll get those done today and tomorrow. I’m not really expecting to be able to start tracing Wonder Under before we leave, but I’d like it ready for when we come back. So drawing and numbering…

So here’s the rest of it. Today, I’m doing all the errands and shopping I need to do before we leave. I have to pack about 7 quilts to ship either before I go or right after I get back. I need to walk the dogs. I have a quilt group meeting tonight, if I can manage to get to it. I finished grading ONE assignment yesterday, so there are still 10 left to do. To be honest, that ONE was the biggest…and then I crazily emailed the 16 kids who didn’t turn it in and gave them a chance to not lose points…but they don’t check their email, so they’ll probably lose out. Oh well. I tried. Tomorrow will be about packing and food prep. Actually, there’s some food prep I’d like to do today if I can. We’ll see. The weather for the trip is finally looking bearable…no 18-degree temps staring us down for now! Still have rain and cold, but not as bad as it was going to be. We tested putting the new tent up last night at my parents’ house, and it was pretty easy. All good.

I meant to write yesterday, because we went to four different art exhibits on Saturday night, but I never got around to it. So here they are…first we went to Oye Como Va at La Bodega Gallery…the Flying Panther Tattoo family made all these. This is by Rob Benavides…here’s an article about him with some contact info.

In a totally different style, here’s one by Matt Howse

And something different in the skull realm by Frank Chavez

And this one by Thomas Fernandez

Another by Frank Chavez…

I seem to like the graphic and highly colored ones the best…another by Rob Benavides…

And one by Marc “Beatle” Lindenmeier of Harry Dean Stanton in Repo Man. Good movie.

From there, we headed out to Bread & Salt for the opening of Warpaint, with Lynn Schuette’s work. A totally different vibe, but beautiful work…hinting at our trip that starts in a few days. I really liked this line of work…

She had a few different series of works in the building…

But the landscapes and this grouping were my favorites…

Beautiful work.

In Bread & Salt is the Athenaeum Art Center Gallery, where Alessandra Moctezuma was showing work with Hilary Paul McGuire in a show called Identity|Antiquity. I especially liked some of Moctezuma’s drawings and etchings…some political and more recent…

Some with kitchen implements…

And an older etching/drawing…a detail below…

Over by the print studio was work by Elena Lomakin…who did some collage with paper and other materials…

And then outside, there was this…Kenneth Capp’s sculpture, Rose.

You’d think we’d have been done by then, but there was one more, which would put us in a place where we could eat…at Visual Gallery+Design, an exhibit called Unfolding. I knew of two of the four artists…this is Sofia Silver’s Cosmic Eye

And Laurie Nasica’s You and I, Highs and Lows, Down with the Current, and Le Tourbillon de la Vie

Also Untitled by Melissa Walter

I also liked Mary Juhn’s Memories

And her Take It, My Love…

Then off to dinner, with this showing up on the walk…

Some people.

So what else this weekend? I delivered this, freshly ironed and with hanging hardware, for the Inside/Outside exhibit that will be opening at Art Produce on May 4…

And I don’t know what else I have…ahhh…grading on the deck…

And puppies…

Funky clouds at my parents’ house…

More puppies while embroidering…

Anyone who thinks embroidery is quick is nuts.

But it is relaxing…you’ll probably see a bunch of this going on for the next month. But now? Errands. Gotta go. Get it done. Yup. Now.

Join Our Insect Nation*

Struggling to function this morning. I really need a day off where I don’t have to do anything, whether it’s school or art or whatever. A relaxing day of just hanging out and drawing on the deck and listening to music and going for a walk. Maybe next weekend (don’t look at when grades are due)(don’t look at when this quilt needs to be done). Yeah well. That’s supposed to be how I do Spring Break, right? Or I should manage the week better? Or not. I did find art time yesterday…or as I should say, I made time for art yesterday. I needed that.

But back to Friday…it was a long day of trying to get kids to finish their projects, so lots of walking outside to check on kids who were supposed to be making videos, but the beautiful day and being able to be outside after a whole lot of rain this winter made their brains explode. Yeah well. So there’s that. After work, I headed out to the Music Box to see the man in two bands…he’s been practicing for another band since October or so (yeah two practices a week has been interesting and sometimes challenging for everyone involved).

It was a good show, though…even with standing for 3 hours. Sometimes it would be nice to sit at a show! Proof I’m old, I guess. Boychild drove me downtown, so I wouldn’t have to park…ice cream sky…

And I tried to draw, but one of the former band members decided to hang out with me (and spill beer on me, fun stuff)…the first band is a one-off. The singer likes to do a bunch of different music, so this was his idea…

And then Radio Thieves played afterwards…

Some new stuff, some old stuff. I had fun…

I came home and when I was putting the pup in his crate, I found the missing laundry ball…one of those wool balls for the laundry has been missing for probably a year. We’ve all checked our laundry, but it was in the crate, under his bed.

I only found it because Calli must have pulled his crate apart a bit when she was freaking out the other day about the rain, so I was trying to put everything back where it belonged, and the ball came out from under his bed. That little asshole.

Poor Calli…

Oh yeah, she has lots of toys. But she needs people when there’s weather.

Saturday morning, I graded…finally finished the big science unit. And then I ironed for an hour or so before the art meeting…

I’m making progress, although it still seems too slow.

The meeting was about membership and the website (that’s my shit to do)…this was around the corner…

Those flowers refused to stay put. Came home, grabbed the man, and drove back down to Barrio Logan for an opening, Chicana: Liberated & Empowered at La Bodega Gallery.

Fascinating masks by Soni López-Chávez

There’s always a few really interesting pieces…

The top piece is by Jasmine Garcia and the bottom by Maria Nevarez.

This one was amazing…

Nice reflection, eh? By Yesenia M. Hulsey.

And I think I’ve posted work by this artist before…

I couldn’t get a straight view, because it was in front of the bar and buying beer was very important to some art patrons…this is by Joni Nunez and is only $200. Wishing I had a spare couple hundred I could use…I wish that a lot though.

From there, we headed to Hillcrest to the new location of the Studio Door Gallery for The Crow Show…this is by Leslie Shirah.

Sometimes I really have to search to find the artist’s names. The gallery had these number tags, which honestly are really hard to read, and then a paper list. Dudes…please just put labels up. I don’t want to search through a paper list. This of course was after the last show, with few prices, some names not even on the pieces, and the last one with a post-it note. Sheesh. All you need is a printer and some labels.

This is one of Denny Driver’s pieces…

Which is about free will…

And this is by Laurel Izard

Always nice to see quilts hung in art shows.

We did make it to one more art show, but I was photo’d out by then. Too many people in the way. Then dinner, but it was loud…good, but loud. I was tired. Hell, I’m still tired. Sigh.

We watched a movie and I graded stuff, and then headed in to iron after 10:30 PM. When do I make art? When you’re asleep. These are cat parts.

Silly cat is like 4″ square and had about 20 fabrics in it. Here’s where I’m at so far…

I’m in the 500s…still so much to go! And so much school work needs to be done today. Fuuck. Seriously. Sometimes I feel like I will never get caught up. I guess I do every June. So I’m in the hair…still need to do all the stuff on her face, plus the sun…which is a ton of pieces. Maybe that’s my goal today…get the sun done! Seriously, it’s like 100 pieces just in this tiny sun. What was I thinking? No one knows. But it’s such an integral part of one’s life in Southern California. The sun comes out and we all go outside and do stuff. Spring!

Anyway, shower, laundry, groceries, parent email, write warmup, finish grading last night’s assignment, grade all the makeup work so kids don’t flip out, and I don’t even remember what else. Sigh. I spent all day yesterday in pain from the Liver Alien (or whatever it is)…and today, it has wandered off (so far, knock on wood). Fun stuff. Such a relief. Art…I will do art today. One of those things up there might lose out. Or sleep…that’s probably what will lose.

*Adam and the Ants, Stand and Deliver

Stuff Art in the Cracks

Rough night. Something stung my toe and it hurt. Or bit it. Or whatever’d it. And then whatever my innards are doing in response to the diabetes meds…doctor appointment on Thursday. If I can get there on time. Crazy hours that day. I don’t feel right. That’s always nerve-wracking. But teaching today should be easy, so I can grade and I don’t have to feel awesome. I just have to get it all done. ALL OF IT. Yeah right. I already had one group try to turn in their project even though I haven’t given them all of the instructions. Like CHILLAX you sweet little things. You’re doing it wrong. You don’t need to panic yet.

One of the things with diabetes is that they want you to be stress free. I get all these emails and mailers from the insurance company and the doctor’s office about how to reduce stress, but my doctor actually laughed at one point and said I’d have to quit my job and that would be stressful in itself. So there’s that. I’m not sure when I will hit “less stress” for work, but it isn’t going to be this week or next. I am just trying to stay as much in control of it as I can. Exercise, take breaks, stuff art in the cracks. As part of that, I try to go do something interesting or fun on Saturday nights. We went to see the Skull Art Show at La Bodega Gallery…kind of a manufactured thing because they all start with the same skull, but some of them were interesting enough…

Huichol bead technique always makes a statement…this is Jose Lopez…

IMG_8417 small

Interesting composition…Franky Agostino

IMG_8419 small

Reminds me of my students when I ask where their late work is…Cesar Castaneda…

IMG_8421 small

One of my favorite artists at La Bodega, Evgeniya Golik

IMG_8422 small

And the always intriguing Optimus Volts

IMG_8423 small

Maira Meza with her lilies…

IMG_8424 small

Another interesting compilation of things, Renee Tay…

IMG_8425 small

And I really should have taken a better picture of the side of this…Mary Juhn.

IMG_8426 small

Then we ventured out to a new place for dinner. It was strange, but the food was good. Not many choices in the drinks arena, but all the caps were outside.

IMG_8427 small

Nailed to the railing.

Came home and finished trimming all the Wonder Under…it was something over 7 hours or so total.

IMG_8428 small

Then Sunday evening, after my fiber-art-group meeting, I was grading again…all the late work. Simba was very helpful…

IMG_8439 small

As was Satchemo…

IMG_8440 small

OK, he woke up, but mostly because he wanted me to take him out to pee.

IMG_8443 small

Which I did. I finished the butterfly in the car on the way to and from the meeting…

IMG_8444 small

So that’s July finally done, on to August…which are the three unembellished blocks on here…

IMG_8445 small

Next in line.

So then I went to sort all those pieces. I don’t throw out the trash pile until I sift through it, which is good, because I found this piece…

IMG_8446 small

And then I laid out all the bins…

IMG_8447 small

And spent about 40 minutes sorting pieces by the 100s.

IMG_8448 small

The last step? Coming into the office and cleaning up…putting all the fabrics away from the last quilt…hanging up the new drawing.

IMG_8450 small

Now I’m ready to iron tonight. Looking forward to it. But before that, I have to take my achy body to school and get all the things done.

Let Me Hold My Broken Parts*

Yesterday I was efficient and on track and yet frustrated as hell and then incredibly inefficient. Sleep makes one inefficient. But apparently I needed it.

So the app I use to keep track of how much time I’m spending on tasks in my quilts did not update with the iOS update, and instead of just working slowly and inefficiently, it’s completely inaccessible…along with all of my data. Fuckers. So I think I can cobble most of it together from my blog (which means reading through and trying to find that info for the last few months), but I’ve lost some data from older pieces that are in flux at the moment. Frustrating, yes. I found a new app and hopefully the developers will continue to update it and I won’t lose shitloads of stuff because of an update. And maybe I will remember to download all data before I ever update again. OK, that’s unlikely. I think I’ve picked one that keeps data in the cloud instead of on the device…at least, that was the plan. The problem with these apps is that they border on a business app, so the developers want to charge a million bucks for aspects I don’t need with the Pro versions, and the free versions sometimes don’t have the save in a cloud feature. OK. They never do. Frustrating as hell.

Anyway. So that was some moments of my day yesterday. I did finish a big chunk of the grading on Friday night, which is why I did no ironing Friday night. I think I in fact fell asleep on the couch, brain fuzz fully in gear. But I got up at a reasonable hour yesterday and refused to work on school shit all day, so I got 5 hours of ironing done and then went to an art exhibit and out to dinner (and fell asleep on the couch again…aaargh!). Must have been tired still.

Walked the little dog on Friday night…lovely skies…

IMG_7982 small

Kitten doesn’t like it when I close the door on her…

IMG_7987 small

Simba needed knots combed (and cut) out…this is his bitey face. Y’all love his bitey face because you are just looking at a picture of it and not trying to keep him from biting you while you cut knots out of his incredibly badly designed butt fur.

IMG_7991 small

Ironing begins…this thing is BIIIIGGG.

IMG_7992 small

I’m using two teflon sheets to try to iron the entire width. Straight up, it’s a pain in the ass, because it’s heavy and keeps trying to fall off the ironing board. There’s my cup of tea and cat in the background.

IMG_7993 small

I did try to keep this piece relatively simple (for me), but spiderwebs crept in…

IMG_7994 small

The bottom with roots…this piece has a lot about roots in it…our beliefs rooted into our behaviors…or vice versa. This notion of what it means to be an American seems so deeply rooted in some that they can’t see sense or have empathy.

IMG_7995 small

Working on the female figure…the two margarine containers are being used as weights to keep everything from falling off.

IMG_8002 small

The heart…complicated…always…

IMG_8003 small

Her torso is done, although there’s another arm out there…

IMG_8004 small

I got the other arm down, although the sun is shining on the hand so you can’t see it. I can’t remember how wide this is, but it’s not small…

IMG_8005 small

From there to octopus tentacles. I wanted her to be able to reach out and hurt him, but not with a weapon, per se. I only wanted one real weapon in the piece.

IMG_8006 small

Yes. That is a cat. In a box.

IMG_8007 small

Third tentacle done just in time for leaving for an art exhibit…

IMG_8008 small

So I got into the 300s yesterday…next up is her head and stuff behind her. More of that tonight, I hope. Less sleeping on the couch…more art. I say that but I know I did a lot yesterday.

From there, we headed out to the Perfect 10 exhibit at La Bodega Gallery…

IMG_8035 small

Everything is supposed to be 10″ square…

Below are Kristine Tran and Natalie Bessell…just a note, I link when I can easily find one and it’s obvious it’s the artist I’m showing…sometimes I can’t figure that out. Which maybe is a commentary on artists who need to have a better presence online? But if you know you have a good link to someone you see, I’m ready and willing to fix this. I do want people to be able to go look at their art and maybe even keep an eye out for it or buy something. I wish I could buy more, honestly.

IMG_8010 small

This is Skindiana Bones…I love her stuff…

IMG_8012 small

Mario Chacon…worshipping pizza with cactus heads…La Sacred Piksa, he calls it.

IMG_8013 small

Jennifer Cooksey…with some badass 3D work…

IMG_8015 small

This is by Hyper Helix…

IMG_8016 small

Luchuk’s stabby eyeball…

IMG_8017 small

Another Spenser Little wirey piece…

IMG_8018 small

I really like this Karen Ramirez piece…’twas all shiny and frightening…

IMG_8019 small

David Van Gough…the lighting was hard to get around, but incredible detail…

IMG_8020 small

Optimus Volts…they look like spray cans all cut to pieces…

IMG_8021 small

Iwatsumi…the lighting was changing as I watched it…sorry for the crookedness. There are always lots of people at these exhibits and it’s hard to get straight-on views sometimes.

IMG_8022 small

Turns out I follow this mural artist on Instagram…this is Shiva Trump by Celeste Byers…crooked to try to beat the glare…

IMG_8023 small

Hers was the only piece with a statement…

IMG_8024 small

Anna Stump with one of her beautiful nudes…

IMG_8025 small

Teenah Clemente

IMG_8026 small

Chris Farrington

IMG_8027 small


IMG_8028 small

Lauren Grant

IMG_8029 small


IMG_8032 small

An interesting show…with that much small work, you’re bound to find something you like.

With that, I need to do a bunch of schoolwork today before I can get back to ironing…plus it’s time to get the week on track with food and other crap. I love having a day off from all of it to just do what I want…I need to plan more of that into my schedule, of course…always.

*Ingrid Michaelson, Be OK

Get Up. Get Out. Get Doing.

There’s a few days it’s nice to avoid when you’re a teacher: St. Patrick’s Day if you forgot to wear green, April Fool’s just in general practice, and 4/20 if you teach middle or high school (I hold out hope that elementary school doesn’t have that issue). So I am rejoicing that April Fool’s is a holiday for me this year. So I don’t have to deal with all the lame April Fool’s jokes that 12-year-old brains come up with.

I’m not so happy that it’s the last day of break, but I will survive. It happens every year. It’s a long stretch until summer though. Fifty three school days. Fuck. I know it’s really not, but Spring Break was early this year, so it FEELS long. And I haven’t even started the feeling part yet. Part of it is the 3+ hours I spent yesterday grading ONE CLASS of a project. Sheesh. On the one hand, most of that period turned theirs in. On the other hand, I’m banging my head on my desk over some of the stuff I saw.

IMG_6123 small

Two more periods to go. Gawd. I might die.

I got nothing useful done yesterday, except 4 hours with a newish baby and coworkers, which was definitely worth it. And dinner out. And grading. No fucking art. Man I feel it today. I need some outdoor time. I need art time. Like right now. And a plan for the next two and a half months. So I don’t go nutsy cuckoo. Make ALL THE ART.

But first I’m cleaning out photos. In my pajamas. Because it’s all I can handle at the moment. I went on a hike with the dog on Wednesday. It was a beautiful day, not too warm, but blue skies and fluffy clouds.

IMG_6083 small

Not a soul on the trail but us…


Flowers are still blooming.

IMG_6094 small

I spent a lot of time grading on the couch in the last few days. Kitten kept me company.

IMG_6099 small

She’s really quite adorable when she’s asleep. She can be a bit of a psycho when she’s awake.

IMG_6101 small

So probably 3 weeks ago, maybe 4, I went to an all-women show at La Bodega Gallery and never had time to post pictures. I have to say that the quality was better in this show, but still a lot of same? I had a few that caught my eye.

DSCN0029 small

As you can see, the majority of them were the same size, hung super tightly together. So it was a little hard to give each piece the time and space it needed.

DSCN0030 small

Lots of them were portrait-type images…

DSCN0034 small

Some weirder than others.

DSCN0038 small

All different styles…

DSCN0039 small

And then the relief of a non-portrait…

DSCN0040 small

I need this explained.

DSCN0042 small

One-eyed cats…like tadpoles.

DSCN0044 small

And just a line.

DSCN0045 small

I like the complexity of this one…plus sperm.

DSCN0047 small

And some collage…

DSCN0050 small

This was just cool.

DSCN0051 small

But so touchable…

DSCN0052 small

I’m not the only one who always sees the bones through the skin…

DSCN0053 small

And this was great…I think I read all those books as a kid.

DSCN0054 small

I like the owl. I’m not sure about the big-eyed, half-naked waif.

DSCN0056 small

The hair lines…

DSCN0057 small

One of my favorite artists…keeping it simple.

DSCN0058 small

I’ve had headaches like that…

DSCN0059 small

Just plain fun…

DSCN0060 small

This…this is a book.

DSCN0061 small

I don’t like the idea of destroying books, but making art out of them seems OK.

DSCN0062 small

I just liked this…

DSCN0063 small

And this…minus the shell pieces…

DSCN0065 small

This woman was doing an all-over body painting. She’d done the female before we got there and was working on the male…

DSCN0066 small

I was a little curious if he also had a g-string hidden under there, because otherwise it might get weird. Not bad, just weird (lots of little kids…whatever). I did not stick around to see what would happen next…too many people. Can’t think straight at some of these openings.

I have another batch of photos somewhere…I’m trying to clear stuff out…grading, my brain, the house…before break is over. I know how much the next two months are gonna kick my butt. I need some things to be clean or done before I sink back into the job quicksand. Yeah. I need a raft or something…something semi-solid I can stand on above the sucking so I can walk on.

Oh yeah. I forgot. Art Quilt Elements officially opens in Pennsylvania tomorrow. I’ve been seeing all these posts from the SAQA conference going on in Philadelphia and it makes me feel even more distant from what I want to be doing right now…it’s been such an antisocial, hermit-like break, which I realize is my fault as well, although everyone I know works pretty much, but that’s just kinda how I roll. Going to conferences and quilt shows out of state are just not part of my life. I’m in financial survival mode. And at some point, everything becomes overwhelming. BUT…you can see all the pieces in AQE in this slideshow: AQE Slideshow

My piece…it’s in there with all the abstracts. Some aren’t abstract, but it’s heavily weighted, isn’t it? I guess my quilt gets to hear all the interesting conversations while I’m here. That’s not so bad. And I get to keep making more…funny how that one is such a positive note on gender equality, what we WANT and they’re smiling and holding hands and it all seems so doable. Ahh. Well. It’s what I want, eh?

OK. Get up. Get out. Get doing.

Pen on Paper…

I’ve had this idea in my head for days and finally last night after school and the gym and dinner and then grading stuff, where my mood slid from acceptable into dark and grim (actually, that might have been after completing the FAFSA), I drew. Finally. But I don’t like it. And that’s OK. I mean, it has its moments and it was something to do with the pen last night so hopefully I can get my head where it needs to be for the drawing of the next quilt.

DSCN0168 small

I have this book I’ve owned since before I was divorced (so officially a million years ago) of mastectomy nudes. I can’t even remember where I got it or why, but the scar has been in my head. It’s visible maybe. So many scars aren’t. The drawing isn’t done, but I’m not sure I will finish it, because the next one is niggling at me and that’s the one I need right now. Plus another one is tickling at my amygdala. Man, that’s a hard word to spell. Maybe I should just draw every night this week. Don’t worry about fabric right now, although damn, there was a quilt top that was squealing at me last night, like a teenaged girl who just got asked out for the first time.

I think my moods are full-on hormone-related, because my body is confused as heck about what it should be doing and they hit like a random summer storm…no warning, just BAAM. And you’re out. And down. And wow. Seriously? I did not deserve that.

In response, I made a Starbucks fake of their blueberry oat bars and they are so damn good that I had to freeze 3/4’s of them so I wouldn’t eat them all in a week. Seriously. These things are good. Now I just need to rework them so the calories aren’t so heinous. It’s fine if you just eat one. I want it to be fine if I eat two.

More pinups below…then I have a parent meeting. Ugh. I didn’t sleep well. I couldn’t fall asleep. Stupid brain.

By Marea Korea

DSCN0143 small

Jacki Geary

DSCN0154 small

Lauren Grant…

DSCN0157 small

Chelsea Wilde

DSCN0158 small

I can’t explain why I pick the ones I do. But there they are. There’s more…but I have to go do my job.

Art…It’s What’s for Dinner…

The part that sucks about finishing a really time-consuming piece, even early, is that all the stuff you blew off in order to get it done is still waiting there, sometimes not very patiently, like a Rottweiler behind the door, slavering, ready to attack.

I spent all weekend working pretty much. Lots and lots of hours of grading and lesson prep and trying to do taxes and FAFSA. Trying to just find all the paperwork to do those things and make sense of the federal government’s wording and questions. Even the help box doesn’t clear it up. Luckily, there’s Google. I’ll be glad when the kids are done and I don’t have to do this any more…I just will be paying it off. It’s ironic that my scrambling to make more money so that I can pay college bills will probably result in their qualifying for less aid. Frustrating! Cornell seems to understand how much money I have available. Too bad Brandeis is less helpful.

Four weeks until Spring Break though. I’m alternately looking forward to having some time off (already!) and worried that it will be too many hours with just me. Inevitably, I will have plenty to do. At least one art quilt, hopefully two in process by then. Plus the yard. The yard is a disaster. So is the house. I keep considering getting a roommate, although they’d have to move out for the summer, but I can’t behave well enough for a roomie. They’d have to tolerate my late nights, sometimes sewing on the machine with music blasting, my inability to clean. The crazy-ass cooking I sometimes do late at night. I made to-die-for blueberry oat bars last night. They’re a knock-off of the Starbucks ones, and they’re not the healthiest things in the world, but holy hell, are they good. I’m gonna have to freeze them so I don’t eat all of them.

Anyway. So the weekend was a clusterfuck for art…except I finished the binding on the quilt in progress and will be delivering it to the photographer today, a full week early. Whoo! And I went to an opening Saturday night. But that was a plus and a minus…

There’s this new place in town called La Bodega Gallery and it’s in this huge old building with soaring ceilings that are a little ragged. And they throw a LOT of shows. I don’t know how much traffic they get during the week, but they’re open 9-5 M-F. Or 12-5…it’s hard to say. Anyway, the thing I love about this gallery is that they get a LOT of traffic, they get a ton of people coming in to see the art. Part of this is because it’s changing up its exhibits every two weeks or so, and they tend to be popular themes, like the Frida Kahlo exhibit last year and the Star Wars one in December. The exhibits sometimes are invite-only and sometimes they put out a call, although honestly, they don’t give a lot of heads up on some of them. The show I saw Saturday was a Pin-Up exhibit and the call went out in mid-January. I couldn’t have done something for that (honestly, I don’t really do pin-ups anyway). But the biggest issue with them is that there doesn’t seem to be a curating process…there’s no culling of the bad stuff. And this time there was some seriously amateurish stuff. But then you see mom taking a picture of her kids in front of the piece dad painted and you think, eh, there’s the future art community maybe. It’s definitely more low-brow than some of the exhibits I go to…in fact, if you go later than 7 PM, odds are you can’t even get photos of the art because it’s so crowded.

So. There’s that. But we went and I got pictures of some good pieces, although I didn’t get them all resized today…running late! I don’t know why. Some perfect trifecta of work, laundry, and dishwasher. Or something. They all need assistance.

They don’t usually have a lot of fiber in these shows, so this one really stood out…even if it’s biologically inaccurate…

DSCN0164 small

By DeAnna Munoz

And this right next to it…which had no name or number I could find.

DSCN0165 small

Everything is for sale…that crotch is a little terrifying.

DSCN0166 small

There were lots of guns in with the pin-ups. Somewhat disturbing as well.

DSCN0149 small

This by Raz Holly. I’ve liked his stuff before. I’ll post more over the next few days. There’s always some interesting stuff and sometimes some stuff that you’d consider dropping $50 on. And they bring art to the masses…I just wish they’d edit sometimes. See…even when I don’t MAKE art, there’s still art.

My next step is a drawing. Gotta make time for that. Maybe I can start tonight…we’ll see. Still battling the FAFSA and taxes for now. Also grades. But I want to get started on the next quilt soon. I don’t like not having something to pick up when I’m having a bad day.

It Was a Lot of Art in One Night…

So first day of my Winter Break starts with a 6 AM wake up call. Apparently no one has explained to the dog’s bladder that I’m on break. OK. I can handle this. 6:02 AM finds me with my head leaning on the door, waiting for the dog to come back from outside, my eyes closed. I know she’ll whine to come back in, and she does. But it’s OK, because I have a lot of days to sleep in. Twenty three of them, I think. Well, I have training one day and will have to be up early for that unfortunately, but otherwise, I sleep. Sleep is good.

Yesterday both kids came back. I missed their noise and presence. Girlchild went right back to leaving dishes and trash on the counter though. Sigh. Boychild make himself an egg and turkey tortilla hash for breakfast. Useful skill. They both cook better than I did at that age. I hang out with them in the morning, because I can. And then I go off and run holiday errands, because I have to. I have three drawings looming in my head at the moment. I need the time and mental space to get them out. Maybe this weekend? Maybe not.

I did cut things out last night. They went to bed before me, both still on Eastern time. I didn’t get very far…

DSCN2719 small

I was very very tired. Still am.

The tree is slowly getting decorated. I need to be home to do that shit.

DSCN2717 small

Maybe later this weekend.

I have 6 assignments to grade over break. I have an art quilt to finish, a baby quilt to make, one quilt to make as a gift, and another art quilt to start. I need to clean house and organize shit. I need to finish Christmas shopping and wrap everything. I need to ship a box to my brother’s family.

That’s it. That’s all. And enjoy the kids for the short time they’re home and other people too and oh yeah, make a plan for the exhibition in February that gets installed in January. What’s going there and do I have hanging stuff for all of them (of course I don’t). Not a lot. Right? I know the art will rule…I’ll spend more time making art than doing other stuff. That’s OK. Right the balance a bit maybe.

Here’s some more pictures from that Star Wars exhibit from last weekend…woodburning tool used on this one, by Jorge Piña

DSCN2667 small

Some attitude in Star Wars Kids, by David Russell Talbott

DSCN2668 small

Quilling at its best in Quilled Storm Trooper, by Iwatsumi.

DSCN2669 small

Raz Holly‘s piece…

DSCN2670 small

Gmonik‘s Rebel Alliance on the left and Ashley Gallagher’s Rebel Princess on the right…one of my favorites.

DSCN2671 small

Although I also love this one by Keith Greene, Rebels, Blast Them!

DSCN2678 small

Then I headed over to a mentorship show in the area at Gallery D in Barrio Logan. The show is called It Takes an Artist: A Show about Mentorship. I’m not entirely sure who did what pieces, because I think students did some of them, and there were numbers on the walls, but the book with all the information in it was in someone else’s hands…so here are some things I liked from the show…I didn’t photograph everything I liked because people were in the way! I know.

DSCN2686 small

There were many of these small origami frames with photos inside…

DSCN2689 small

Then I went next door to my friends’ studio…here’s a wall of Anna Stump’s current work on animals and bones in terrariums…

DSCN2690 small

And a few of Daphne Hill’s pieces about STDs and the like.

DSCN2696 small

Then I went across the street to the Glashaus to see Dripping Glitter by ManRabbit

DSCN2698 small

Kind of glitzy and decorative…

DSCN2699 small

ManRabbit is two artists who work together.

Anyway. It was a lot of art in one night, but enjoyable enough. I like nights where I’m bombarded with art.

Everything Might Be Late This Year…

So I had 17 things on my to-do list for each day this weekend, and I think I got through 3 or 4 each day. That’s realistic, although everything seemed to take longer than it should, which is why the Christmas tree is still leaning up in the entryway instead of installed in the living room. And dinner made it in the oven just before 8 PM. And I decided to blow off grading yesterday because I missed ironing fabrics so much. It’s not that I didn’t work yesterday…I sent the parent email and did my warmups and updated my school website and made a powerpoint for the warmups. That’s not nothing. And checked school email for more crap from the little widgets. Interesting that after Friday and Saturday’s flurry of messages stating “I turned it in! I fixed it!”, on Sunday, there were but two or three kids quietly telling me they cared about their grade…and two of them are already passing. They just don’t like their grade as it is.

I’ll grade today and tonight. I swear. Last night though…last night, I let my art flag fly…for a little while.

I’m in the 400s, finished the bathtub and moved on to the fixtures…faucet, knob…

DSCN2702 small

There’s only one knob…presumably the foot is covering the other one, although that doesn’t really seem possible, but whatever. There are some baths that only have one knob, but usually they sit above the faucet. This is not one of those tubs. This is a made-up-in-Kathy’s-head tub.

I got to the water next…

DSCN2703 small

Luckily, there isn’t much water in this one, because the fabrics I picked for 1 and 2 in the range had very little left of them. They’re fabrics I really like, so they get used in a lot of quilts…and there isn’t much left of either one. I love using those fabrics in all the quilts though, because then I get to see them all the time. I couldn’t get into two of the blue fabric drawers though because Midnight was sleeping in them. So I had to make do with what I could see in the other blue bins.

Here’s what I’ve used so far…

DSCN2704 small

I stopped there, because flesh is next, and that’s a long time commitment to do that next. It’s easier to do it all in one go, pick all the flesh pieces at once, so I’ll try to do that tonight. I’ve gotten through most of the 400s…the body is all that’s left.

Because it wasn’t midnight yet and I wasn’t tired, plus I was in the middle of a rather interesting episode of Defiance, I cut stuff out for a little while…

DSCN2705 small

Cut-out stuff is on the left. To-be cut-out stuff is on the right. I’m way behind where I wanted to be. Oh well. It will get done. All of what needs to really get done will get done eventually. Same with the next three weeks of break. The plus is the boychild’s room is almost cleared out. I never got through the rest of the crap in my studio, but maybe after he goes back to school, I’ll pile that up in his room. He’ll love that. As long as I clean it up before he gets back in May, that is. And it’s motivating to know someone needs to live in that space. Then again, he’s been threatening to get an internship and not come back at all, so there we are. Then I’ll never have to clean up.

Good attitude.

Saturday, I did make it to four openings. The other one had too many parking challenges, so I gave up. I have lots of photos that I have to resize, so maybe I’ll just post a few every day. It was dark when I finally got out of here, which isn’t saying much because it’s dark by 5 PM…I parked right by this…

DSCN2666 small

And then I went to La Bodega Gallery’s Star Wars exhibit…this is by Waster One…

DSCN2674 small

Probably not his real name. And yeah, I’m assuming that’s a guy…not sure why. Lots of small art about Star Wars, some of it disturbingly good. More pictures from that exhibit later. And yesterday I went to a craft fair in a brewpub, which helped with a few presents. I’m still flailing on a couple. This is a crazy time of year. Meanwhile, dad was installing my shelves…finally.

DSCN2701 small

It required some level of engineering that I’m incapable of imagining. You have to understand that I repainted this room two summers ago, and since then, the shelves have been gone. So the stuff that lived on the ugly pink 80s Southwestern shelves before has been living in boxes in my bedroom mostly. So over the summer, I had the boychild stain and varnish wood for the shelves and we bought brackets that I thought would work, and then the boychild left one in the cart at Home Depot, so I had to go back to Ikea for one more, and then I asked his dad and my dad for assistance in installation, and that never happened. I might actually have shelves done this week. I’m excited by the prospect, even though it makes the room look smaller strangely by installing them. And eventually I’ll put art up on the wall next to it, but the big piece I want to install is going to be in the Grossmont show, so I’m holding off.

There’s a whole ‘nother giant ass thing I have to plan for. Anyway. I’m doing a little at a time, a little each day. The house is still the same disaster it was when the kids left…slightly changed, maybe for the worse. Hard to say. Bringing a tree in for Christmas made me put a couple of things in the garage to get them out of the way. That was good. Having shelves to put the stuff in boxes away would help too. So would being home occasionally, but this weekend, that didn’t happen. On the other hand, I can’t always be a hermit and stay home. I need the socializing and the art openings (oh yeah, and I crashed a mortgage company’s party to watch a band play…you know, like you do when you’re in your 40s) or I go crazy.

And if you’re waiting on a Christmas card from me, they’re here. I’ve written my part of the letter, and for what it’s worth (it might require you to use a dictionary), the boychild has written his part too…we’re waiting on the female stress monkey, who is telling me Friday. You know, the day she flies home. Uh huh. They might be late this year. Everything might be late this year.

Damn Demanding Art Brain

Imagine my eyes wide open like this…


Yup. It’s been 24 hours or so of that. I might have slept a bit, but crazy nightmares of mud and blood and car accidents and disturbing imagery (I know, crazy, when you look at my drawings, but they have to come from SOMEWHERE, right?). And I think, what the hell were you doing last night? I went to an art opening (4th one in the same number of days?) and then I came home and ate dinner quietly by myself and watched four episodes of Elementary (um. Kathy. Sherlock is a bit creepy.) and cut out a shitload of Wonder Under.

Jul 22 15 001 small

The container on the left has all the stuff that’s cut out. The pile on the right is all that’s left.

It was 1 AM and I wasn’t in the mood to spend another 45 minutes cutting that out. I was tired.

Jul 22 15 002 small

It’s still not cut out though and that was my plan for today: cut it out, sort it, and start ironing. But it’s 4:30 already and I haven’t even touched it. Why? Well hell. I’m having a surgical procedure tomorrow, just found out the timing today, so I’ve been running around like a crazy person labeling a quilt, driving to Home Depot for the slats for the quilt, cutting those, dehairing said quilt, boxing it up, driving it to someone who will deliver it for me, because now I can’t, and then the grocery store on the way home. I think I also made stuff for lunches for the next few days, so if I have an appetite when I get home, there’s some stuff I can eat. Because I have teenagers, and although they are both capable of cooking and cleaning and even fetching, they are also not always here or reliable or even sane. Boychild did fetch my library book for me.

It’s OK. Don’t panic. It’s not major surgery. I’m not even having stitches. It’s just the uterus and it needs some persuading to stop misbehaving, and because of that, I get to have flu symptoms for like a week. Or more. Because I have time for that shit right now. It’s OK. I do have time for it, because otherwise, I’m going to need to buy stock in a tampon company. But I don’t have time for it. I’m assuming the worst on recovery, and trying to prepare for it. So I still want to finish the Wonder Under, sort it, and start ironing tonight, even though I have to be at the hospital tomorrow at holy shit in the morning. I have 8 hours before I have to go to sleep. I can sleep ALL DAY tomorrow. Maybe I should just stay up all night. See those eyeballs up there? Yup. That would be a bad plan.

Anyway. With all that in mind, I’m a little overly stressed and a tad worried, because nobody likes to be put under and have drugs pumped into them and to lie in a hospital gown. Those damn things are freakishly uncomfortable, and just when you finally fall asleep, some loud nurse comes in and turns on all the lights and pulls the blankets off of you, scaring you half to death, just to check your incision. Yeah. Things I try to avoid.

So art…in a minute. First I want to talk about the three openings on Saturday. The first one was at Visions, a collectors’ exhibit. It’s worth seeing. I wasn’t overwhelmed, but it has some nice work in it. I’m not allowed to take pictures there. The second one was fun, but a little crazy…

Jul 21 15 005 small

The Frida Kahlo Group Art Show at the La Bodega Gallery in Barrio Logan. There were a million people there by the time we got down there, many of them dressed as Frida (somewhat disturbing). Some of the art was a bit TOO derivative, but much of it was an interesting take on people’s idea of Kahlo or her art. Artists’ names are on the tags below. Sometimes I try to link to websites for artists, but I will never get this posted this week if I try to do that.

Jul 21 15 001 small

Jul 21 15 002 small

Jul 21 15 004 small

Jul 21 15 006 small

Jul 21 15 007 small

Jul 21 15 008 small

Jul 21 15 009 small

Jul 21 15 011 small

Jul 21 15 012 small

Jul 21 15 013 small

Jul 21 15 015 small

Jul 21 15 016 small

Jul 21 15 017 small

Jul 21 15 018 small

So people kept posing this young Frida lookalike under the paintings, and she kept moving under the green one (one of my favorites), but then someone would move her back to the blue one…

Jul 21 15 019 small

And here’s the green one. Maybe we should have let her stay there.

Jul 21 15 020 small

Jul 21 15 021 small

Jul 21 15 022 small

Jul 21 15 023 small

Jul 21 15 024 small

Then a tiny room off to the side had David Van Gough in there…and I couldn’t possibly get any good pictures of his stuff, because it was hella crowded in there. But you can go see it here.

Jul 21 15 026 small

Outside? This awesome photo opportunity. Seriously cool.

Jul 21 15 028 small

After that, we went to a pop-up gallery with work by Spenser Little and Jaclyn Rose, both with amazing pieces. Then the night finished with a good burger and some wine, and you can’t argue with that. I still have a hike to post and some Wonder Under to manage. There was a side trip (while you weren’t looking) through a bunch of financial and copyright shit that I have now banished or managed or scared off. So I can get on with what I’ve wanted to do since I was awakened this morning by bad nightmares and cat breath. Damn demanding art brain.