You Don’t See One Person Sitting Down*

Weekends. I try really hard to make them NOT all about running errands, tearing my hair out, planning lessons, and grading shit. I am a failure. I managed to drive all over San Diego County, run a number of errands, mostly in the rain, make it to dinner, watch two creepy-as-shit episodes of The Handmaid’s Tale while drawing, then run more errands in the rain, grade an assignment, input some grades, and spend an hour or so updating a worksheet with current contraception data. Seriously. That’s what my weekend looks like on a regular basis. I got up out of the computer chair twenty minutes earlier to figure out what I was doing for dinner. I had totally forgotten earlier in the day when I put dinner into the crockpot. WOW. OK. Need time off much? Yeah. Well. Stuff is stressful right now.

School is starting state testing, which is hard on teachers too. I bought a bunch of food and drink for my little monsters, so their brains will keep working on throughout the whole three hours. I’m trying to manage all the kid stuff for the summer, which is no small feat. Or even fête. It should be fête. But one is coming home for only two weeks and the other one is an unknown…home for at least 2 1/2 weeks, but not the same ones. Sigh. Life is about to topsy turvy itself, and that’s hard to watch…let alone experience. I finished a bunch of art stuff, but now my art brain is flailing like a goldfish out of water…and the left eye is twitching like a caffeinated wombat at the moment. I think I just need to sit and BE for a while, but it’s not in my nature.

Today would have been a good day to Walk It Out, but it’s been pouring all day. I did walk Friday night, though…3 miles with the pup. Tired his spazzy ass out. And mine, I guess.

I did one or two night’s worth on the hand. I just pick colors and fill in with chain and stem stitches.

IMG_4498 small

Then I tried to deal with some of the drawings that are stacking up in my head, but I was really really tired. This might go somewhere. Hard to say. It might be the bottom of a long, skinny quilt.

IMG_4499 small

So I tried from the top end. And I was so exhausted, I went to bed. Sometimes that’s what needs to happen. But this one can keep going…

IMG_4500 small

My Saturday night hand stitching…one thread. That’s it. This picture is in full daylight though…much brighter.

IMG_4516 small

I drew Saturday night too. Strangely, this did not go where I thought it would. But it’s a drawing.

IMG_4515 small

I think it’s something that needs redoing. I like the ocotillo and the snake. Not sure about the cactus. I was expecting something different when I started drawing. Amusing really, since I’m the one drawing. You’d think I would know what was going on, but I’ve often said that my drawings make themselves. It’s not the conscious part of my brain doing the work most of the time.

That one. She’s not coming home until July, and then only for a short time. I miss her dirty-dish-leaving ass.

IMG_4519 small

I do hear from her almost every day, so there’s that. And the other one might be here all summer. It’s OK. I realize half of college students move home after school because they can’t get a job. So I haven’t remodeled her room into a dye studio yet. YET. (Actually, the best water supply is from the boychild’s room, so that would be a better dye studio.) Nah. I do want them to head back to Southern California at some point…although we may all be underwater by then, so they should work on their boat skills.

OK, what I really need to do is work on an 18×24″ block for a show my art group is doing. I’ve just been blanking on it. So that’s my goal for the night I think. Just drawing. Maybe a little stitching too. And Spring cleaning…because.

*Fergie (with Q-Tip and GoonRock), A Little Party Never Killed Nobody (All We Got)

One thought on “You Don’t See One Person Sitting Down*

  1. You know, without color reference, sometimes in these quilt drawings it’s hard to figure things out.

    I saw the “snail” – oh, right, snails don’t have tongues… took me a bit to find the snake… And the ocotillo???? give me another clue…!

    And is that a fox… and a scorpion??? Cool.


    Ocotillos have individual leaves… and spikes…

    You’ve made me your botany consultant… so there…



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