You Know I’m Racing Round*

Well today feels weird. I finished two quilts last night (you should see the hole in my finger from the needle, because I stupidly forgot the thingies that protect it). And then I ironed and dehaired and rolled them up so I could deliver them to the photographer today. But what that means is that I’m done. The crazy ass deadline…I’m a week late. But that’s apparently OK. The solo show will be ironed out sometime early next week and I can stop worrying about it. Oh no, I won’t stop worrying in general. Apparently that’s in my code, and I am constantly talking myself out of it, and there will be new deadlines, but nothing like that, I think. Most of the rest I could walk away from if I needed to.

But a solo show…or even a show where you committed to provide work…you can’t fuck that up. Well. You shouldn’t. And it’s not like I fuck that stuff up…I’m pretty reliable, I think.

Now I need to make my coloring book…which will be for sale at Visions and elsewhere in July. And there’s some other deadlines coming up. Seriously. Stop laughing.

So I finished the sleeves on the bathtub quilt last night in a Barnes and Noble Starbucks with friends. Julie and I bought this eyeball uterus crochet pattern back in February from a cool crochet artist…I know her as Knot by Gran’ma. Anyway, Julie was working on one for me last night at our monthly stitching meeting…

IMG_4468 small

Houston, we have a uterus and one Fallopian tube. I’m supposed to be finding an appropriate iris thread in my stash tonight…I looked cursorily last night and couldn’t find one I liked in the obvious bag. I will need to go through the less obvious containers tonight. It’s a cute little beast.

Then I started on the other binding and sleeve…much easier to push the needle through this stuff than that dark blue batik from the other quilt. That shit was tightly woven.

IMG_4471 small

I always have couch companions…

IMG_4472 small

The roll ready to go this morning.

IMG_4473 small

You know, I feel a little weird having all that done. A little loosey goosey. Not sure what to do next. I’m looking forward to drawing tonight. There’s a couple of things that need to get out. I have a pile of drawings I can pull from if I wanted to start a new quilt tonight, and maybe that will happen later this weekend, but for now, I’m just sitting here. Done. Strangely done.

By the way, if you want to see my work in the next few months, here’s the down and dirty:

California Fibers: May 21, 12-2 opening, Front Porch Gallery in Carlsbad, show runs until July some time (more to follow).

Allied Craftsmen Material Obsessions: May 27, 6-9 opening (need to RSVP), Sparks Gallery in downtown San Diego, show runs until July 9. I won’t be at this opening unfortunately.

SAQA So Cal Untethered Thread: June 11, 1-3 opening, Poway Center for the Performing Arts in Poway, show runs until June 24.

FIG Don’t Shut Up: July 8 opening (details to follow), City College in downtown San Diego, show runs through July.

Nida Powers: July 15, 5-7 opening, Visions Art Museum in Liberty Station, San Diego, show runs until October 8.

Check me out…I’m gonna be all over San Diego County.

*Glass Animals, Hazey

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