In Touch with the Ground*

Binding stuff takes forever. But it’s nice to just sit and watch all those saved TV episodes for a while, trying to get caught up on shows you haven’t seen for the last three months, because you’ve been too busy. In one night. OK, maybe two nights, because I didn’t finish the binding last night. Because I’m trying to get two of them done before I go to the photographer tomorrow. Sheesh.

But when I first got home, I ended up finishing my book, which had some cool elephant stuff in it along with the human interest story. I seriously needed some down time. And I think I made dinner too. Yeah. Well somebody had to do it. Then finally on to the thread stuff.

I worked on the hand…two day’s worth…adding arteries. Or veins. Hard to say.

IMG_4455 small

Then I remembered that I only had two nights to get both bindings done, and thought I should try to do this one while I was “fresh” (as fresh as you can be after all day at school). The binding was already cut out.

IMG_4456 small

My original plan was to sew it on completely by machine, but either I didn’t cut it wide enough or I was sewing weird (highly possible), because it wouldn’t fold over far enough for me to do that. It’s OK…It’s not a full binding because of the sheet hanging off the bottom. But I’ll still need to get it sewn down. Tonight. Yeah.

Then I managed to sew all the binding on this quilt…still need to do the sleeves. That dark blue fabric is really tightly woven and a bitch to get a needle through. And that puppy…

IMG_4457 small

Oh so helpful. At one point got his ear fluff caught in one of the pins and started flipping out. Sigh. You don’t need to be ON me. (Yes I do)…

Later…I got these two AND one of the cats.

IMG_4461 small

Everyone gets more sleep than me. I’m gonna get all the binding stuff done tonight, iron them, dehair, and pack up for photographer. Yup. Done deal. Gotta decide what to do about the finish date on the quilt with the sheet…it WAS October or November of last year, but now I’ve put a binding on it. Sigh. Hate that crap.

*Duran Duran, Hungry Like the Wolf

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