You Don’t Move Slow*

Tired mode. Got up early yesterday for a parent meeting and they didn’t show. Neither of them. Sigh. So now I’m more tired than I really need to be this morning…it’s a cumulative thing. I think I’ve saved up (wait, how old is the boychild? 21?) 22 years of sleep deficit now (I didn’t sleep well while pregnant). But now that I’m older, it’s harder to sleep. Damn inefficient system, if you ask me. Then again, I apparently picked a job that doesn’t match my normal awake hours. Or maybe it’s the second job. Or is art the first job and it fits just fine…it’s the job with the paycheck that’s kicking my sleep-starved ass. Gonna have to go with that.

I need time and space to draw some time this week. Trying to balance the school duties with the art stuff. Getting there. Maybe. Mostly it’s about finishing stuff this year. At least this week. I came home and got right on the binding task…

Some quilts are easy to trim. You make one cut on each side and that’s pretty much it. Some quilts require more fussy crap, for whatever reason (perhaps the rotary cutter user is the problem…but since it’s always me, that means I have good days and bad days when it comes to cutting straight lines…which is true).

This was not easy to trim. It was a fussy beast.

IMG_4442 small

As you can see by the pile of tiny cuttings on the floor. A fraction of an inch here. A fraction of an inch there. Ugh.

Then I accidentally (even after reminding myself not to) sewed two of the binding strips together backwards. I didn’t realize this until I was sewing the binding on, either, so that was fun.

IMG_4443 small

Perhaps all that was proof of user exhaustion. I mean, I was up for an early invisible meeting, then taught all day, then helped run a parent info meeting on the sex ed program (no we’re not showing the kids porn. You idiots. Seriously?), and then went to tutorial. I guess it was OK to be tired after all that.

Simba still wants belly rubs, even when I’m tired.

IMG_4445 small

But I got the binding and sleeves on this quilt and started the hand sewing.

IMG_4446 small

I was going to sew the other ones on too, on the other quilt, but I figured with all those mistakes, it was better to wait until tonight to do that. Seriously. Listen to the tired body…with the tired mind.

Maybe by the time I finish all these bindings, I’ll be able to process some of the crazy political stuff that’s swirling around in my head into a drawing. Speaking of drawings, I am finally going to try and make a coloring book next month of my drawings. So that should be interesting. We’ll see.

*The xx, Crystalised

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