It’s a Very, Very Mad World, Mad World*

Reeling. More worried about how to walk into my classroom today and let my almost 100% immigrant kids know that they are safe here in TrumpWorld.


Because  I’m not sure they are.


Reeling for women’s reproductive rights…hell, women’s rights in general. LGBTQ rights. Human rights. The Supreme Court. My taxes. My kids in college, paying college fees and loans. My health insurance. But mostly knowing that I am currently under a government that doesn’t care about those things. Or me. Or my students. And people around me voted for them…not just Trump, because he is just one man, but a conservative, racist, misogynist man who takes the slightest offense and turns it into a Tweet war, and a government that might be on his side.

I started having a panic attack around 7 or so, so I turned off the news and started tracing. I traced for over 3 hours. My kids were texting me all throughout. It’s possible the girlchild is rioting right now, while the anarchist boychild plots some sort of political overthrow. I’m OK with both of those right now. (And if they’re not, maybe they should be.)


I guess that was my meditative solution to the stress levels.


I’m about 540 pieces in. Another night like that and I’ll be done.

Simba tried to help. Petting animals is supposed to help.


Yesterday’s new unit cover page.


It’s pretty cool, but I’m more horrified by my country right now than pleased with my cover page.

Peace on people. Stand up. Get educated. Yell loud. Don’t stop yelling. Don’t give up.

*Gary Jules, Mad World

4 thoughts on “It’s a Very, Very Mad World, Mad World*

  1. I really appreciate your post today. What do you say to a room full of concerned students? “Reeling” (the perfect word) I was up at 4:00am petting the cat and painting a fallen leaf on fabric, it only helped for a short time. But onward and …


  2. Let me tell you, there are a number of people on the other side of the world worried for exactly the same reasons. We now feel pretty unsafe too.


  3. They are safe when they are with YOU. That may be all you have to offer them, but it is A LOT. Thanks to boy- and girlchild people for their caring. My kids are freaking out, too. A sad and awful day…


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