Even If I Suck at It…

So I think my head is exploding. Probably because I’m being so efficient. I’m sure that will stop soon. Surely tomorrow is a clusterfuck of scheduling, so I should remember that. I shipped all the Halloween stuff and birthday presents I needed to get out of here. A miracle. Four packages to four different cities…four different states even. Made it 16 minutes before the post office closed. It’s really NOT convenient to those of us who work during the daytime, by the way. I was at school until 5:30 last night with a parent meeting. I came home and worked. Then I did some more stitching down of things.

I made it through three of them. I was tired last night; I’m still tired right now. I know I slept long and hard, but it doesn’t make up for the rest of the week, I guess.

Here’s the black and white kitty. I could do any of these in black and white, I guess. Yes, these will be for sale, soon I hope. And I could take any one of them and redo it in another color scheme. Last year’s owl was done in grays, then in purples, and finally in browns.

Oct 24 15 001 small

This is the orange kitty…kinda foxlike in some ways.

Oct 24 15 002 small

And I think this is my favorite, because it’s so obviously Kitten. Plus curled-up kitties are just cute.

Oct 24 15 003 small

There’s two more to be stitched down, and then I can start quilting, binding, etc. Some of them will need whiskers and eye bits that will be hand-embroidered. I wanted them all to be done by Halloween, but I think that’s unlikely. I am going to go through my drawings and pick one for real soon, for the next big project. I think I have some already enlarged; maybe I should pick one of them. I’m hoping to get more grading done today and tomorrow. I have a meeting tomorrow, but I often grade right through it.

In other news, the SAQA Oasis exhibit that was supposed to be in Palm Springs and at PIQF in Santa Clara is lost at the moment. There were 8 exhibits on a pallet that all disappeared from the shippers’ warehouse before they left for the first show. It’s over a hundred quilts estimated lost. Insurance has been contacted, videos watched, people notified. All we can do is wait. They’re somewhere. I know that. Meanwhile, this quilt, Part-Time Oasis, can’t be entered anywhere though…

Nida_005 small

It sucks. I’m crossing my fingers. This shit happens.

Plus you can buy the book! From here! Currently $12.99, free shipping with Amazon Prime. I really do think these will have to show up at some point. They’re in a warehouse somewhere stupid and someone thinks they’re part of something else and haven’t even looked.

(Neighbor is up on the slope coughing up a lung…putting the music back on)…

If you didn’t know, I’m an INFJ…


Does not matter how many versions of this thing I take, I get Introverted Intuition Feeling Judging: The Advocate! Rarest on the planet! Less than 1%! Famous INFJs include Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, and Mother Teresa. OK, that kinda makes me laugh. Way to make me feel inferior, guys. But yeah. I’ve had people argue that I’m not an introvert before, and I’m like, wait WHAT? I totally am. I need to recharge on a regular basis. I unfortunately have a job that fully sucks up all my energy. In fact, I use this as my excuse for not doing lunch detentions at school. If I do those, I want to kill people. In fact, tutorial often makes me feel that way too. Sigh.

So I still want to draw. I keep running out of time to do the things I want to do, because NEED is such a fucking asshole. October has been just as much of a clusterfuck as September. I have not figured the whole balancing-time thing out, despite kids being gone. I seem to be more buried than ever. I’m finding it incredibly frustrating. I keep trying to get a handle on it.

I don’t know why Doctor Who is fucking around with Clara, when I obviously need his help, like now. Time machine? Really? Get your ass over here, Doctor, and help someone with some real time constraints.

So I’m going to go sit and watch some stuff today and try to bang out some major grading this weekend, even if it kills me. Plus finish a story, stitch down the remaining two quilts (two or three? There’s only two left. Did I say three up above? Damnit), get ready for school this week. Major crazy lab prep this week. And money is super tight, with two college payments coming up on the first, both of which I’m trying to pay, at least some of each anyway. Boychild reminded me that I always have a fairly well-stocked pantry though, and he’s right. I have frozen meat in the fridge and pasta and rice. I shouldn’t need much to get through the week. Milk and veggies I think…thinking it through.

Will draw. Even if I suck at it.

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