A Slow Drip…

My dad called me about 3 three weeks ago and asked me how old my water heater was. I read all the stickers on it and told him I didn’t know. He said it was on there somewhere and I just wasn’t seeing it. Generally I’m a pretty observant person, but whatever. He sent the plumber over (who was replacing my garbage disposal, which died about three weeks ago, coincidentally) to look at the water heater. He’s a nice guy, so he admitted he had to look up some code to see how old it was. But 2000. Yeah. So 15 years old. I told dad I thought it predated the divorce, and I was right…because I distinctly remember it going last time, water everywhere, having to dry the carpet and the pad underneath, plus my studio being watery, and I was a copyeditor then, so piles of paper everywhere on the floor. Not enough desk space. Just stacked manuscripts vertically.

So dad said he would schedule a replacement. He’s in this mode where he fixes everything before it breaks. Me, I wait until it’s catastrophic and I can’t live without it, right? Which is why we lived without a stove for two weeks last January. My house is at the age where everything breaks and falls apart. And I can’t afford to fix it.

So yeah, yesterday morning, the water heater was leaking. Luckily it wasn’t a fast leak (isn’t…because it’s still leaking). By the time I found it, the water was halfway across the studio floor, but almost everything in there is in plastic. I learned from last time. Very few piles of paper on the floor. The water heater is in a closet that backs up onto the studio, and instead of inundating the laundry floor with water, it goes under, into the studio.

So I got all of one wall of crap out and deposited it in the boychild’s room…

Oct 26 15 003 small

Then I sent him that photo and promised it would all be gone by the time he came home for Winter Break. Settin’ myself some goals! That’s 8 weeks, by the way. And now that it’s out, I’m going through it and culling. Because I can. I was kind of shocked by how much stuff was in such a small space.

Here’s Kitten exploring before I got the bookshelf out of there. It’s in the living room. All the stuff that was in it is in the boy’s room, though. It was full.

Oct 26 15 004 small

When Dad came over, he said something about replacing the floor. Well yeah, it has two holes in it, but NOW? Now is not the time. I can’t handle it right now. I can’t even handle THIS right now. Except I am. Because I just have to.

I had to clear out part of the pantry so they could get in there to replace the water heater, which is happening this afternoon…which is why I had a cold shower this morning. I could get the gas off, but couldn’t turn the water to the heater off, so it’s still dripping. Faster. But it’ll be OK.

Oct 26 15 002 small

The towels in the basket are sopping wet. The washer is full of more of them. I’ve used every beach towel and big towel that I have.

Oct 26 15 005 small

And I pushed everything else into the corner. It’s kinda dysfunctional in here on a good day.

Oct 26 15 006 small

Today is not a good day. But in true Kathy fashion, I cleared enough space to quilt last night. Because the presence of drippy water and leaky water heaters and minor disasters in the home should not stop you from making art. Seriously. I could have started going through the crap in the boy’s room last night, and when I finished grading, I surely thought that, but fuck no. I already had a significantly stressful day, and I need the wall to dry out anyway after they install (thank god for unseasonable warmth in San Diego over the next few days), so I’ll start tonight. Set a timer and do 30 minutes, and then move on to grading or quilting. I did grade a ton yesterday so I don’t feel bad. And Saturday. I did my duty. Plus I can’t move the bookshelf back by myself, and I won’t have help until Tuesday. So it has to all stay outta there.

Here’s Cat 1. She’s small and sweet. And quilted.

Oct 26 15 007 small

I did finish stitching down (obviously) this one and Cat 2. Then I quilted. Tonight I’m hoping to quilt some more. I’m also hoping to have a hot shower tomorrow morning and be able to do laundry tonight, because otherwise, I gotta go do the laundry at my parents and their wifi sucks. I’ve got too much work to do right now to not be working for 2 hours or more. And cold showers suck.

All this after I spent about an hour on Saturday calculating and moving money around and divesting college funds and texting kids about money in their accounts, just so I could make two college payments by the 1st. So I made one, calculated it out, decided not to make myself broke completely this week…gotta eat, although boychild reminded me of the large bunny and raccoon population (is eating raccoon a thing?), plus my well-stocked cupboard. I can eat! OK, really, I went to Costco back in August and bought a bunch of meat, so I’m using that up, and whenever it’s on sale, like yesterday’s BOGO sale at the store, I just buy some for weeks like this, when there isn’t much money, but I apparently still need sustenance. And then I made him pay for part of this month’s college…”made” isn’t really fair, because I just stole it out of one of his college accounts and he said OK, because what else is he gonna say? Same with the girlchild. I still need $8000 though. That’s more than I thought. If I think too hard about that, I might cry.

It could be worse. I’m still quilting. The water heater is a slow drip…not a rush of water like last time. The sky was pretty this morning. I’m not eating the raccoons yet…saving them for later.

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