Birthdays and Snakes and Thread, Oh My!

Aaargh. So. Life and school kick my ass yet again. Girlchild, oh lovely beast, turned 18 on Saturday. She wanted to go to the zoo…with her family (and one friend) to celebrate her newly won adulthood. People congratulated me that I managed to keep both children alive until adulthood. I don’t know how I feel about that. I know I wrote a particularly poignant post about the boychild growing up and going to college (actually, he was already 18 and I think I wrote it for his graduation…you can read it here if you want to tear up a bit…it still makes ME cry, but I am the mom.). Maybe I will get poignant and misty-eyed about the girlchild when she is gone. OK, that’s a lie. I’ve done a ton of misting all summer, and I kept patting her head on Sunday, but that was all.

OK. Here she is age 6…princess sweatshirt and all. She loved pink for the longest time…

WordPress has apparently changed their add media button. Excuse me while I kill a tech person. Wow. That was weird. Automatic text box with a caption in it. Sigh.

Anyway. So we trundled off to the zoo on Sunday…

Aug 10 15 014 small

Where we saw ALL the animals. Yup. That’s right.

Aug 10 15 032 small

Here’s the girlchild with one of her besties…they’re all leaving for college in the next two weeks, so they travel in packs at the moment. Yes, she is fondling an ancient statue of an elephant.

Aug 10 15 047 small

I have been to the zoo every year for the last 13 years with approximately 150-200 7th graders, so I have seen ALL of it. Really. I love this cactusy thing every time.

Aug 10 15 051 small

I have never gotten a good picture of a camel though. Thanks sweetie.

Aug 10 15 054 small

I would get a backache in that position…but it is impressive.

Aug 10 15 062 small

Then we came home and crashed for a bit before going out for a foodie birthday dinner. Home for presents. And then they all left for Arrowhead this morning, so it’s full of silence here.

Except I spent most of the day either on the phone being a manager of the family (aargh) or at school, trying to function. Lots of talking and finally getting stuff done. I’ve found most everything I put away (always a good sign) and threw out a bunch of stuff and now am trying to organize the rest. I have done ZERO planning for school. I never wait this late. I just can’t get my head into it.

I hit the library and Staples on the way home, then went grocery shopping, but still haven’t made any dinner. Too tired. I really want the energy to make art. It was barely any art on Saturday. None on Sunday. None so far today. No art makes Kathy fucking cranky. And irritable. Yup. And I have a professional development thing all day tomorrow and more interviews on Wednesday, and really, I’m done. Except this is only the start of the school year and I desperately need that paycheck. So it really doesn’t matter how I feel about it.

I will find balance. I will find my happy spot. Ha. Middle-school brain.

I did do some stuff on Saturday. I decided that instead of using a pen to go over the pencil line I’d drawn on the muslin figure, and then turning it over and drawing the line on the back, I would sew it instead. First I sewed the side strips on…

Aug 10 15 001 small

I did not even do seams. I just sewed them together, one on top of the other. This thing’s gonna be sewn within an inch of its life. I don’t need to fuss that much over it. Plus I had a giant brain fart when I was trying to figure out how to flip the seam. So I said fuck it.

Then I stitched a red line over the pencil line for the whole thing…

Aug 10 15 002 small

I had a ton of thread from a friend’s mom who died…one spool is now gone.

It took way longer than I thought it should…two hours plus. Because this thing is HUGE. And yeah, it puckered a bit, but I ironed it and I don’t care. So there. My SIL sent a box of fabric that arrived today…lots of long strips from one of those jelly roll things (I have never had a jelly roll in my house until now), which will be really easy to use when I string piece. I haven’t really figured out the HOW of the piecing…how will I keep track of all the fabric, or will it just be a disaster area in here? Should I be ironing the other quilt together first (probably)? How am I going to get all this done in time (stop sleeping now)? Why can’t someone feed me while I’m doing this so I don’t have to figure out what I want to eat? Girlchild left me her leftover out-to-breakfast from the other morning. Oh god in heaven, it was waffles with sausages baked into them. I died and went to heaven. Seriously. Sausage heaven.

Unfortunately, nothing in the dinner realm is as exciting, and I suspect a good portion of the excitement was because I didn’t have to cook anything. Really, I wish there were another serving of her breakfast hidden in the fridge so I could eat that, but since I cleaned everything out, I know there isn’t. Dammit.

OK. I should eat and then pretend to make art or something like a real artist until I can go to bed and get up really early and pretend to be a science teacher. And if I pretend long enough, maybe I can be a real boy. Um. Science teacher. Artist.

One Response to Birthdays and Snakes and Thread, Oh My!

  1. GigTog says:

    Congrats on your daughter hitting 18 and going off to college! Ugh…my oldest will be 35 in November. I remember packing her off to college like it was yesterday. I also remember telling her I understood why teenagers go through an asshole stage…it made it easier to let them go!
    I wish I had an injection system for nourishment when I’m creating…I hate having to stop to eat when I’m on a roll. I hope you’re healing quickly, and will get all of your artistic energy back full throttle!


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