Saturday Morning Art Headache

So when wake up on a Saturday morning with a headache, it’s usually because I stayed up too late making art…yup. I did. I partied with fabric. But it was good. I mean, it was good once I woke up this morning and realized everything I got done. Yesterday it felt…well…less good. I am still not fully recovered and I get these weird moments when I feel like I’m going to collapse, all dizzy and weirded out and like low blood sugar, but my blood sugar is fine. I think it’s just exhaustion, but some days, I run ragged and I’m fine, and some I’m just tired all day and then it gets bad. Yesterday was one of those, unfortunately.

So I really wanted to be done cutting out all the pieces to the giant-ass quilt on Thursday night, and that didn’t happen. And yesterday, I knew I would have to go to school to interview because we are short a history teacher (again), and I had the muslin all washed. So it was a matter of laying everything out in my head and designing a new process, because all this IS new. I needed a 16-foot stretch of clean hard floor. Where do I have that? At school. Ahhh. Gotta be there anyway. It’s supposed to be air-conditioned (it wasn’t…that was part of my problem). I can do this.

I ironed in the morning…21 FEET, not yards.

Aug 8 15 001 small

Then I went to school. I was reading another teacher’s blog and she likes to take a picture before she starts setting up for the new year. Honestly, the last two years, I haven’t taken anything down because it’s too much of a pain in the ass, so everything is still up from last year.

Aug 8 15 002 small

My floors are delightfully clean, as are my counters. That will not last.

Aug 8 15 004 small

My AC doesn’t work. That is a problem. Especially since they apparently were in there a lot over the summer fixing it from June when it wasn’t working. When they’d cancel the work order and tell my office manager it was working, or when they’d say they’d fixed it and then the next day it wouldn’t come on. Some days…I’m not starting the new year with nonworking AC, people. Fix it for real this time.

I have a lot of stuff that was in cupboards just in case they used my room for summer school. I yelled and screamed about that, because of the chemicals and equipment we have stored in science…not safe to have other people in there. Plus my other teacher friends are finding that even though summer school is run by teachers in our district, they are shitty about respecting our rooms. Hate that. They take supplies and pull stuff down and leave the projector on for weeks at a time.

Anyway. So my room’s in pretty good shape, once I find everything I put away to keep it safe.

Aug 8 15 005 small

So on to the fabric…I measured 16 feet on the floor (the stretch between beams). Boychild and I figured the human needed to be longer than that, though, because it would need to drape down. Rather than do really complicated calculus, I set up two chairs 16 feet apart and draped the damn muslin…

Aug 8 15 006 small

Until I thought the drape looked right.

Aug 8 15 007 small

Then I cut it to that length (17′, in case you’re wondering), and taped it to the floor, stretched out. Then I started drawing the outline on there…this is the head…

Aug 8 15 008 small

And the legs are down here…

Aug 8 15 010 small

I thought I would want a little more width for the arms (yes, I could have bought wider muslin, but it would have been more expensive…so I made do).

Aug 8 15 011 small

I forgot to bring pins, so the fabric is taped together. I’ll sew it maybe today?

Then I cut about an inch around the outline…

Aug 8 15 012 small

I still need to cut the hole in the middle (actually might just draw it and leave it uncut until later) and cut the arms apart from the body. The arms will hang down towards the ground. That means I will have to cover both sides of them. I don’t know how I’ll do that yet. A lot of this, I process it in my head and let my brain…well…I let it brainstorm solutions until I’m ready to try for real. I have a square of fabric at home ready to practice string piecing. I think I need to transfer the outline to both sides in pen too, just to be safe.

Something about being in my non-air-conditioned classroom and crawling all over the floor (and maybe because I didn’t eat lunch, just a late breakfast) kicked my physical butt. I had the shakes. I did not feel well at all. I went home and took a short nap. Then I seemed to recover. It happened Tuesday too. Or was it Monday? I don’t know. I just know I have to rest more. Except I have too much to do.

After I cooked and ate dinner and did some other stuff, I started cutting pieces out again…and finally fucking finished…

Aug 8 15 013 small

It took over 25 hours. My hand is glad it’s done. I was going to quit then, but I wasn’t tired really, so I decided to get the sorting over with…

Aug 8 15 014 small

It’s funny how small almost 1900 pieces looks when in the bin, all cut up. I laid out 19 bins and started sorting…

Aug 8 15 015 small

And I was done 2 1/2 hours later. I almost quit about 5 times, but then I just wanted it done. I do so much better when I wake up to a fresh part of a project. Yes, I stayed up way too late. But I haven’t been falling asleep easily, and even after staying up so late, I still couldn’t fall asleep. And no, the furry beasts did not let me sleep in. Hence the headache.

But now I’m ready to start sewing and ironing two different projects, so that’s good, because I have one week before school officially starts for me and two weeks before I’m flying the girlchild to Boston after putting the boychild on a plane to Ithaca. Let chaos ensue. There are two giant boxes ready to ship to Boston on Monday, to be in her room on the day she moves in. Holy crap. For real. I’m sending her to college. I think that’s been the falling-to-sleep issue this week. Realizing that they will both be gone for months. That’s hard.

In other art news, Part-Time Oasis will be in the SAQA Oasis show at QuiltFest Oasis Palm Springs October 8-10, and then will travel to PIQF in Santa Clara in mid-October. I hope the Mancusos are ready for me again…although this is California, not Virginia, so we should be OK.

Nida_005 small

I’m just glad it got in…

2 Responses to Saturday Morning Art Headache

  1. Rebecca says:


    Nice to get accepted.


  2. Lee Thomson says:

    I hadn’t been keeping up over the summer – this one is fabulous! I’m so glad it will be recognized.


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