Hot and humid. Sitting on a purple velvety couch. Sweating like a beast. Fan is on, blowing directly at me, but not TOO high, because I am ironing small fabric pieces that tend to take off in the wind. I’ve made it to 15 1/2 hours of cutting, about 6 of them yesterday. Probably I have another 8 to go. My right hand (the scissorhand) is not happy about this. At the end of the night, I had this…

Aug 6 15 006 small

Still to cut on the left (a much smaller pile), trash in the middle, and cut out on the right. Some of the super tiny pieces just stay until I’m ready to iron them down…otherwise I lose them in this process. It’s easier to cut them our right before they go down.

I bought a new pair of scissors today…because of this…

Aug 6 15 009 small

Not only is my hand sore today (to be understood), but that is a dent in my finger from the scissors. And to the right of it? I now have a callous. Weird. Sore. Crampy. It would be better if I were not in such a rush to get it done.

But now I have another project, and the opening is in 36 days? I think? (Let’s not consider getting two kids off to college and school starting, OK? Because that just makes my heart tremble in a truly uncomfortable way).

Last night, I met my conspirators in crime, er art, er they are music folk, so really, I should call them collaborators. I’m making a human-shaped quilt that will hang from these ceiling beams…

Aug 6 15 001 small

It’s a 16-foot stretch approximately…

Aug 6 15 002 small

And they will create a soundspace for the people who come in. Their group is Cradle to Grave, which goes along with my female imagery.

We will be at Space4Art in downtown San Diego, in the back, in the Educational Building. The opening is September 12 from 6-10; stop by if you can.

Aug 6 15 005 small

There will be lots of sound artists around and some other cool stuff too.

It won’t be like what I normally do. At all. Well, I drove all the way home last night after seeing the space and listening to them talk about sounds, and I had multiple images popping through my brain, whirling around, and I tried out and discarded a number of things (in my head), including 3D boobs and a stabilizer. I think the way the piece is constructed, regular batting will work fine and I can piece it from all the long leftover bits I have hanging around here. The 3D boobs I think are too much. I’m actually considering a dinner plate type breast, maybe slightly stuffed, maybe not. And I’m string-piecing with the stuff I don’t use. Or don’t need. Or whatever. So it’s going to be kinda wonky. I am considering putting an eyeball on there (just one?) and maybe a heart…dunno. Gotta get the base fabric prepped first.

There’s 21 yards feet (dammit) of muslin (on sale!) in my dryer right now. I just need to figure out where I’m going to lay out the figure to cut it out. There’s always my classroom. The floors are currently clean. So I might go in tomorrow AM to do that. I’m still debating whether to cut it all as one piece or to divide it up in separate parts: head, torso, legs, arms. I’m not drawing it first. There’s no pattern.

My head is swirling with stuff…kind of a string-piecing of ideas in there at the moment. Hopefully it will all coalesce in the next few days so I can get it started before school completely takes over. It’s interesting to let the creative brain run with stuff like this. If I don’t force the issue, put myself in a position where I have to change what I’m doing, mess with my process, my product, work with other people, then I will just keep making the same things. So this is good. Stressful, time-consuming, but good.

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