He Da Man

He da man. Back in January, when the boychild turned 18 (into a manchild, but you know I will always call him the boychild), I started a post about how he was now a man. Although it’s not an instantaneous change to manhood on the date…it’s been a long slow process. Digital cameras didn’t exist (or did they?) when he was born, but my first pictures of him date from Easter 2003, age 7 (girlchild is a mere 19 months younger than him)…searching for candy was always a joy.

easter kids

This was back in the day when he would still let me shave his head and would wear what I asked him to…March 2004, age 8 (girlchild has bangs because he started the cut and I had to fix them).


Yeah, she let him do it.

He posed for pictures back them, November 2004, age 8. He also loved bright colors.


He even liked his cousins: December 2004, age 8, with cousin Jensen, aged 18 months?


Although sometimes we got the sulky smirk…October 2005, age 9.


July 2006 brought tears to my eyes…age 10, with Ivy as a puppy. Still letting me shave the head.


By December 2007, age 11, you can see the hair growth.


In November 2008, age 12, the hair is even longer, but he’ll still smile for the camera.

Nov 10 08 028 small

By April 2009, age 13, we had the hat. Yes. The hat.

Apr 27 09 005 small

In December 2009, age 13, with cousins, another hat…

Dec 20 09 123 small

We briefly lost the hat in April 2010, age 14.

Apr 23 10 004 crop small

No hats allowed in June 2010, 8th grade graduation, age 14, with the American grandparents. And the hair. And the lack of colored clothing.

Jun 18 10 007 small

The hat returns in December 2010, age 14, still poses and actually smiles.

Dec 25 10 005 edit small

By June 2011 in Aberystwyth, UK, barely a smile shows, age 15.


IMG_4471 small

The hat returns in November 2011, age 15, with driving! The hair is seriously long now (yes, he did have to get it cut, but it kept getting longer and longer). Fewer pictures from here on out.

Nov 7 11 015 small

In December 2012, tall, fuzzy, long hair, um…put your cousin down, age 16.

Dec 16 12 273 small

December 2012, I managed to catch him smiling, age 16.

Dec 16 12 310 small

December 2013, the family photo, he’s refusing to smile, even though this is supposed to be the goofy photo, age 17.


PrintBRP-9177 small

But sometimes he still gets caught off guard, especially with his cousins…December 2013, age 17.

Dec 14 13 107 small

December 2013, girlchild snapchats while he listens to political convo…age 17.

Dec 14 13 156 small

Spring 2014, the two of them…her 16, him 18. Adult. Longest hair ever, settled into the black shirts and jeans he lives in (I can’t really argue against that, as those who know me will attest)…he does shave, when he feels like it. He even smiles occasionally.

IMG_3368_1767 small

Tomorrow he graduates from high school, with honors. In 8 weeks, he goes to college, Cornell, a way way far away…you did good, boychild. Don’t forget to write your momma. She’s gonna miss you.

3 thoughts on “He Da Man

  1. I think I started reading your blog around 2007 – the photos of the boy then look familiar. The pleasures of the internet: watching strangers’ children grow up as a side dish to admiring their artwork and work ethic.

    Well done, indeed.


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