The Long Turtle in Earth’s Core

I am extremely confuzzled at the moment. Brain is full of fuzz and I’m trying to get my focus on for school. Boychild is home with no plane drama. Well, he’ll argue that it was delayed, but I’m like, you got OUT. You got here ON TIME. That never happens.

I got about an hour and a half into the stitch down at quilt class last night…at my quilt teacher’s house (you can barely see her on the left). It’s an absolute crap picture, much like my brain function.

IMG_9896 small

That’s after reading a lot of warmups that went something like this.

IMG_9895 small

Oh my, a long turtle. I have no clue what he’s talking about. Language learners can be amusing, even when they don’t mean to be. Add in the age (12), and there’s no end to the giggle factor. Or maybe I’m just bordering on hysteria. It’s highly possible. But the more I get graded today, the less I have to do over break. So I’m sticking with it.

May the end of the day come early…may the jerks stay home and be jerks to their parents instead of me. May there be plenty of cookies and wassail (the non-alcoholic kind, at least until I get home) to get the teachers through the day. May the stars align and everyone turn their shit in with the least amount of drama. May my room get clean so I don’t have to come back over the weekend. May I remember to get all the perishables out of the fridge so we don’t come back to a mold collection after break. May I remember to water the plants so they don’t die over break.

I think that’ll do.

You Know It’s Gonna Be Alright*

You know, I make quilts about some controversial topics sometimes…or at least topics that challenge some. Sometimes they’re easy to make, and sometimes they’re just really hard…they’re too personal, hit too close to home. This is my 15th year teaching, and I’ve had two students die (that I know of), one of lupus and associated damage, and one from a stupid accident that proves you should wear your helmet AND actually strap it onto your head. I’m sure there have been other deaths…a casual estimate based on how many kids probably go through my classroom each year puts me at about 3000 students over the years. I don’t remember all their names or faces or even how well they did in my class (probably better that way for some of them)…but I still care about most of them. I’ve had a couple who were probably borderline psychoses of some sort that made them more than a bit unlikable, and because of the populations I teach, there’s a couple I would slot into future (well, current) offenders of the #MeToo variety…or worse. You know when I have to report a 13- or 14-year-old former student to their current principal for sexual harassment…that kid probably isn’t going to get the help they need to figure out why girls don’t like his shit. Unfortunately I can’t fix them all. Honestly, I can’t fix any of them. I just give them a tiny piece of my empathy (when I can) and some bits of knowledge about how things work and hopefully insight into how to think a bit more critically than they did before. And then they move on.

Why so philosophical? Not Winter Break…not the upcoming new year…a gang-related stabbing in the park next to our school Tuesday night. Former students. One dead, one apparently in critical condition. It doesn’t matter if they were good kids or annoying as hell in 7th grade. It doesn’t matter if they got good grades or blew off everything, or somewhere in between, like most of them. None of it matters except that some mom or dad or other family member is sitting in the hospital with one, and some mom or dad or other family member is sitting at home without ever being able to see the other kid again. Because of territories and maybe (probably) drugs and a whole bunch of other stupid shit that doesn’t save the world or care for a child or cure cancer or just clean up a piece of the world that needs it. There are so many better things to do in our world than this competitive stupid shit. I hurt for their families. I hurt for their own potential…to be good people who care about other people, to maybe be an awesome dad or a cool baseball coach or an amazing musician or whatever they had in them to be. Hopefully the one who is in the hospital will get it and get out. Meanwhile, because of possible retaliation, we have to shut down our after-school programs so that our kids are safe going home. Mourn the dead, but feel anger toward them as well…although the teenaged brain is not fully developed yet. Know that when I look around my classroom, these are those kids. Some of mine will grow up and do the same thing, and there isn’t much I can do about that except provide empathy and teach them some tiny bits about how things work and how to think and tell them I hope they make better choices so I’m not sitting here 5 years from now, staring at their 7th-grade classroom picture, all full of uncertainty and attitude at the same time, wondering what they could have been if gangs weren’t a part of what was known, expected, family, excitement, danger, a way out of whatever crazy they were in, but finally just plain stupidity.

So that’s where I was at last night. And this morning, still there. Going to go to school and process all of that with my kids. The ones who will make these choices…or already have.

My life continues.

I got the boychild’s room ready. He comes home tonight (hopefully…snow and ice may cause issues, as always)…Simba was prepping his favorite sleeping spot in his room…

IMG_9871 small

The girlchild luckily doesn’t come home until the 23rd, so I have time to deal with this.

IMG_9872 small

And then ironing. I cut out the pieces from last night. Kitten actually ventured out again to help. I’m glad to see her in her regular spaces, despite Satchemo’s attempts to scare her away. I miss her.

IMG_9876 small

Ah. Yes. I’m relieved by this. It makes sense now. I did have to fix those spaces.

IMG_9877 small

They bugged me.

IMG_9878 small

Yes, I’m the only person who will really notice. What’s new? There’s something else in here somewhere where two pieces next to each other are the same fabric. They shouldn’t be. Oh well! Not sure I could find that one again if I tried.

So I added the cats on either side…not ironed down yet until I get the head(s) on there.

IMG_9879 small

Got the head in the right place, ironed neck, chin, cats in place.

IMG_9880 small

The first iron doesn’t hold everything down. I have to go back and iron with steam, 30 seconds on each section. Right now, I’m just basting it with a bit of heat. Arms and heads…

IMG_9881 small

Here’s all the loosey goosey bits that need to go around the heads…

IMG_9882 small

Still got a Kitten. Man, she’s fat at the moment.

IMG_9884 small

She used to be tiny. Not so much any more. Old age.

Ahh…Midnight. Miss you kitty.

IMG_9888 small

The top.

IMG_9889 small

And the whole thing ironed together, too big to even get in there. But she’s good. I like her. She turned out well.

IMG_9891 small

Of course, now I need to do stitch down and pinbaste and quilt and bind. In about 13 days. OK. Yeah. I can do that. I can. (This is what vacation looks like.)

Kitten. Still here.

IMG_9892 small

So there are good things mixed in amongst the bad. Like always. We need more good. Although there may be a gang-related quilt in my future.

*The Beatles, Revolution

And You Just Don’t Get It*

Ah that was frustrating. An entire evening into night of frustrating. I was doing OK until I got home. That’s funny…because I normally have some significant frustration on tutoring days, but that went OK. So I had to make cookies for a school thing, and Satchemo, the gray cat, has some bizarre human food issues…so I spent a good two hours chasing him out of the kitchen, even using the water spray bottle. He just doesn’t care. When the cookies were cooling, I covered them, but he pulled that off to go at them. What cat eats cookies? He also eats bread out of the plastic bag…rips the bag open to get at it. It’s just strange.

So when I needed to frost the cookies, he got a time out in the bathroom. Luckily his daddy backed me up on that once he got home. I felt mean, but he was being a dick (the cat). Meanwhile, I was trying to lay out the quilt to iron it down. I had to piece the background, so I did that in between cookie batches and chasing the cat…then laid the background out on the entryway floor, and that’s when I remembered something I said before…the spaces between the arms and the body should have the background in them.

IMG_9844 small


I stared at it for a long time, swearing a bit, plus yelling at the barky dog (that’s not efficient by the way…barking dogs don’t stop because you yell at them to stop)…realizing that most people won’t notice, but it will bug me. Forever. All the time.

So I iron-basted in the centers of the spaces and left the armpit areas loose…it’s this space…

IMG_9845 small

And this slightly larger one…

IMG_9846 small

All I have to do is draw the background behind her.

IMG_9847 small

Sigh. So I did that…hills and sand and rocks and mountains…

IMG_9848 small

Only 17 pieces…

IMG_9850 small

And I traced them…

IMG_9851 small

Turned them upside down and traced to Wonder Under (it’s a good thing I remembered that part…I don’t need more frustration right now)…

IMG_9852 small

Cut out the Wonder Under, ironed it to the right fabrics. This is one of the reasons I don’t put the fabrics I used for that quilt away until the quilt is done.

IMG_9853 small

Usually it’s not this large of a fuck-up, but it’s been bigger, trust me. The quilt I finished LAST December had the entire top portion flipped. That was a fuck-up. Maybe I shouldn’t do this shit in December? Yeah, well, that’s not an option.

Easy enough to fix…but I wanted to be done ironing last night. Oh well. Maybe tonight. I’m hoping the tickle in the back of my throat is not the inkling of illness. I don’t have the time (or energy) for that.

So tonight? Ideally, I iron those little bits in the armpits, add the head, and iron all that other tiny stuff down. That’s the plan. But as you can see, the best-laid plans of mice and men…or whatever that quote is…

I don’t remember when I thought about those background pieces…wish I’d followed through then. It was probably in the middle of the night, though…or driving to school. So much of what’s in my brain is lost some days.

Damn. I just sneezed. Aargh. Those little bug factories that I teach…

*Local H, Bound for the Floor

It Is So Strange the Way Things Turn*

There’s always a point in the task I’m performing while making my quilts when the scale tips, when I can see light at the end of the tunnel, when I know I’m close to the end. That was last night, when I got into the 1100s and realized I only had about 250 pieces (or fewer) to go. Then I can visualize the next step, maybe even the end, and start thinking about the next one. Not yet. Not with this one. Have to get clear of school to get my head around the next one, but it’s percolating. Fermenting. Bubbling away in my brain.

Puppy was very tired yesterday. This is how I felt when I got up in the morning and started grading for 6 hours or whatever it was. I still have to input the final stuff into the system tonight or this afternoon or whenever I can fit it in.

IMG_9803 small

I ironed a little in the afternoon…had to stop mid-face for dinner.

IMG_9804 small

I was three nights behind on this, so I put a chainstitched wave on the left side and started filling it in.

IMG_9805 small

And then, because we were watching Westworld, I started cutting out circles for the Bird Crazy border (it’s not really called that)…I finished stitching the stem down finally. Satchemo is very helpful with cutting out circles…

IMG_9806 small

More circles, covered in cat and dog hair, of course.

IMG_9807 small

There’s only 90 of them. It’s only taken me a year to get to this point. They all have to be stitched down and embellished. Sounds like a Christmas Day project. Maybe.

Then back to ironing…finished her head…

IMG_9808 small

Added the last of the arms…

IMG_9810 small

I really like this head. It’s awesome.

IMG_9812 small

Ah Midnight. Weird story. I was sitting here grading yesterday afternoon and felt something brush against my leg, automatically thought it was Midnight, because that’s what she always did. But she’s dead. And there weren’t any other animals in here.

IMG_9813 small

Yeah. Well. Creeped out now. This is the room where cats always stare intently at the ceiling, like there’s something there, and then I whip around to see what it is, and they pretend it was nothing…until I’m not looking at them, and they start that intense stare again. Sigh.

Asteroid? Meteor?

IMG_9815 small

The sun…

IMG_9816 small

This quilt has a lot of floaty bits and pieces…here’s the sewing section…

IMG_9817 small

Following by a spaceship and a condom. You know, like in real life.

IMG_9818 small

Lots of birth control options here, although I would recommend against the screwdriver for that, and I think marriage is NOT supposed to be a birth control option. Although the current regime certainly thinks women shouldn’t be allowed to have any of it without marriage. Unlike men.

IMG_9819 small

Sometimes I really hate people. I try not to. I try to mentally explain and respect their stances, until they negatively affect me and everyone I care about, and then they just irritate the fuck out of me. This quilt is about that. Things that matter: Women. Their rights. Options. Not having someone tell us what we’re allowed to do and when and how. Having a voice.

I have a draft of an email to another teacher on my system at the moment. I’m obviously more mature than I used to be, because I haven’t sent it yet. There’s a trigger I’m waiting for, and then it goes. I’m looking forward to break so I can hermit away from the populace. And make art. And hopefully not grade a million things. Ha! I already know I have an entire unit due Friday. Oh well. It’s still gonna be vacation.

*Peter Gabriel (and Kate Bush), Don’t Give Up

And You Got to Take a Little Dirt*

OK, even though I finished a thousand things yesterday, I just made a real live post-it note for today, and it’s full. That’s not fair. Really not. Grades are due, the basic school stuff still has to happen, other things have popped up. I need a clear space for my brain.

Not happening this week. Obviously.

That said, you know when I said I had 30 minutes yesterday? This is what I did…that head.

IMG_9777 small

And then we went to the opening of Lenore Simon’s solo exhibit at Sparks Gallery downtown. You can click on the show catalog to see more of her work, but here’s what fascinated me…impossible to get good photos due to the glass. This nude is made of screen material with what looks like wood behind it. Amazing piece…

IMG_9778 small

This is Torso I…and a detail…that might be cardboard under that part…

IMG_9779 small

This was a detail of a print she did called That’s Why They Call Them Fellowships…with a rejection letter from the 1960s…because women couldn’t be printmakers. My ass, right?

IMG_9781 small

And this Torso II, which had amazing designs caused by the interactions of the layers of screen material.

IMG_9782 small

Really cool…

IMG_9783 small

She did printmaking for a while as well, many examples of those. This is Eve and Moses.

IMG_9785 small

I miss printmaking.

Sparks upstairs always has other artists’ work…this is James Hubbell’s work…

IMG_9787 small

A view of Lenore’s work from the upper level…

IMG_9794 small

Another of her screen works…On the Go

IMG_9795 small

Lenore is turning 90 on March 8, 2018…she has been making art for a million years. We all want to be 90 and still making art. She’s even moved on to digital art recently. The creative mind is always changing…

Then we came back and I kept ironing…

IMG_9797 small

Another head, another arm…

IMG_9798 small

And the third head…only two to go.

IMG_9799 small

But I have to finish all the stuff on the post-it note first. Damn. Well. Get on with it then.

*Tonic, If You Could Only See

The Devil Take Your Stereo*

Whoa Friday morning. You snuck up on me, but I’m very glad to see you, although now I’m wondering (a) if my grandma got evacuated in the fires last night, (b) what’s for breakfast, and (c) why the hot water heater isn’t producing enough hot water to get me through a scant 10-minute shower in the morning. I really wish my brain could slow down sometimes, but no. I’ve already handled two Fed-Ex-related phone calls from the girlchild, wait, and a text, wait, a series of texts, plus two emails to the principal, and I still haven’t finished my tea, but it and my feet are cold, but it’ll be in the 80s today. Grades are due Tuesday, but it’ll be fine, it’s just progress reports and we didn’t lose or kill anyone on the field trip yesterday, so we’re all good. Seriously. That was the bar I had to reach and I did that.

Insert artsy field trip photo here…

IMG_9713 small

Seriously, it was fine. Timing was good. All the food got eaten (we give away the extra lunches at the end of the day), no one got hurt, the wind was crazy, but the movie and the games were cool.

My agave spike continues its strangeness…

IMG_9721 small

My quilt in a photo at the Schweinfurth Art Center (it’s the one on the left, in case you couldn’t figure that out).

IMG_9725 small

I did something on the left. Filling in spaces.

IMG_9726 small

Then we were still watching a show that hadn’t ended and I have all this nervous energy, despite feeling exhausted (I zoned out on the couch for about 45 minutes before starting dinner last night…I’m OK with that), so that nervous energy was trying to finish sewing this on.

IMG_9728 small

With puppy.

IMG_9729 small

He looks downright pitiful there. He thinks he’s a cat. Tries to sit on my lap like a cat too.

Then I made sure, when the show was done, to get in here and start ironing…STAND UP and get off the damn couch, because you’re falling into it…here’s the face…

IMG_9731 small

Well, one of six faces anyway…it wasn’t particularly hard…

IMG_9732 small

The arteries were a bit more challenging…so that got me through all the 500s.

IMG_9733 small

So next I laid out the 600s, which gets me to almost halfway, and I got through one arm before my body and brain were like, hey baby, that’s it, it’s been two hours and we’re tired so please let us stop.

IMG_9734 small

So I did. In reality, I had the time to iron for another hour to hour and a half, but realistically, when I’m tired, I’m tired. So 5 more heads, either tonight (might be a stretch) or tomorrow or Sunday, hopefully I’ll get a good chunk done. Probably not tomorrow. Sigh. OK. Not as far as I wanted to be…but we’ll see where I’m at by Sunday night. Iron the whole thing down by Monday night? It’s a goal. Then stitch down (ha! it’s the week from hell next week), sandwich by the next weekend? Quilt like a racehorse and bind it before Christmas? Holy crap. That’s basically what I have to do. I should email the photographer now. Crikey.

The crazy winds continue, the psycho fires continue…best of luck to all my friends and family dealing with both…nah, send that to everyone, because this is scary as shit and horrible to experience. May everyone stay safe, from human to domesticated animal to poor wild beast trying to escape the fires.

*Adam Ant, Stand and Deliver

Everybody’s Looking for Something*

Well. All plans went to hell. It’s OK. Shit happens. Sometimes my brain is absent. Certainly I got a lot done yesterday at school, and hopefully (knock on wood) we’ll make it to the field trip today without any more major issues. Usually by the time we get on the bus and it’s barreling down Interstate 8, I’m like, well, we’re OK now, right? Usually. Think good thoughts. If we can just get to 3:30 today, we’ll be good. We can handle all the crazy that happens next week if we can survive today. If I bring my headphones on the bus, I can listen to my meditation app on the way to the museum. Unfortunately, because I’m one of the people apparently in charge, I will not be allowed to do such a thing. Sigh.

Both eyes are twitching this morning.

So it’s not surprising that I didn’t get much done last night. I didn’t get much sleep either. Anyone besides me and the small barky dog feeling all those earthquakes coming out of the Julian area? Freakin’ me out. I guess it’s better for the fault to release a bunch of 3.0-4.0 earthquakes than to do one big fat one. I’m good with that. Scarily, we are teaching earthquakes next week.

More vine stitches on the left…

IMG_9701 small

I did grade stuff. And then I spaced out for a good long time. Then at 11:30, I went in and did this…easy peasy.

IMG_9704 small

Had to lay out all the 500s to get there. That’s the big head and the beginnings of the small heads.

IMG_9705 small

I ironed the neck.

IMG_9707 small

And that was all. Then I went to bed because it was midnight and I knew I had a bitch of a day today. Didn’t help, because I didn’t sleep much. Oh well.

Dunno why this field trip has been such a beast to organize…except some policies changed. And yes, they told us, in the flurry of emails that came out 3 days before school started. With no timeline of what had to be done when. I just hope the kids who go have a good time. And that no one is lost. That is all.

I’m not even going to predict tonight. I’m hoping to iron, but also know I might be a dead body on the couch. So low expectations.

*The Eurythmics, Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)

This Is the Flight Number of Our Galactic Sun*

I just realized what a wonderful word daft is. It’s not commonly used here in the US, but maybe it should be. Not sure what our equivalent is…in common usage anyway. Daft. I think I’m teaching that to my students today. After I teach them that wanting to go on vacation early is not a reason to ditch school. Trust me, it’s gone through MY head about 100 times in the last week.

Fires are back in California…that’s the down side of when we get lots of rain the year before. My heart goes out to Ventura and all the other communities up in the LA area fighting fire and winds. We haven’t gotten the brunt of the wind yet…supposed to show up tonight. It’s true that nature wants our hills to burn…it’s the natural order. But there are too many of us living in the hills now. We humans seems to suck at balance as a species.

Did I say three hours of ironing a night? Oh well. That didn’t happen. I had too much to grade. I was trying to balance! Grades are due Tuesday for progress reports. I’m actually almost caught up. Scary that. I’m trying to stay on top of it. The next three days may kick that in the ass, unfortunately.

I did another vine-type stitch on the left, but didn’t have enough thread in my piece to finish it. I should go back and fill in all the empty spaces here and there.

IMG_9682 small

It was cold last night…I was cold even…the winds picked up for a bit. Everyone wanted to be warm.

IMG_9683 small

I graded until about 9:30 PM. Then started ironing. This one is about women’s rights…

IMG_9689 small

The right to breastfeed in public, the right to vote…

IMG_9690 small

I tried to do the heart differently. If you think about the 100s of hearts I’ve drawn and all the hearts that end up in my quilts, they’ve evolved greatly over the years. Mostly, they’ve gotten way more complicated. I really like this one.

IMG_9691 small

Then the other lung…the right to decide what to do with your breast post-cancer. The right to keep or lose the nipple, the breast itself. Society has told us what IT thinks is acceptable. As always, society needs to open its mind quite a bit more. The right to health insurance that supports women’s health. No birth control? Then no Viagra.

IMG_9692 small

Torso is almost done…there’s one spot on the right side that needs ironing, but by then, it was just about midnight, and I had almost finished the 400s, so I would have had to take the time to lay out all the 500s and find the rest of the arm stuff to get done…and I do have to sleep, or I can’t deal with 12-year-olds.

IMG_9693 small

So I’m not even a third of the way through. But I should be able to get the torso done tonight, and then I’ll move onto the heads. Although now that I’m looking at this, I’m realizing that I didn’t do anything of the background between the arm and the body. That might look weird. I love that I’m just realizing this. Sigh. I’m probably going to have to draw that space and fill it in. Fuck. Seriously. Sigh. OK. Not hard. Just time-consuming. Twenty-five days left on this. Yikes. Good thing I have Winter Break coming.

*Hooverphonic, 2 Wicky

They Know Me Better Than That*

There’s something about a drawing assignment on a Monday. The kids seem calm, more ready to work (not all of them, because they had to read before drawing). It seems impossible to plan so that Mondays always incorporate some type of drawing, but I think it would be a good thing…our version of a Monday meditation. There aren’t enough hours in the school year, though…we can’t always use the day that way.

So yesterday’s meditation involved redacted or blackout poetry, except we used it to annotate the lyrics of a song about the layers of the Earth.

IMG_9661 small

So the stuff in boxes should be the important stuff. Hopefully. Some kid asked if there was a right answer. I said if all he boxed in were all the the‘s, then he did it wrong.

Afterwards, we had a 2-hour staff meeting that was all supposed to be fun and games. It’s hard to focus on that when you have a huge pile of work to do, though. I did make this Climate Change Snowman with my group. We won nothing.

IMG_9665 small

But I did make this awesome cobb pipe out of fabric remnants. You gotta be impressed by that.

IMG_9666 small

Came home, walked the dogs in the dark, made dinner, stitched on the top left side…trying to fill in still. Running out of days. Trying to be strategic about what I do.

IMG_9667 small

I sat for a while with puppy. Guess I sorta tired him out. Yes, this was my post-walk wear. Very fancy.

IMG_9669 small

Then I started ironing.

IMG_9670 small

Everything is very pale, but it will eventually be on a dark background. Yes, that baby hand is tiny.

IMG_9671 small

Ironed a baby…

IMG_9672 small

Into a body. I have three pieces currently missing. Strangely. All in the same area. Not sure why. That’s where I quit, because I didn’t want to recut them unless I knew they were missing for sure. I hate getting 400 pieces further in and finding them in the wrong box. Such a waste of time. Plus it was after midnight. That’s probably a more important reason to stop. Really. Yeah.

IMG_9673 small

So I’m in the 300s and I’ve spent about 4 1/2 hours ironing. Last night’s stuff was fussy little shit that overlapped in annoying ways.

You can see how big this thing is…I gots a lot to do.

IMG_9674 small

I’m really done with school at the moment. Everything is irritating me, from the parent demanding we take her failing student on the field trip (too late), but not giving a shit that the kid turns nothing in, to people trying to force merriment, to kids harassing each other and refusing to work and not even coming to school half the time. That’s why I walked the dogs in the dark last night, even though I was semi-worried about coyotes. I stayed on the main road near here, but there’s no street lights, so it’s pretty dark. I heard them howling, so I stayed away from the big open space where they were probably hanging out. Seriously, I needed that walk more than the dogs did (although they were pretty damn excited…I hate when it’s dark when I get home).

I want to iron for a long time, until it’s done. The plus is that I don’t have anything else this week at night except grades and one meeting on Friday (I’ll be mentally done by then). So I can iron every night for a couple of hours. I still won’t be done by the weekend though, now that I think about it, and that was my goal. Maybe if I aim for 3 hours a night? I do have to grade as well, though…so really it’s the days I can get grading done at school, so I don’t feel pressured to do it at home. Sigh. Multi-tasking…see, that’s all I could think about at the staff meeting yesterday…I NEED this time for school stuff, dammit. I don’t care about the social stuff. Sigh. Although I do miss my team and I didn’t get to sit with them, because we had assigned groups. I never see most of them any more. Ugh. Oh well. Whatever. Obviously working on Grinch status at the moment. I’ll get out of it…probably on December 16…the first day of Winter Break. That’s sounding nice right now.

*Depeche Mode, The Things You Said

Every Single Night They’re Driving Me Insane*

Copyediting project is done…it officially took a week longer than I wanted it to take, thanks to the wonders of Microsoft Word. Field trip is a giant clusterfuck of bitchslapping. No worries. I may quit before then. Wait! No. Meditate. Get all mindful on that shit. Seriously. I can pull that mindset up WHILE I’m getting and answering texts about the buses going to hell in a handbasket…after 10 PM on a Sunday. I’m still stressed about it this morning, but I realize I can’t afford to quit. Yet (whoa! Growth mindset before a full cup of tea…if you don’t know what I’m talking about, well…you’re probably fine without it. And you’re not a teacher.).

I finished the copyediting and sent all the files after 10 PM, if you’re wondering how functional I was yesterday…the answer is, not very.

It got done. That’s what matters.

Kitten actually came out and briefly hung out with me in the office, all by herself. It’s been a while since she’s done that. Cat interactions are still somewhat fraught with drama here.

IMG_9646 small

I title this, “Things that need washing”…

IMG_9647 small

Yeah, he is a bit of a freak.

More flowers on the right…probably gonna have to move on to something else soon.

IMG_9648 small

Then once I was done (and yeah, I graded and did a bunch of other school stuff), I started ironing again…

IMG_9652 small

And realized I’d ironed these two onto the wrong fabrics. The gray should have been on the one in my hand…the tree was supposed to be green. Except I decided I liked it gray. I did re-iron the other one, because a volcanic cloud of ash probably isn’t very green.

IMG_9653 small

It’s interesting, though, because I’d noticed that piece before when I was cutting and when I was sorting, and I was trying to figure out what it was, based on its shape and color, and I couldn’t. Well now I know why. (and yes, I usually do know what they are based on shape and color.)

Right side done.

IMG_9654 small

Then I started on body parts…super light against the white teflon sheet, but will pop against the dark blue background. I honestly didn’t get very far. I was pretty tired.

IMG_9655 small

Less than 200 pieces in…but not by a lot.

As it is, I wasn’t in bed before 12:30 AM. More tonight…hopefully with no school stress (ha! yeah right.). Seriously. School needs to back off and be nice. I don’t want to get sick before break, and increased stress affects the immune system. Sigh. Like I have any control over what goes on at work. Official observation, field trip, grades due, 2-hour staff meeting, plus the two weeks before Winter Break, which deforms the 7th-grade mind in a way I just can’t understand…it takes a strong immune system to survive all that. Y’all should thank a teacher sometime in the next two weeks. They need it. Maybe buy them dinner and a drink as well.

The two sides…the body goes between them…

IMG_9657 small

Seriously looking forward to some more of this tonight. But right now? That Dream Police song is stuck in my head…dammit…

Now it’s stuck in yours too. Say thank you.

*Cheap Trick, Dream Police