Everybody’s Looking for Something*

Well. All plans went to hell. It’s OK. Shit happens. Sometimes my brain is absent. Certainly I got a lot done yesterday at school, and hopefully (knock on wood) we’ll make it to the field trip today without any more major issues. Usually by the time we get on the bus and it’s barreling down Interstate 8, I’m like, well, we’re OK now, right? Usually. Think good thoughts. If we can just get to 3:30 today, we’ll be good. We can handle all the crazy that happens next week if we can survive today. If I bring my headphones on the bus, I can listen to my meditation app on the way to the museum. Unfortunately, because I’m one of the people apparently in charge, I will not be allowed to do such a thing. Sigh.

Both eyes are twitching this morning.

So it’s not surprising that I didn’t get much done last night. I didn’t get much sleep either. Anyone besides me and the small barky dog feeling all those earthquakes coming out of the Julian area? Freakin’ me out. I guess it’s better for the fault to release a bunch of 3.0-4.0 earthquakes than to do one big fat one. I’m good with that. Scarily, we are teaching earthquakes next week.

More vine stitches on the left…

IMG_9701 small

I did grade stuff. And then I spaced out for a good long time. Then at 11:30, I went in and did this…easy peasy.

IMG_9704 small

Had to lay out all the 500s to get there. That’s the big head and the beginnings of the small heads.

IMG_9705 small

I ironed the neck.

IMG_9707 small

And that was all. Then I went to bed because it was midnight and I knew I had a bitch of a day today. Didn’t help, because I didn’t sleep much. Oh well.

Dunno why this field trip has been such a beast to organize…except some policies changed. And yes, they told us, in the flurry of emails that came out 3 days before school started. With no timeline of what had to be done when. I just hope the kids who go have a good time. And that no one is lost. That is all.

I’m not even going to predict tonight. I’m hoping to iron, but also know I might be a dead body on the couch. So low expectations.

*The Eurythmics, Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)

One thought on “Everybody’s Looking for Something*

  1. Field trips can be traumatic for the teacher. One time we were in down town LA, and our bus died – a bus filled with 7th graders stuck under a bridge in an interesting area. We found a McDonald’s about 5 blocks away, so I lead my kids there and bought lunch for them. (Most had no money.) Talk about twitching eyes! At that moment I could understand why a friend in Ohio takes spiked juice in a thermos when she takes kids on field trips.

    My mantra was “This, too, shall pass.”


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