And You Got to Take a Little Dirt*

OK, even though I finished a thousand things yesterday, I just made a real live post-it note for today, and it’s full. That’s not fair. Really not. Grades are due, the basic school stuff still has to happen, other things have popped up. I need a clear space for my brain.

Not happening this week. Obviously.

That said, you know when I said I had 30 minutes yesterday? This is what I did…that head.

IMG_9777 small

And then we went to the opening of Lenore Simon’s solo exhibit at Sparks Gallery downtown. You can click on the show catalog to see more of her work, but here’s what fascinated me…impossible to get good photos due to the glass. This nude is made of screen material with what looks like wood behind it. Amazing piece…

IMG_9778 small

This is Torso I…and a detail…that might be cardboard under that part…

IMG_9779 small

This was a detail of a print she did called That’s Why They Call Them Fellowships…with a rejection letter from the 1960s…because women couldn’t be printmakers. My ass, right?

IMG_9781 small

And this Torso II, which had amazing designs caused by the interactions of the layers of screen material.

IMG_9782 small

Really cool…

IMG_9783 small

She did printmaking for a while as well, many examples of those. This is Eve and Moses.

IMG_9785 small

I miss printmaking.

Sparks upstairs always has other artists’ work…this is James Hubbell’s work…

IMG_9787 small

A view of Lenore’s work from the upper level…

IMG_9794 small

Another of her screen works…On the Go

IMG_9795 small

Lenore is turning 90 on March 8, 2018…she has been making art for a million years. We all want to be 90 and still making art. She’s even moved on to digital art recently. The creative mind is always changing…

Then we came back and I kept ironing…

IMG_9797 small

Another head, another arm…

IMG_9798 small

And the third head…only two to go.

IMG_9799 small

But I have to finish all the stuff on the post-it note first. Damn. Well. Get on with it then.

*Tonic, If You Could Only See

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