Nothing’s Stopping You Except What’s Inside*

It’s a late post today. I’ve been up and doing shit all day, running all those errands that don’t get done during the week. Groceries are done for the week, I got dog food, shipped the Xmas gifts to Seattle that needed to go there, found some weird spice thing the boychild wanted (he comes home this week), managed a couple of Christmas gifts I should have bought a week ago, and wrestled with the environmental difficulty of loving Christmas trees. I love the smell, I love the lights, I love decorating them, I love sitting in the living room, stitching or drawing, with Christmas lights all around. So. Yeah. But cutting trees down every year is kinda stupid, and so is having them trucked down from Washington state or wherever.

So I drove to a couple of local nurseries and wandered all over the place and asked some questions and googled some shit, and finally hoisted this bad boy into my car and drove him all around San Diego to do the rest of my errands (only 6 stops)…

IMG_9767 small

It’s an Eldarica pine, sometimes known as the Afghan pine. It tolerates heat and wind and dry weather (wow, just like this week). The plan is that it will be a Christmas tree on the desk this year, then go outside until next Christmas, where it should have grown a foot, so it will have to be on the floor…or a coffee table maybe. Then back outside for YOU. Then the following Christmas, it will probably only fit in the entryway…and that might be when it gets planted out in the yard.

It already has a kitty friend (gaaack).

IMG_9771 small

I’m quite happy with it. Let’s hope I can keep it alive. Positive thoughts, people. Positive thoughts.

The lights are up outside, which also makes me happy.

IMG_9739 small

So it was in the 80’s and still windy here. Fires are still burning, but none near me. Word is my grandmother is out of harm’s way, no evacuation necessary. Hopefully the fires will start to get under control soon and people can go back home, those that have homes. Fire is terrifying and devastating. I’m never sure what to do to help…since having extra money is not my strong point. But maybe I’ll figure something out.

Meanwhile, this is the girlchild’s school back east. A definite difference from the weather here…

IMG_9749 small

But beautiful.

Satchemo decided he wanted to sleep in Simba’s crate last night. Yes, we crate him, because he’s a peeing beast otherwise. Plus running around and barking at the coyote population, which seems to be getting closer and closer. Over break, I’m hoping the boychild will help me prune out some of the backyard, to reduce the number of coyote hiding spots really.

IMG_9741 small

We did pull the cat out. Simba looks worried.

I have gotten absolutely nothing done on the quilt ironing…although I did email the photographer, so now I have a deadline. It’s incredibly close though. Scary.

I did have my stitching meeting last night, which is partly why I didn’t iron. No energy when I got home. I’m still trying to get all this stitched down. I finished all the eyeballs and two roofs, but still have the rest of the houses and the tree, plus that sun bit. And probably some other things that haven’t been pinned on yet. Who knows.

IMG_9772 small

Pretty brainless stuff, if you ask me. I’ve got about 30 minutes right now with nothing going on…I think I’m gonna iron a bit. Then I’m hoping for a chunk tomorrow, but I have to finish grades first. This is not a relaxing time for most people, myself included. Go go go. Eye twitching all the way. I’m really looking forward to Winter Break.

Art opening tonight though and a decent dinner that I don’t have to cook. That should be good.

*U2, Get Out of Your Own Way

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