Like the Wind…

Well. A deserted island is calling me. Nah, it’s only a week until SAQA Summit: 3 days of art quilt stuff and making without being at school. Yes, missing 2 days of school will kick my ass. Writing sub plans for that will kick my ass. But it will be worth it. I just realized I probably needed supplies for the class a couple of days ago, so panicked a bit, but I think I either have most of it or can get it easily. Maybe not silk habotai. I know I have some silk, but probably not that. Anyway, looking forward to that while panicking about the everyday school stuff, like prepping for labs (did a bunch of that yesterday) and making sure my planning is done (it wasn’t). Trying to get far enough out to WRITE sub plans and have stuff planned for the beginning of the next week, since my weekend is pretty full. Good full, but full nonetheless. THIS weekend? Empty. I think. Hallelujah. Need some time. I also want to finish my book. I went to the gym on Monday after school because UGH that day, and I just exercised and read. So I’m at 86%…just need to finish. Not sure when…back-to-school night was last night, union meeting tonight. Busy week too.

Anyway, I am still ironing, slow but sure…maybe just under an hour each of the last two nights.

Worked on the right arm (on the left side)…finished it last night…

Also finished a rocket and a cat. Tonight will hopefully be the left arm (on the right side). I was wrong about whatever pieces I said I was on the other day. I’m now in the 900s, but barely, so I must have been in the 700s on Sunday night. This is not fast. I’m working too many hours for the day job. It’s double everything, double plan, double labs, double thinking. Art at least was a repeat each trimester, and the art teacher and I had a basic plan I was working from. Now I have almost nothing…a curriculum that is confusing and repetitive with a subject I’m honestly not that good at. Fun. I did do two cover pages last week…well, I’m still not done with one. I finished 8th grade yesterday…

Then quickly drew 7th grade (still need to color it)…

I did that in the 20 minutes between science not tutoring (don’t ask) and back-to-school night where the mom who’s been berating me for everything under the sun showed up. Also fun stuff. I would like to thank 8 years of meditation practice for my response to that shit.

OK. School. Plan like the wind. Grade like a hurricane. Go to a union meeting and take notes. SLEEP (oh wait, not yet). Cook dinner. Trash out. IRON for as close to an hour as I can get. THEN sleep.

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