Things Are Going to Be Fine…

Ugh. I came in the office, spilled a bunch of tea (real tea), and realized how many things are on the to-do list in the piles of paper and fabric in here (fabric less pressing, ha ha ha, that might be what they need, but they don’t always get to hit high priority unfortunately). And then the grading is currently overwhelming me…I spent some time on it yesterday and some things are just hard for me to get my brain around. I think we need to rewrite it so I can handle it? I don’t know. I don’t really have the brainpower to figure it out…so I’m two academic assignments behind in grading (many more effort scores behind), and we’re giving another one today. Hear me screaming? Yeah. It’ll be fine. Really. It will. I just need to hunker down and do it.

Wednesday night, I traced until it was bedtime and all I had left to do was the bird…

A hawk, to be specific.

I was tired last night, so I didn’t stitch on anything post dinner, and I actually flailed on the couch for a bit scrolling through pictures of other people’s art before I could get my ass off the couch and up to trace that damn bird. Finished! Eight yards (approximately) of Wonder Under, 1379 pieces, 20 hours and 38 minutes of tracing…

You can see that some have all the big swoopy sky pieces on them and some have a bunch of tiny pieces. That one on the right, second one down, I didn’t need all of it, so that’s the one I cut out before I went to bed (late…oops)…

It doesn’t look like much…

It never does. Expect a week of this. I think. Slow moving process here. I’m not actually sure I can finish this quilt in time for the deadline. It seems a long way out, but I know my copyediting project is coming back in early March and I have two trips lined up for Spring Break, because I’m extra like that. So who knows? Plus I’m currently feeling all that school pressure of having to get shit done.

Speaking of, time to go to work. I think I’m supposed to get donuts on the way for one of my classes. I should. IDK if I feel like it. Sigh. Things are going to be fine. It is Friday.

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