That Lonely Hawk

Well we were all up too late last night, although for good reasons. Makes the morning a bit ragged though. Nice spring-like breeze coming in through the window, beautiful sky peeking through the tree branches, quiet except for the screech of that lonely hawk who’s been out there for the last month, looking for a lady hawk. At night, we get the owl hoots for the same thing…we saw him/her the other night, up in the tree. It was smaller than it sounded. I was expecting a huge bird and not so much.

The man had a show last night. Those are pretty common. It was relatively short, because they were opening for Sonic Moonshine, who asked him to do backup on a song…so we stayed an extra hour and a half or so for that…

It was all good. Then came home and woke up all the animals the boychild had put to bed. Everyone eventually settled back down and went back to bed. But everyone (except the kittens) is moving pretty slowly this morning.

I’m supposed to be going to a stitch-in today, a new one, with total strangers. I’m not sure what to bring…I don’t have anything at a good stage to carry. And my stuff is a little out there. I kinda want to see if this group will be a fit before I haul out the boobs and uteri, yeah? When I started in my old quilt group, it was a class, an applique class, and we did lighthouses and Victorian houses and then the Southwest and I don’t remember what else. And then I started making my own stuff and bringing it and everyone had known me for a few years and it was OK. I’m sure some people were like “eh. her stuff is weird.” but they liked me well enough and tolerated the quilts. I don’t really want to make modern quilts…and what I make is so incredibly NOT a modern quilt…but I want a group I can stitch with once a month. So I’m trying it.

I don’t know what to bring though. I have some hand applique I started last year (as part of the Great Finish Everything plan I had for 2019 that completely failed), which fits about as well as anything else I have. It’s portable and that may have to do.

I really do want to spend the whole weekend with fabric. I have an idea for the Anna Maria Horner fabrics that came. This new quilt is ready to be ironed to fabric. I have stuff all OVER the place. Ironically. I also have a huge pile of grading that got turned in yesterday. Gonna slog through part of that this morning. Then shower. Then make decisions.

I did get to draw at school yesterday for the new unit…

It’s almost all colored in. I’ll photograph it when it is.

At last night’s show, I drew. Dive bar. I needed cleavage and thigh-high boots to fit in.

I was wearing Skechers. Oh well. I really like the fish and the table with the beer being knocked off. I like drawing in bars because there’s no need for it to be a logical finished project. I just draw what pops into my head at the moment.

With all the groups I’m in throwing shows up all over the place, I’m feeling overwhelmed with what I’m supposed to be working on again. So thinking that through. A little.

Plus politics. Wondering what the fuck this country is thinking. I’ve spent many years thinking that, and it just seems to get worse. Makes me sick to my stomach some days. This is not my America. And yet it is.

This sweet baby slept with me for a bit on the couch…

Nova has more dark. Luna has less. And Kitten is big.

Plus making bad decisions about thread again. I have most of my thread locked down so we don’t have a repeat of the surgery of 4 or 5 years ago. Because I don’t have 3K lying around, cat. But she always finds the one I missed. It’s OK. I caught her.

OK. Focus. Get clean, eat, pack some stuff, grade some shit. Leave the house (do I have to?). Hello introvert brain. You need this. Just do it.

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