Ah school. Where I lose my voice by 4th period. I really don’t talk a lot when I’m not in school. Not at full volume. Not like yesterday. “EVERYONE FIND ALL THE HOMEWORK IN THEIR FOLDER. NOW PICK TWO.” omg. Seriously. Following instructions is hard, y’all. Now what’s funny about that is that I personally have a hard time following instructions in pilates sometimes (or any class sometimes) because my brain is like WTF did they just tell me to do? IDK how to do that. I spend a lot of time looking at whomever is next to me to try to parse the words heard into action. I can’t follow fast enough some times. Sometimes they use terminology I don’t understand. So I get why students would have issues if there are language barriers. I try to be patient with it. But sometimes it’s not that. It’s a lack of attention or tiredness or just plain assholularity for some. It’s frustrating. Today will be easier. Or will it. You just don’t know.

It’ll be easier for my voice at least. If they don’t finish their shit, that’s gonna be on them. As always.

Kittens put themselves to bed last night. It’s nice that they have a safe space.

I don’t get to see them as much when I’m working obviously. Luna (on the right) gained 11 ounces in the last week. Nova (on the left) only gained 4 ounces. She’s obviously going to be smaller than her sister…although not less attitudinal…just different.

This is cool.

This is why I refi’d the house and did a bunch of crazy stuff. This is the precursor to solar on my roof before the end of the year. Very exciting. Scary on the financial side, but it’ll be OK. IT’LL BE OK.

I did finally cut some stuff out. After a week.

Almost done. Yay! Shit. Gotta go to work. More tonight. Art that is. And grading. And cats. All good.

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