Reading to Kittens…

Ah Friday…Friday before 9 full days off from the neediness and the having to be ON ALL THE TIME. Nine days of peeing whenever the fuck I want. Nine days of grading, yes, that too, but at least I don’t have to do it all at night after working all day. Or if I’ve been working all day, it’ll be on my quilt. I do have a shit-ton of grading to do. It’s a pain. It’s not fun. And we’re not fully planned for the next unit either, so that’s panicking me slightly. We’re close. Not there yet. And then we need to plan the NEXT one. Sigh. This job. Sometimes. Is just so hard and so much.

OK, so think about kittens and art instead.

I got home and went in to the cat condo to let them out and run around…we have them sort of (not really) contained in one room in the house, but it doesn’t have a door, so it’s a problematic thing. A baby gate wouldn’t help…they climb right up the cat condo walls like it’s a tree. So you distract them. I read to them from my book.

They were fascinated, but mostly by the light. And things that move. I should put cat TV on for them. They do spend a chunk of time in the large cat condo while we’re gone…

And sometimes when we’re here, because you have to keep eyes on them constantly and that’s exhausting. I did play a lot with them though before I came in to play with MY kitteh and iron some shit.

She still likes me. I take her in to see kittens and she doesn’t really like it, but I hope she warms up to them. Sigh.

So this is Figure 2 getting ironed down. I’m pulling a run of 7 fabrics for each of them.

Trying to make them all different. Might have to rethink my background options though. They might be too dark. We’ll see.

So the box in the middle is the two runs of flesh. Then everything else of course.

I still need to do all the funky stuff on Figure 2…hair, eyeballs, heart, etc. Then on to Figures 3 and 4. This is a good place to be in for going into a long week off…I predict getting it all ironed together and hopefully stitched down by the time I go back to school. OK. Wait. That might be a little too much for me to be able to do…but I probably should get that far. OK. It’s a busy week. No matter what.

For now? I’m going to school and hoping the kids continue to be as good as they have been (although two periods yesterday pushed me a little over the edge). Then they can turn in the million things I have to grade and I will finish the worksheet I’m drawing (yeah, that’s a little crazy, but whatever). And then it will end with an assembly and I can come home and read my book to the kittens again. Sounds good.

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