Hoping It’s Chill…

I know. You don’t care about anything but kittens. I barely hung out with kittens yesterday. Just scared the crap out of Sue-Bob (OMG that name. I’m so sorry if that’s your name. I mean I’m a Kathy…along with 75% of my generation) by trying to introduce her to Calli, who snorted excitedly and suddenly I had a tiny thunderstorm with claws in my hand. Speaking of thunderstorms, we had a tiny one yesterday afternoon…best part? Listening to my students scream because…lightning. I don’t understand the screaming. Not at the thunder, a big booming scary sound, but at the light. OK. They were outside. Still. I would understand screaming because of thunder. It’s amazing how loud 400 kids can be.

Anyway. Yes. Storm. Kids don’t come to school because of storms. And then we’re getting CLOSE to a week off, so some kids just leave early and then they’ll be back eventually, sometime in December. The kids who are still here are being remarkably chill (except when there’s lightning, and I think we’re done with that).

I didn’t see kittens much yesterday because I had book club. I rowed my boat (not really, but definitely hydroplaned very slowly) across town and enjoyed the company of some very well-read women. I should do more of that, since my local quilt group is having a hard time getting started. That group also has a crafty group, but they mostly knit I think. I guess I already hang out with knitters. Although I just looked on the app and those meetings disappeared. Huh. I guess I could try doing it with them? Like being the organizer? Maybe after the holidays. I’m overwhelmed right now. I actually wrote curriculum before and after book club…

He was not helpful in any way, shape, or form.

At some point, I ironed. A little earlier than previous nights, but not a lot.

It’s going slowly. I’m tired. I got a rocket ironed, plus the sun, plus all the things in Figure 1 (heart, hair, eyeballs, etc.)…

Calli had post-thunderstorm anxiety and stayed with me.

Yes, I have to step over her multiple times. It’s good exercise.

Here’s where I’m at so far. Lots of sun fabrics there.

I did a cloud too. On to Figure number 2 tonight. Although I have another meeting. It’s a busy week.

I have not been home much. Hopefully there will not be a lot of rain to negotiate tonight while driving. Last night’s excursion was a little crazy, although the people on the road were being mostly careful. Some TOO careful maybe, but better than than kamikaze.

Oh yeah, I signed up for a class in Palm Springs in January. Weird, I know, but it’s something I saw and it sold out and now there’s another one and it intrigues me. I’m not usually a class-taking person, but I guess I took one class in 2019. This will be my one 2020 class? Who knows. OK, off to school and a rewards breakfast for kids…hoping it’s as chill as it was yesterday.

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