Parse It Out Later…

Ah dazed and confused in the morning. Too much school yesterday. Back-to-school Night first, then came home and sent a bunch of stuff to our district print shop, because I realized yesterday that I needed stuff for next week (oh yikes), plus then remembered I’d taken all these kid videos yesterday so the kids who were absent could figure out the answers, so I processed all of them into a video and posted that. Then it was 10:30 PM. We had tried to watch a movie that’s been sitting by the TV for the entire summer, and then the DVD died. Right then and there. Second one this year. To our credit, they were both old. We both got our money out of them. Oh wait, I didn’t pay for mine. High five. New one is on the way, but meanwhile, we still haven’t seen more than 20 minutes or so of the movie.

Shockingly, after that long of a work day, I still wasn’t tired enough for bed. My body would go there, but my brain wouldn’t be ready. That’s why the art every night. It calms the brain. It’s meditation. It shuts up the school stuff and the life crap and lets my working brain relax. Especially this stuff, the tracing stuff.

Actually, I also watered plants last night. Another meditative act. Plus caring for things that don’t talk back. Hmmm.

As I was loading these photos, I realized what day it was today. Still makes me sad. I made a quilt block for one of the first responders who died in NYC. He had 5 children. I put 5 white birds on his block.

I think this might be a baby caterpillar…

It’s certainly weird looking. I rescued a baby lizard from the kitchen last night. Actually, first it tried to run up my leg and I squealed and it got away behind a bookcase, but later I went back in to heat up my tea, and it was trying to get in the storage container cupboard (probably because it heard I couldn’t find all the lids and it wanted to help), so I rehomed it outside. Where it will figure out a way to come back inside and be on my ceiling, like the other day, or maybe on the floor and a cat will eat it. Circle of life here folks.

I got beets in my produce box and finally cooked them up…aren’t they pretty?

They were also tasty. But more carbs. My diabetic life is frustrating sometimes.

After all that work shit I did (thank you work brain for not shutting up), I wanted to trace for a while…so I did.

It’s going very slowly. I’m not sure why. Large and complicated pieces mostly so far. I’m still in the water/land section below the earth mother.

I’ve mostly filled up one yard and started a second one. The big pieces aren’t fitting together well. I think I spend more time staring at where the pieces might fit so I don’t waste Wonder Under…

Which is silly. I don’t waste much.

I’m only at piece 136 or so.

I got going eventually and then time passed and I looked at the clock. Fuck. It was already 12:12 AM. So yeah. I’m a little tired this morning. But I was going to be anyway. The plus is that I mostly fell directly asleep (I’m never as fast as the man. I always have to do SOME deep breathing and adjustment of the body parts. He’s like one deep breath and OUT. Jealous of that.).

Tonight is a union meeting (more work!). I don’t even have anything to grade during the meeting. Seriously, we’ve pulled a lot of things in terms of grading. I’m going to enjoy that extra time. When I see it. I’m not seeing it yet. I do have a list of things to do today during prep…because I spent time with the calendar last night. 7th-period prep is hard for thinking. I’m not an afternoon thinker. I’m a late-night thinker. Sometimes I can handle early-morning thinking, but it’s a jumble. Parse it out later. OK. Gotta go. To the workplace. The one I feel like I just left.

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