Keep the Night Light on Inside*

OK, so I started tracing this quilt on December 3. That was a Monday. It’s now almost 2 weeks later (and holy hallelujah it’s a Friday) and it feels like forever that I’ve been doing this. I seriously thought I’d be done last weekend and cutting stuff out by now, but no. Apparently big pieces take a long time to trace. I’m 21 hours in. And not done. COULD I have finished last night? Yes. I could have, but I would have been really really short on sleep today instead of just really short, and that’s just a mistake going into the last day of school before break…a day that includes an assembly and a major assignment being due. I don’t want to (a) kill anyone or (b) burst out into tears. Both are a possibility. Yesterday I achieved hysterical laughter. 

I’ve done a good job of working on the quilt…about 13 1/2 hours each week, on top of my crazy job that has me sitting at the district office for hours after school. So I’m not feeling TOO bad about it. The first week back after Thanksgiving Break, I only got 7 hours in. But I wanted to be further along. I’ll get there. I guess I’m worried about the second shingles shot next week. The first one kicked my ass. I barely got up off the couch after work. Anyway, knock on wood for good results. Or nothing at all! That would be awesome. 

Anyway…I have about 50 pieces left to trace. Yes that’s it. And I have gaming tonight, so odds are I won’t be doing them tonight. Unless an anti-exhaustion miracle occurs.

I don’t know how many of these yards I have filled up at this point…like 6 or 7? Who knows. It’s a pile over there and I’ll figure it out at the end. I’m kinda scared to look at it.

Tomorrow morning, I’m going to sleep in…then finish tracing, do some Christmas shopping, wish I could eat vegetables (seriously, who thought this was a good idea…you want to clean out my intestines, but you clog them up with white food). Sleep some more. Actually, the reason I didn’t finish tracing last night is because I graded a whole assignment first, so it would be done before break…or before today, so those kids who are sitting there pretending to be done with everything would have something to do, because inevitably, they’re the ones who didn’t turn in their warmups. Here’s hoping they get the hint.

My team gets me…

Early Xmas gift. Do I wear those socks to school? If I’m wearing boots that cover them, then yes, yes I do. 

So! The pros of today are my ugly (actually, I really like it) holiday sweat(er)shirt, shorter classes due to assembly, staff breakfast that includes our team’s bagel bar (white food! I can eat it!), and the fact that I won’t have to go back there for three weeks. All good things. (The current minus is my gigantic headache and the fact that I can’t take Motrin this week either, bastard pigdogs). And once I get past the colonoscopy and the shingles shot next week, let’s hope the family stuff is chill and fun and relaxing, and if it’s not, that the food is good and the wine plentiful. And sleep, glorious sleep. May we all be blessed so.

*They Might Be Giants, Birdhouse in Your Soul

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