Finally a Walk…

It’s early. For me. I’ve got a morning meeting and then we’re taking 260 kids to the zoo. I’m ready to be on the field trip and then done with the field trip. I’m ready for the totally cranky kids to be left behind. Oh wait, I mean, they just don’t come to school because their parents let them control that shit, so then I don’t have to see them or listen to them. Not that I accidentally left them somewhere. I am chaperoning a group of kids that I barely know, which is fine. I want to see some animals and get outside and hang out instead of teaching and trying to explain why you can’t hand your money in at the last minute. Which reminds me, I don’t think we paid for the buses yet. Hysterical laughter.

Yeah. Well. It’s that time of year, apparently. This year has been difficult so far.

Meanwhile, I managed to make it home and walk the dogs…usually a Monday task, but this Monday was a stay-late and figure-shit-out day. So that didn’t happen.

IMG_8484 small

It was Katie’s last day with us (it’s only been like 49 days, so…). In fact, as we were walking, my parents were landing. This was not their plane. Well, it could have been their plane, but probably not…

IMG_8482 small

We were chasing daylight…but no sign of coyotes this time.

IMG_8486 small

Of course they were there. We just didn’t see them.

IMG_8487 small

We all needed it. Puppy on my foot afterwards.

IMG_8491 small

After dinner, I worked on the wonky road a bit. It’s really wonky now. Whoops. I might need to move the center line…

IMG_8492 smmall

Whatever. Cat on my chest…didn’t last long.

IMG_8493 small

Because I wanted to do a little of this…at least a bit. Calli came with me. I ironed a heron and some grasses.

IMG_8494 small

I didn’t get far at all. Although I’m finally done with the first 100 pieces…

IMG_8495 small

Sometimes all you do is 41 minutes of art and then it’s bedtime…because I knew I had to be up early and I have a long, tough day today.

One pro of Katie leaving is the dogs get their toys back (Katie eats them)…this was an exciting moment for all…but mostly for the dogs, who missed their toys.

IMG_8496 small

Katie only managed to eat one of them. That we know of. Now we have to negotiate the toy hallway in the dark. A dangerous sport.

OK, it’s a survival day. Head down, deep breaths, don’t forget to eat and drink. Good advice for many days and situations.

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