Today is About Stuff

I feel so uninteresting lately. Every day I grade, I do some variation of eating, cooking, or cleaning, or all of the above. I teach things and mostly those days are not horrendous unless I have to carry 12 trays of sand in and out of the room 10 times. I do some art-related thing, which right now is boring to watch and semi-boring to do, mostly because I can’t find anything to watch that I really WANT to watch while I’m doing this semi-boring thing, which is sad in itself. Our ability to binge watch things and the media companies’ ability to regulate what we can see when has meant there are fewer things to watch? Or fewer things that are left that I want to watch? I don’t know. I started one the other night that was not in English. I can’t cut things out or grade stuff while watching captions, so that was out. I watched 7 episodes of Grace and Frankie before I got annoyed. I’m not really a comedy person. I like a good drama. I made it through 1 3/4 episodes of Daredevil before the sound of punch punch punch started to just annoy me beyond belief. And one episode of Midsomer Murders…too pat, too obvious, too old-school British. I love things like Prime Suspect or Sherlock, but Midsomer is too perfect.

So I haven’t found the perfect show for cutting out Wonder Under yet. It’s been a bit of a slog, working on it after I finish grading…not starting until 10:30 PM or so. I have two of the five yards cut out at this point. Yesterday was so exciting that I only took one photo…

IMG_8371 small

That is what two yards of cut-up pieces looks like: not much. This is going much slower than I thought it would. I have a thing to go to tonight and tomorrow night, so I guess I probably won’t be cut out by the weekend. That said, I did go to the fabric store yesterday to get the background fabric so I will be ready to go when I am done. Because next week is a mess. And when I got to the fabric store, the girlchild called…from a fabric store! Be still my beating heart. Ah yes, for a Halloween costume. This fabric or that fabric? Facetime colors things weird. Anyway. We both bought stuff. In different states. A bonding moment.

OK, teaching stuff and then watching/listening to hopefully cool stuff and then more cutting out of stuff. Today is about stuff.

2 thoughts on “Today is About Stuff

  1. British series to look out for:
    Broadchurch (crime)
    Peaky Blinders (very violent, historical crime)
    Luther (crime)
    Doctor Foster (psychological thriller)
    Bodyguard (crime/politics/terrorism)
    Unforgotten (crime)
    Line of Duty

    Hope you find something that works!


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