No One Can Find the Rewind Button*

Well, this will need to be quick…been juggling stuff all morning without nearly enough caffeine in me to face the world and now I’m just plain running out of time.

I wasn’t really motivated to work on anything last night, but I did anyway. One more school assignment out of the way…one where I question the sanity of it every single time, but whatever. We sometimes do what’s best for the kids, even though it makes our heads hurt. I found an easier way this time, faster, so I got through it.

I did come home to the giant pile of branches that used to be here all cut up and gone, so now I can call the tree guy…before giant ass branches start to fall. It’s OK…storm season is late here.

IMG_8357 small

Apparently the boychild and my ex took care of that. Nice.

Satchemo has a new hiding spot right in the middle of the kitchen. If there’s a padded lunch bag anywhere around, he’s lying on it…

IMG_8359 small

Compost or not.

I did cut things out for over an hour. It’s just really boring to look at the pile growing. But there it is!

IMG_8361 small

I wasn’t in the mood. Trying to find something really good to watch to motivate me, but having a hard time of it. I need a really good sci fi show with 12 seasons I can binge watch, but that I haven’t seen before. Yeah. Right.

Look! He moved onto my sweater.

IMG_8362 small

You wonder why I’m always covered in pet fur.

OK, off to work. I’m late and nothing is done. As always. More cutting out of things tonight.

*Anna Nalick, Breathe (2 AM)

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