Rolling Thunder, I’m High Up*

Ah yes, I remember Saturday mornings now. I spent about 10 years going to soccer games on Saturday and sometimes Sunday mornings. Then the kids went to college and I didn’t have to do that any more. But Saturday mornings after a work week are all about sleep. Beautiful sleep. With 4 animals who want to be fed. Now.

I’d like to say that I was totally efficient and amazing last night and got a bunch of art or work or something done, but really, I just ordered a pizza and finished my book. Those are achievements, but not great ones. I did leave school and go buy binding fabric. And then I came home and washed it. I wanted to trim and bind last night, somewhere in my head, but the tired part of my brain told that part to shut up and let me finish my book. So there.

Oh yeah, and I also organized some art exhibit entries and actually entered one of them, so that’s not nothing. And it’s art-related, so I guess it wasn’t a no-art night. I try to avoid those. Every night should have some art in it. For instance, I’d really like to sit and draw on some night, maybe drawings about hot flashes and then everything I draw has flames coming off of it. Not tonight though…tonight I’m hiking. It’s good for me. It’s fun. And to stay in the hiking group I like, I have to do something every 90 days. I’m pushing it right now, because I haven’t done anything since April? It was too hot. I can’t handle hot. Right now, it’s cloudy and there’s a coolish breeze and that doesn’t even matter because I’m hiking at night for most of it, out in the mountains. Looking forward to it. Looking forward to pushing more hikes in as it gets cooler. I don’t deal with heat well. Scandinavian blood just boils.

So the green one is the binding. I was looking at blues, turquoises, but this went well with the water, the background and that giant hill, so that’s what I did. The others are just because I always need more.

IMG_6960 small

Very subtle black and white and very beautiful leaves. Who knows where they’ll end up?

When this one is done, I have three possibilities coming up…one that I have to do, because I’m already committed. I did a drawing for it, but want to redo it. Plus I think it can have boobs but no other parts. Not sure. And the other two? I probably won’t be able to do both. Realistically. There isn’t enough time. So I’ll do the one I have to do and then reassess which of the next two can be done. But I’m glad that I made this one…that original drawing from 2012 has been bugging me. I kept pulling it out and trying to figure out how to make it work, and the answer was to pull it apart and put it back together differently. Whatever works.

So today…first I’m going to get myself fed and showered. I’m going to hydrate all day so I’m ready to hike. I’m going to trim this quilt and get the binding on it. I’m going to print all the student photos I took yesterday and try to figure out who all these kids are. Learning names. Ugh. And maybe I’ll draw. Maybe.

*Elle King, Shame

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