A Little Party Never Killed Nobody*

Busy weekend. I meant to post yesterday, but I forgot that I rarely do that during the school year. Sundays get eaten up by errands and groceries and trying to get ready for the school week. This weekend was no different. I was just not back into the swing of things yet.

First of all, on Saturday, I trimmed this…it’s big…

IMG_6962 small

And then I machine-sewed the binding on. So that was good.

IMG_6964 small

Then I joined a hike up in the Lagunas, going up Garnet Peak.

IMG_6965 small

I’ve hiked this before as part of another longer hike, but I’m really out of shape at the moment, so this is a shorter version.

IMG_6966 small

Even though we didn’t start hiking until almost 6 PM, it was still warm, but breezy.

IMG_6970 small

The first part of the hike is very flat, super easy…

IMG_6971 small

There is a climb later on. You can’t get to the top of a peak without climbing. Climbing is where I have issues.

IMG_6974 small

So my goal is to work on that this fall. Here’s a great view toward the desert.

IMG_6978 small

And northward…

IMG_6982 small

And looking at Cuyamaca Peak, where another group of ours was hiking for the same reason…sunset and moonrise. When we hiked back in the dark, we flashed headlamps back and forth.

IMG_6984 small

We had a potluck at the top. So yeah, I hauled cookies to the top of the peak.

IMG_6986 small

Someone even brought wine.

highres_474070580 small

You can see the moon in this picture. It got bigger and brighter.


And there’s the sun setting.

IMG_6992 small

The sky was more beautiful than an iPhone camera could capture…

IMG_6997 small

Really a nice hike.

IMG_7003 small

There’s something about being on top of the world…

IMG_7005 small

We saw Mars, Jupiter, Venus, and Saturn (thanks to my star app on the last one…she was shy).

IMG_7011 small

And finished off in the dark. Home by 10:15 PM. Tired, yes.


I need to do more of these.

This is what awaited me in the office when I came home. It’s a good thing I didn’t want to sit in there.

IMG_7025 small

And this was the next morning…Hi, Calli.

IMG_7027 small

I move slowly on Sundays…but boychild likes projects. We had these towel racks for years, because the old ones absolutely suck and will fall off while you’re trying to get your towel off. Annoying. You can see our special wall treatment (3 layers of godawful wallpaper…no, I don’t have the time or money to finish them at the moment. We just keep pulling layers off). But the new towel racks are up! So you can hang ALL the towels now! What a concept.

IMG_7047 small

Then I went to the airport to fetch the man back from Sweden. He’s back at work this morning. No lie in for him. After he collapsed from exhaustion last night (up for 24 hours straight traveling), I settled down for TV and binding.

IMG_7049 small

I can’t remember the actual mileage, but I got about a quarter of the way around. So more of that tonight and tomorrow night, at least. But then I’ll be onto the next quilt! The one that’s not drawn yet! Yeah! Kind of looking forward to it. But first? School. A 2-hour staff meeting (ugh). The stuff that pays the bills.

Oh yeah, there’s this…

IMG_6961 small

*Fergie, Q-Tip, & Goonrock, A Little Party Never Killed Nobody

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