Everything’s Gonna Be Fine One Day*

Yesterday was a bit of a disaster. Two different things needed rescheduling. Dear insurance companies…your year plus one day policies are screwing me over this year with July being a no-fly zone. Seriously. At some point, I’ll just have to skip a year on everything so I can restart at the end of June and use the whole summer again. I’m not sure why a week’s leeway on each side couldn’t be a thing. Sure, after 52 years, I might have used one extra exam in there, but that seems reasonable. Much more reasonable than having to mess with avoiding an entire month. Anyway. I did get some stuff done, like a lot of sweeping of leaves was accomplished. I’m using all of it as compost, so it got placed. I have some I still need to collect. That’s later today…after the three (hopefully successful) appointments today. Although one will probably require another appointment. And we already know how that might go…frustrating!

I’m still waking up with these incredibly bad headaches. I need a solution…I don’t know if it’s still the vaccine or not. The tail end of the rash is still here.

I’m going to have to finish this later…need to take dogs to the vet. Fun stuff.

All right, two dogs through the vet experience…not so fun…but now onto the rest of the day. I went to school yesterday to try to rescue the food and milk out of the fridge…but they’d already locked the prep room so even I can’t get in. These sunflowers are courtesy of our tiny school garden.

IMG_5214 small

I’m going back today to see if the custodial supervisor can open the prep room up. I really don’t want to come back after 8 weeks to see what might be growing in there.

I’ve started the embellishment on the berries…there are 16 of each color, 6 different colors. This is the most complicated (read time-consuming, because there’s nothing complicated about backstitch and French knots) of the embellishments…so figure 34 French knots times 16, plus backstitch around each. I only got two done last night after eating, so it’ll be a while.

IMG_5218 small

I’m also trying to stitch down a few things each day to get Folk Tails near finished…I got all the tree parts sewn down last night except for the hole in the trunk.

IMG_5219 small

The September blocks are the three with bits pinned on. I’m not sure what month the blank one is…must be October, I think. Plus obviously the two on the left are from earlier in the year.

This rat was in the entryway…made both dogs bark last night. Crappy photo courtesy of stained glass…

IMG_5224 small

I also spent about 2 hours cutting stuff out last night…a significant amount is done…

IMG_5225 small

But as you can see by the top box, there’s still a shitload to go. I won’t be done tonight I don’t think.

A teacher friend said she thought she had PTSD from the school year. We always do. It takes about a week to two weeks, plus a significant amount of sitting around and not doing much (oh dear, I’m not there yet…I went through my school notebook and recycled stuff, then printed all the stuff for next week’s teacher thing, plus went through all the paper on the table and tried to organize it) before our brains stop trying to solve teacher problems. Some years are harder than others. This one, I just feel spacey as hell…can’t concentrate. I guess that’s pretty normal.

I also tried some threads out on a wool quilt sandwich…and picked one thread type I think will work. The local sewing machine store carries it, so I’m going over there today (after I go to school) to see if I can find a better match in thread or a variety or something. The real quilt is a variety of blues, not beiges…that will be the bird one, which is at least a month from being finished.

IMG_5228 small

Anyway. So school, thread store, foot doctor…I think I need to leave in about 5 minutes…and anytime the headache wants to wander off and bug someone else, that would be awesome…

*Seether, Fine Again

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