We Would Build a Rocket Ship and Then We’d Fly It Far Away*

Phone rings. I only keep a landline because my cell coverage doesn’t extend to the entire house. I know it’s probably not a real call. Sure enough, they ask for Kathryn NEEE-DUH. I say “well you don’t know how to pronounce my name, so you’re probably going to try to sell me something.” They hang up. Effective technique that. Don’t be surprised if I stop answering the phone this summer. It’s just junk calls on both phones.

I’m really tired today. Not sleeping well. Still grinding my teeth post-school-year. Crap, that reminds me…I need to move my dental appointment. Yesterday was all about appointments…dogs…

IMG_5227 small

Me. My feet. Some weird out-patient liquid nitrogen thing in August on my toe. Hey doc! It’s not a blister, it’s not a wart, it’s a…dammit…I forgot already. It’s like a ganglion cyst but it’s on my toe (I do already have a ganglion cyst on my wrist…WTF is up with my body making all this weird shit?). It’s a digital mucous cyst and they commonly occur in people in their SEVENTH DECADE. Like again. WTF. Anyway, he’s gonna try to get rid of it. And yes, I have bone spurs again and also plantar fasciitis but now in the other foot and let’s talk shoes and exercises and a night splint. OK. Got all that. I knew most of that was coming…I really just wanted the shoe list.

Managed to empty the fridge at work too…so no furry milk and chicken waiting at the end of summer…that would be enough to make me grind my teeth.

I had all these little bits and pieces of time during the day. I did more yard work, some trimming and tossing and sweeping. Most of the last few summers, I’ve had a major house project. I have some ideas, but I don’t know how much of them I can do on my own. Plus jury duty is a massive unknown. Been recycling stuff from school. Trying to find stuff, toss stuff, organize stuff. Always too much stuff.

I managed embellishing three of the red balls last night…

IMG_5239 small

I also went and bought the thread to quilt the other wool quilt that has been lying around for years…literally, in 2013, I finished the embellishment, but there was one flower that I wanted to add to fill a space. So I mostly sewed it down in 2013, but then didn’t finish it until July 2016. And that’s when I pinbasted it too. So I have thread to quilt it now. I’ve never quilted a wool quilt. That will be new.

But then I also found this one…a block-of-the-month (All Around the Town) where I used their fabrics…from late 2000. I got it about halfway done, and then in 2009, I finished the other half, pieced it, and added the road and borders and the little cars on the road. Last night (summer 2018), I pulled it out and started quilting it.

IMG_5240 small

It’s not big. It’ll be pretty straightforward. There’s some embroidery that needs to happen as well, but I found all the instructions (I’m so organized sometimes), so that will be easy. Why not just finish things?

Yes, I have other stuff that needs doing. Of course I do. Here’s 2 1/2 hours on the quilt in progress…

IMG_5244 small

Much closer to done, with 8 hours in, but still not done. Maybe tonight? I doubt it though. We’ll see.

Today is just one thing that I really have to do: school planning. Let’s hope I have the brain power for it. I just heard a weird noise. Cat snoring. Damn I need a nap. Jealous of the cats. This is the cat who wouldn’t let me sleep in the last three mornings too.

*Twenty-One Pilots, Stressed Out

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