Ironing Bones

Note to self: don’t get vaccines the last week of school. Especially vaccines that cause pain and fatigue and fever. Because no one needs that. I’m sitting here wondering if I will be able to stand all day (probably not). Revising my lesson because I can’t talk that much…feel like I’m going to pass out. Hoping the intake of caffeine and some food will help…can’t lift my left arm either. Ah…bad judgement. I always remember afterwards, as I’m tossing and turning and can’t sleep.

Grades are done. One parent sent a last email yesterday afternoon with a photo of a paper she found in the kid’s backpack. It wouldn’t make a difference. I’m totally sitting here, dreaming of the nap I might have after school…after chiropractor and getting dog food because we’re almost out. I just want to go back to bed. Knock myself out so I can’t hear or feel anything.

I obviously felt better yesterday. I had to move a bunch of stuff…good thing I already started, because we found out summer school will be in the science classrooms. Again.

IMG_5092 small

Because of the locks being the same on the room and the prep room, we can’t isolate the dangerous stuff enough…I persuaded them to block the locks (and/or replace them) on the prep room so we can hide that stuff in there. Last time, they had the door propped open between the two rooms, even though we told them not to. I realize the classroom doesn’t belong to me, but telling me I have to take out anything that will be an issue is unrealistic.

So I was really impressed when I got to the doctor and my blood pressure was still delightfully low. As always. Except on some occasions.

Baby bunny in the front yard…Kitten was highly offended.

IMG_5093 small

I wasn’t. I went all baby talk on it and told it how adorbs it was.

I did eventually iron, but only for about an hour. I wasn’t feeling well by then. I mean even less well than I’d already been.

Damn you, WordPress…I’m still using two devices to access stuff. What the fuck is the problem?

Anyway, I did some bones…this is one of the three colors of bones. I had only used a tiny bit of this fabric (I think it’s new), as you can see in the top left corner.

I still have quite a few to iron…hopefully at some point I’ll feel up to it. Ugh.

I’m looking forward to just sitting and cutting these out, and then feeling well enough and rested enough to iron the whole thing together. Here’s the fabrics so far…a bit of a mess still…

OK, off to school. I found a video I can use for part of the period if I feel like passing out. It’s not like today would be a sick day…I would still need to set up for a sub and then actually GET a sub. I’m going to get some food in me and do what I need to do…which might mean putting my head down in the back of the room. Seriously, I like never do that though.

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