Wish Me Luck

Hey. So there are two days of school left. One of them is a half day. Today is the field trip to the bowling alley. Yesterday, I managed to teach all day, although I napped on my (very hard) desk during 7th period. Then I came directly home (canceled everything) and went to bed. For three hours. Got up, groggy as shit. I’d eaten three crackers for lunch, because the smell of the chicken made me want to vomit. That guy who lives here fed me some chicken and rice. I ate it. I laid around for a bit and then ironed for less than an hour, and went back to bed. I’ve been running between a fever and chills for the last 24 hours plus. I honestly don’t know if this is the same thing I was fighting off last week or a reaction to the shingles vaccine. I just know I feel like crap. Warmed-over crap. I’m a little better this morning, although the thought of walking the bowling alley for three hours sounds awful. Hopefully once I get some food in me, it won’t sound as bad. I know my fever was breaking at 2 AM, and after that, I was freezing. I have a lunch packed away for today, just in case, although I left the other one at school. Damn. Temperature is currently 101.5. Huh. I don’t feel feverish at the moment. Amusing.

I’m seriously starting to hate vaccines. I can’t take the tetanus one at all, I’m so sensitive to it. I haven’t taken it since 2009? They’re going to run a titer on me next year to see if my sensitivity has dropped at all…I’m totally protected…my body would kill a Clostridium tetani bacterium if it came within a 50-yard radius. And this shingles one requires a second shot in August. Like first we’re gonna get you really sick. And then we’re gonna do it again. So you won’t get shingles. OK, shingles is particularly bad, it’s true, but maybe they should work on their side effects. “Moderate” pain in the arm? Um. OK. I have a really high tolerance for pain guys. Not moderate.

Anyway. This is day 2. By day 3, I should be feeling better. Says the website.

Next week is all the appointments I normally spread out over the whole summer. Seriously. All of them. Not appreciating that, but maybe July will be easy peasy. Who knows?

I am enjoying coming home each day and not having to work (not so much the have-to-sleep-because-I’m-dying part). And the ironing will eventually get done. Slowly. It’s OK. No rush (except I just got another summer deadline…oh my oh dear). Deep breaths. Gonna make sense of it all sometime soon. Not today. I don’t have the brain power for it today. The guy who lives with me (and my counselor) says I take on too much stuff, but when you’re offered a show in a nice place, why wouldn’t you go for it? I did blow one entry off last week…just couldn’t deal…but usually I try to see what I can get into, rather than just saying no. I guess that’s my fault, sure.

So. Ironing. See? I’m getting through the piles. I did an anarchy tattoo; a stomach, liver, and intestines; a wave thing on her arm, and that might be it. I’m not fast at the moment. Or efficient. I was standing. That was an achievement.

IMG_5110 small

A pile that needs cutting…hopefully I’ll get to that starting this weekend.

IMG_5111 small

More piles of fabric I haven’t organized. It seemed really hard to do last night. Basically I needed to sit down and then lie down.

IMG_5113 small

So I did that instead of organizing.

OK. So today will be a day. And I’ll survive it. And I may just come home and sleep again. It’s book club night, but I don’t feel up to it at the moment. Probably not happening. I seriously just want to go back to bed right now. But that’s not happening either. Wish me luck.

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